With campaign signs, sometimes more is Les

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The great thing about election season is campaign signs, specifically the weird things they make candidates do, like say, putting one every 10 yards for a single 100-yard stretch (pictured).

Candidates make a big deal about signs. Every year they file complaints with codes offices, the ethics commission and whine to the press about how they’ve been stolen or vandalized.

For all the fuss, political scientists tend to be divided on the overall effectiveness of signs. But many seem to agree that they can persuade those with malleable politcal views (read: ignorant).

If that’s true, then one should consider the unintended consequences of this particular strategy, which seems to be some sort of ‘1984’-type infiltration of the subconscious. Kind of like those flickering advertisments painted inside subway tunnels.

Or, it could be just plain irritating or obnoxious, which probably isn’t the message Les Otten, or any candidate, is gunning for.

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