Yarmouth considered for waste water-to-energy project

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YARMOUTH — An inventor from California sees Yarmouth as a possible location for a pilot project that would convert waste water into hydrogen and other gases to produce energy.

Ronny Bar-Gaddam, founder and chief executive officer of Genesys LLC hosted Town Manager Nat Tupper and others on May 20 to discuss the project.

Tupper said Bar-Gaddam’s project would use effluent from Yarmouth’s waste-water treatment plant and energy from the Royal River to produce hydrogen, oxygen and other gases. These gases could then be used to supply energy for the plant, to treat the waste water, and to create alternative energy sources.

“This technology would be a more effective, more green, faster and fuller way to treat waste water,” Tupper said.

He said Yarmouth was selected because of its size and because it is a community that shows interest in energy savings and alternative energy sources. It has a waste-water treatment plant, a river, and a mill with hydro turbines nearby.

A personal connection also helped. Bar-Gadda went to college with Patty Johnson, a graphic artist for Swardlick Marketing Group in Portland. She is Bar-Gadda’s publicist, and told business owner David Swardlick, a Yarmouth resident, about the California company and the potential for energy savings. Tupper said Swardlick put Bar-Gadda in touch with him.

“I am intrigued by his ideas and the possibility,” Tupper said. “To use waste water as an energy source with zero carbon imprint and no emission’s sounds fascinating. The only downside is, we do not know if it works.”

He said his primary interest is learning all he can to better understand the process before making a decision.

“I don’t want to put anyone in jeopardy, and want to make sure this is the right thing to do for Yarmouth,” Tupper said.

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