Wedding woes be gone: How to make your dream wedding a reality

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Brides and grooms often have an ideal of what their wedding will be — a vision of their perfect day. While each couple’s vision is unique, they all share the same burden — the ever-rising cost of weddings.

Be it a lavish ceremony and celebration with hundreds of guests, or a more intimate affair attended by only close family and friends, weddings are never easy on the bottom line. Thankfully, cost-conscious couples can take some creative steps to ensure they still have the wedding and honeymoon of their dreams without breaking the bank to do so.

* Calling all sponsors! With the economy still on the mend, couples can rest assured knowing there are deals to be had with regards to all aspects of their pending nuptials. One increasingly popular trend is to have the wedding “sponsored” by local vendors. In exchange for discounted services rendered, couples agree to mention contractors in their wedding program or display business cards at the reception table. For example, wedding photographers often make their money through word of mouth, so a reference in the wedding program might be enough to garner couples a discount on the photographer’s services. Such “sponsorships” will need to be agreed upon before the big day, but can save couples a significant amount of money.

* Get help with the honeymoon. Unlike couples of yesteryear, today’s couples often live together before walking down the aisle. This has made traditional wedding registries somewhat obsolete, as couples often already have everything they need.

“We already lived together and had all the kitchen gadgets, towels and bed sheets we could possibly need,” says Sarah, who lived with her now-husband Patrick prior to getting married.

Thankfully, Sarah and Patrick discovered, a free online honeymoon registry catering to couples who could use some help planning and paying for their perfect honeymoon.

The ideal solution for couples without the need for a large traditional registry, Honeyfund enabled Sarah and Patrick to plan their dream honeymoon while allowing guests the satisfaction of giving a gift the newlyweds would truly enjoy. Wedding guests can conveniently choose from a host of activities listed by the newlyweds themselves. From dinners and hotels to ferry and gondola rides, even airline and train tickets, Honeyfund offers a wide selection of gifts for wedding guests while helping savvy and creative couples significantly reduce the cost of their first getaway as a married couple.

* Save, save, save. Traditionally, the bride’s family foots the bill for the wedding. With that tradition fading and today’s couples now baring more of the burden of paying for their wedding, saving is critical. As bridal couples enter the biggest buying period of their lives, escalating costs of home down payments, furniture, appliances, and child rearing only amplify the need for savings. Couples can get some relief by directing their friends and family to gift registries like, where guests can contribute to a down payment for the young couple’s first home, or a general savings fund that can be used for projects, furnishings or anything the couple needs. Guests often love knowing how their financial contribution is being spent, be it for a home down payment, home improvement projects or other savings.

“Wedding gift givers are flocking to cash registries because they are hassle-free and provide an opportunity to give something unique,” says Sara Margulis, CEO of “A honeymoon experience or a contribution toward the couple’s first home are memories that last a lifetime.”

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Couples have options, including cash registries, to help them avoid breaking the bank to pay for their dream wedding.