Tri-Town Notes: Dec. 15

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FCS executive director hired

Freeport Community Services, a nonprofit, social services organization with a mission of enriching lives, connecting neighbors and helping those in need in Freeport and Pownal, is delighted to announce that Paula Paladino has been selected as its new executive director. She began her duties Dec. 12.

Paladino was hired after a thorough search process that generated interest from a large and rich pool of highly qualified applicants. The FCS Board is confident that her broad base of experience, skills and knowledge will serve all segments of the FCS community and lead FCS into an exciting future.

“We could not be more enthusiastic about the hiring of Paula,” said Marc Miller, president of FCS’ board of directors. “Paula’s extensive background with service-oriented nonprofits brings a wealth of leadership and management experience to FCS. Additionally, her personal philosophies, integrity and approach to both life and work are well aligned with those of FCS.”

Paladino comes to FCS from Maine Housing, where she was the manager of Homeless Initiatives and special projects coordinator. Paladino’s career spans 25-plus years of both government and nonprofit experience in social programs, including child welfare, mental health and homeless services. She holds a Master of Arts degree from John F. Kennedy University in Orinda, California, and a Bachelor of Science degree from Arizona State University in Tempe.

“I am thrilled to be joining Freeport Community Services,” Paladino told the board when she was hired. “I have wanted to return to a career working in a community-based, mission-driven agency where I can make a meaningful and positive impact by interacting with others. This is my dream job. I can’t wait to get started.”

The FCS Board thanked Emily Chaleff for her exceptional leadership as the organization’s interim executive director since September, saying they are indebted to her for her fine leadership and accomplishments while at the helm.

The FCS Board encourages residents to stop by FCS to introduce themselves and help make Paladino’s transition into our communities a warm one.

South Freeport Village paving postponed

Due to the “perfect storm” of asphalt plant problems, weather issues, scheduling conflicts and resident requests, the Public Works Department made the decision to move the paving in South Freeport Village to spring. In addition, with weather turning colder, the town engineer determined that the town would not obtain the same pavement quality and longevity as it would get in warmer temperatures. Work is tentatively scheduled to begin in early May if temperatures allow. For more information, contact the Public Works Department at 865-4461.

Women’s Club has grant available

The Freeport Women’s Club has announced that a successful candidate for its Step Up Grant has been found. The good news is that they still have $500 to give out in another grant and are inviting interested candidates to apply. The Step Up Grant is given to a woman from Freeport or Pownal who is over 21, seeking occupational training and needs help with finances. The criteria for selection is based upon financial need, clarity of goals, educational program and references. For questions and further information, call Virginia Boyles at 865-3973.

Winter weather info

Freeport’s winter parking ban is now in effect through April 15. No parking is allowed on public streets or in turnarounds during winter storm events. Freeport residents are allowed two five-gallon buckets of sand per storm. Sand is now located adjacent to the silver recycling bullet on Hunter Road in front of the Public Works Department. Residents who park in driveways are asked to keep sidewalks clear so the sidewalk machines are not restricted. On a final note, do not push snow into sidewalks or public streets, as this is not only against Maine law, it is also costly for the Public Works Department to send vehicles and manpower out to go back to clean up a street or sidewalk. Contact the Public Works Department at 865-4461 with any questions.

Holiday shopping tips from FPD

Now that the holiday shopping season is in full swing, the Freeport Police Department would like to remind everyone of just a few simple safety tips. If you go out, whether shopping, to the gym, or to take in the beautiful Christmas lights, please do not leave valuables in plain sight inside your vehicle. Help prevent car burglaries by keeping your valuables out of sight and secure them before leaving your vehicle.

When using your key fob/remote to lock your vehicle, make sure that it did in fact lock the doors; give a tug on the handle to be sure. When parking at night, try to park in a well-lit area, even if it means you will walk a little farther. When returning to your vehicle have your keys ready in hand. If you are approached, hit the panic alarm on your remote; the loud noise may scare off any would be perpetrator. If you don’t have a remote with a panic button draw attention to yourself – yell, scream, and dial 911.

Food for Fines

During the entire month of December all overdue charges at the Freeport Community Library will be eliminated in exchange for donations of nonperishable food items that are comparable in value to the fine owed. For example, one can of food equals $1 in fines. All the food collected will be brought to the Freeport Community Services Food Pantry.

Tri-Town news tips

The Tri-Town Notes includes news from Durham, Freeport and Pownal. It will be the go-to place to see what is happening in our three towns. Let people know what is happening with your clubs, nonprofits, school, Scout and church goings-on. Public supper? Let me know. Concert? Art show? Fundraiser? Tell me about it.

A few tips: the deadline to submit news is Thursday, two to three weeks before the event. This can help assure that items will be included and timely. It is best to send information ahead of time so that there is time for the event to be publicized. It can be disappointing to realize that info will only be seen for two days when it could have been seen and chatted about for a week or more. Try not to send your announcements too far in advance. I do keep stories on file, but it has happened that plans change. Be sure of what you want to submit. Send pictures, but know that photos showing people need to have names included or those photos will not be used. Know that I have an editor. You send your item. I get it ready for the paper. The editor gets it and then it goes to press. By the time it shows up in print, it has been through several sets of eyes and hands. That is the news process.

Thanks for sharing! Please continue to enrich our community with your reports of the goings on and opportunities of your group. Let’s keep letting people know of all the wonderful happenings here in Freeport, Pownal and Durham.

I look forward to seeing what you are up to and will continue getting out the word for you.

Send Freeport, Pownal, and Durham community notes to Kathleen Meade at

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