We need more like 'Bill'

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Now our country is struggling with the economy. You may think my opinion is not too important to save our economy, but you need to think deeply. I can give you one good example.

Everybody knows that after the snow day, the Fire Department has to shovel all the fire hydrants near their department area, but our neighborhood doesn’t have to because of one good citizen, “Bill” my next door neighbor. Every snow storm day he shovels not only his driveway but he also shovels the fire hydrant in front of his house. Therefore, the Fire Department doesn’t even need to check for that one. If all the citizens were like “Bill”, the Fire Department could save time and money for doing that job.

So, my opinion is we need more good citizens like “Bill” for our country, especially at this time. Everybody needs to take their responsibility to save our economy for doing what they can. Every community would benefit from more people like my neighbour,”Bill”.


Aye Mie Mie