What worked in Falmouth will also in N. Yarmouth

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The May 12 Forecaster draws parallels with North Yarmouth’s upcoming vote.

First, North Yarmouth is proposing something similar to what Falmouth has at the former Plummer School (Lunt Road). I have spent considerable time at Oceanview. The private, senior-focused school property reuse model works and is attractive.

Second, I enjoyed reading the notorious curmudgeon columnist Edgar Allen Beam admit “one of the nice things about his yard is that it backs up to a playing field.” Unlike Clint Eastwood in the movie Gran Torino “You kids get off my lawn,” Beam enjoys the activity. Beam would love living behind North Yarmouth’s community and recreational ball fields.

North Yarmouth is fortunate to have a local developer with vision that has studied the marketplace and knows this town’s needs and what works. I have faith our community will recognize this proposal’s social value and fiscal responsibility.

I’ve already voted yes.

Alex Carr

North Yarmouth

  • Diane Morrison

    As someone who is fairly close to the process in North Yarmouth, I tried very hard to see what connection Mr. Carr is making between the North Yarmouth proposed plan and what Falmouth is developing with Ocean View. The only connection I could make is that both towns have schools. Otherwise, there is no connection to either the process(Falmouth has a Master Plan and Town Planner, North Yarmouth does not),or the use of the property guided by a seasoned business that understands the need for a Continuing Care Model for elders. That is the relationship and importance that Falmouth has developed that will include affordable housing for seniors. ALL North Yarmouth is doing is selling 10Acres to a developer for a housing development for people over 55. Doesn’t that statement fall flat if we are comparing our plan to the robust Master plan that Falmouth has? This subdivision can go ANYWHERE ELSE in North Yarmouth. North Yarmouth residents own this property and should retain it. It is not out of the question that we could someday see a school back in our town. What a great spot for kids, playing fields and a Wescustago to use. Let’s hold on to this land. Let’s not rush this through.

    • s80t6

      I agree. Using Falmouth as an positive example is a joke. Are we talking about the same Falmouth that undertook an extensive and expensive sidewalk project that no one uses? The same Falmouth that wants to create additional commercial space by reconfiguring the Turnpike connector?

      The BoS took the easy way out in approving one of only two submitted proposals, instead of seeking additional alternatives. This one, while marginally better than the one voters shot down, represents a typical developer stunt that tries to stuff 10 pounds of crap into a 5 pound bag in order to maximize their profit and see how far they can push a town before the citizens squeal. There isn’t an inch of unused space in the plan aside from a minimal buffer along Route 9. When has anyone determined that 30+ homes are needed in this space or any other? What would be the attraction?

      It is extremely shortsighted to think that a new school would never be needed. I think it would better suit the town to retain the property and demolish/refit/construct as needed and build something that could leased out and later retrofitted to accommodate a new school. Or, how about doing nothing with it and just add it to the town’s park system?

      I’m also voting NO.