Think outside the box when gifting today's newlyweds

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(MS) ? Few, if any, days are as memorable as a couple’s wedding day. Months and sometimes years of anticipation finally culminate with a walk down the aisle, and wedding guests often look for ways to make the day even more memorable with a gift befitting their favorite newlyweds.

Just like many aspects of weddings have changed over the years, so, too, has gifting the bride and groom. In years past, guests simply chose a gift from the couple’s registry and that was that. However, today’s couples often have little use for traditional registries, a byproduct of more and more couples living together before they get married.

“We’re in our thirties and both had complete households when we moved in together,” said newlyweds Mindee and Graham, who chose to forgo a traditional registry.

While it’s understandable for today’s couples to forgo traditional registries, that doesn’t make it any easier for wedding guests to gift the bride and groom. In an effort to remedy that very problem, couples and frustrated gift givers alike have increasingly been turning to, a free online honeymoon registry catering to couples who could use some help planning and paying for their perfect honeymoon, and guests who want to give something more meaningful than an envelope full of cash.

“We didn’t need any more ‘stuff,'” said Mindee. “We needed an amazing honeymoon. Especially since we paid for the wedding ourselves, the added financial help made a big difference.”

Wedding guests can conveniently choose from a host of activities listed by the newlyweds themselves, including dinners, local tourist attractions and even airline and train tickets. In so doing, guests can ensure newlyweds have the honeymoon of their dreams, all the while not worrying about finances or bills when they return home. Newlyweds Sarah and Patrick enjoyed a dream honeymoon in Costa Rica, one made more memorable thanks to their guests’ thoughtful contributions to the couple’s honeyfund.

“Many of our guests couldn’t wait to talk to us about what they had bought off our registry,” said Sarah. “We are making photo postcards of our trip to use as thank-you notes since everyone at the wedding was requesting a picture of us enjoying their gift.”

The online honeymoon registry also helps guests forgo the troubles of shipping gifts or, worse yet, bringing them aboard a flight, where they’re likely subject to airline baggage fees. Robert, who took his new bride, Kili, as well as an extra $5,300 earned from their honeyfund, on a Mediterranean cruise, notes that his guests appreciated the user-friendly nature of and the hassle-free nature of gifting online as opposed to carting gifts cross-country.

“Kili is from California and I am from Washington, D.C.,” says Robert. “Because of Honeyfund our guests didn’t have to lug gifts cross-country or worry about shipping. And we didn’t have to make one return or worry about lost gift receipts.”

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When traditional wedding gifts won’t suffice, guests can look to other options, including cash registries, to help make the newlyweds’ big day even more memorable.