Yarmouth won't rush into new development code

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YARMOUTH — A proposed zoning change drew so much concern at a March 2 Town Council meeting that the council will not rush to implement the proposal.

About 35 residents filled the Log Cabin on Main Street to oppose a plan to adopt a Route 1 Character Based Development Code. The town’s Planning Board earlier recommended the change. 

The language in a letter Yarmouth residents received notifying them about the code change was a chief complaint residents made to the council and Planning Board.

East Elm Street resident Penny Gage asked for less formal language.

“Write the letter not in codes, but in day-to-day talk,” she said. 

Other residents said trying to make other parts of the town away from the downtown village center look like the village is not appropriate.

“Are we really trying to bring Route 1 into this quiet residential corner?” asked West Elm Street resident.

The night’s meeting included talk on overall development in Yarmouth and its impact on town services, such as public schools. North Road resident Lenora Felker asked the council how extensive development in town should become.

“When is development enough,” she said, perhaps answering her own question by saying, “when there’s no room left to develop?”

Redevelopment along Route 1, including into Falmouth, is an ongoing issue, Felker noted.

“Yarmouth Main Street is great. Falmouth is trying to get one back,” Felker said.

The council took no action on the CBDC. Instead, Chairman Andrew Kittredge said the discussion is likely to continue after the next town election, when new councilors are on board.

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  • Factshonesty

    Looks like Dugas will have dig deeper to pay off Nat Tupper and the so called planning board……just get ‘er done. You know, like how Dugas made sure Nat would never deconstruct the obsolete dams on the RR……Dugas and the yacht clubs rule while the rest of Yarmouth pays higher taxes, more fees, and poor service from town hall. Am amazing gig if you can pull it off.

    We desperately need term limits of 8 years for town managers……otherwise we can see that all corruption is local.

  • Free Portland

    Good for Yarmouth! Don’t be swindled by “character based codes”. They are a complete failure throughout the country. It’s just a cover for city planners to maintain job security. Cities and towns who adopt this garbage immediately start handing out amendments and variances because they make no sense! Even the code drafters don’t know what their writing.