Topsham to host pedestrian safety forum

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TOPSHAM — The town, Maine Department of Transportation and Bicycle Coalition of Maine hope to boost pedestrian safety through a free public forum Wednesday, Sept. 20. 

The 6 p.m. gathering at Mt. Ararat High School, 73 Eagles Way, is part of the statewide “Heads Up! Safety is a Two Way Street” effort, according to Assistant Town Planner Carol Eyerman.

The forum will address a recent hike in crashes involving vehicles and pedestrians, according to the DOT. The agency seeks public input on dangerous locations and hazardous behaviors of motorists and pedestrians, and forum participants will receive reflective safety gear.

Call the Bicycle Coalition at 623-4511 for more information.

  • Chew H Bird

    While I, (as a pedestrian), waited to cross Main Street in Brunswick this morning, (yes, there was a crosswalk in front of me), a 50 year old (plus or minus) lady walked up beside me and stepped right out in front of a truck who slammed on his brakes to avoid hitting her.

    While it can legally be argued that all vehicles should stop for pedestrians, (and they should), it seems to me that pedestrians need to take the time to stop and look both ways before jaunting out in front of vehicles. Courtesy is an important part of safety.

    I see no reason, (unless an absolute emergency), for people to step out in front of vehicles at a nearby crosswalk when the vehicles have just received a green light to proceed. It is called courtesy and common sense.

    As for bicycles, yesterday morning I tried several times to get around a group of rider who were three abreast in Brunswick. My understanding is they can legally ride three abreast, but how about a little courtesy for people who are backed up trying to get to work?

    And I can now count four (4) times I have seen bicycles on sidewalks this week, at dusk with no lights or helmets, in the Bowdoin College area, and three bicycles riding against traffic (on Maine Street), and two times have had to stop suddenly because a bicyclist decided to make an instant turn on a sidewalk to cross the street with no warning…

    Yes, I know that 99% of motorists are not good drivers, are rude, and may be distracted, but come on people. Those who are not enclosed in a motor vehicle should, (in my opinion), take at least a little responsibility for their own personal safety.