The Universal Notebook: Racists and sexists for Trump

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According to the Trump Doctrine of Due Process, I would not be able to get a fair trial before a Republican-appointed judge because I have written some pretty unflattering things about Republicans.

Well, Mr. Trump, I’m about to write a few more unflattering things about your presumptuous nominators.

Donald Trump has notoriously insisted that U.S. District Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel should not be hearing the fraud case against his trumped up Trump University because, though born in the USA, Curiel is of Mexican descent.

“I’m building a wall,” complained Trump. “It’s an inherent conflict of interest.”

Technically speaking, Trump is not building a wall between the U.S. and Mexico, he’s just threatening to do so if, God forbid, he is elected president of the United States.

If Judge Curiel does not recuse himself, Trump might just want to try buying off the judge, the way he did the attorneys general of Florida and Texas, each of whom declined to prosecute the Trump U case after Trump donated $25,000 and $35,000, respectively, to their election campaigns.

To her credit, Maine Republican U.S. Sen. Susan Collins has withheld her endorsement of Trump and asked him to apologize to Judge Curiel and to the American people. Not much chance of that. Most Republicans, however, have not been so honorable.

“I regret those comments that he made,” Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, R-Wisconsin, said just a few days after reluctantly endorsing Trump. “Claiming a person can’t do their job because of their race is sort of like the textbook definition of a racist comment. I think that should be absolutely disavowed.”

Yet Ryan does not disavow his support for Trump, as though he can somehow separate the textbook racism of the comment from the racist who made it.

And that to me is the most troubling aspect of Donald Trump’s rise to the top of the Republican Party. He is a known racist, sexist and xenophobe, but his supporters just don’t care.

I get it that bubbas and bullyboys support Trump. As Michelle Goldberg so beautiful distilled the foul essence of Trumpism on Slate, he is “the unleashed id of a sullen, crumbling patriarchy.” Angry white men love Trump. But anyone else would have to be a complete fool to vote for the man.

There is a southern branch of our family that trends Republican. Last week I was informed that all of the women in the family oppose Trump, but that the menfolk are evenly split. I just find that so hard to believe. Trump is not a Christian, a conservative, or even a Republican in any meaningful sense of those words. But that doesn’t seem to matter to fundamentalist Christians, conservatives or Republicans.

Trump is not talking about downsizing government. He’s talking about a major expansion of homeland security and the military. He’s not talking about cutting taxes, either. He’s going to have to raise them to pay for all that heightened security. He is a demagogue with nothing at all to offer a principled conservative, other than his appeal to popular prejudice and empty nationalism.

But still the GOP embraces him. Better a racist than a Democrat?

This 2016 presidential election is shaping up to pit the old order against the new, white male privilege against a more inclusive diversity, a racist oligarch against a savvy woman. Racism and sexism run deep, dark and dirty through the American soul. None of us is untainted. But some of us struggle to overcome the sins of the past, while others cling to them desperately. That’s a fundamental difference between liberalism and conservativism.

There is speculation that Trump may finally have gone too far with his defiant insistence that a judge with a Mexican name cannot dispense justice impartially, but, as Gov. Paul LePage has taught us, just when you think he can’t sink any lower, he does.

I can only begin to imagine the depths of misogyny to which a man running against a woman might descend, a man who once divorced a wife because she lost her “softness” when she went to work.

Well, folks, there’s nothing soft about Hillary Clinton. I’m betting on her in the general election. Heck, I’d bet on Hillary in a street fight with Donald Trump.

Freelance journalist Edgar Allen Beem lives in Brunswick. The Universal Notebook is his personal, weekly look at the world around him.

  • Chew H Bird

    I am no supporter of Mr. Trump but columns like this make my skin crawl. Trump buying off Attorneys? I agree this is bad. However the real (worse in my estimation) problem are acceptance of this type of offer…

    As to all the off color, discriminatory, racist, and other poor remarks, I am amazed and appalled that anyone thinks this way and, speaks such things in public. However I was raise on the “sticks and stones” concept by my parents when I was made fun of as a school kid. I got over it and some of the unkind kids who made those comments 50 years ago are now good upstanding people. What is more disheartening than Trump’s words are the people who think such statements are good.

    What my take away is (regarding Trump) is we have a very large population of people who are fed up with non-sanctioned immigration, fed up with government intrusiveness into our lives, our doctor offices, our bedrooms, our phones, our lifestyles, and fed up with the media fueled circus of needing to give everyone everything at taxpayer expense.

    Additionally, the track record of Ms. Clinton is enough to give any ethical person pause for concern. This election will be about who we dislike the least and that is a tragic state of affairs for American citizens.

    • EABeem

      Trump wants to penalize women who have abortions and you’re concerned about govt intrusion? Wake up! Things are not as bad as Republicans like to think they are and Trump is worse.

      • Chew H Bird

        Look, I am no supporter of Mr. Trump. That said, individual opinions, (we all have them) are less important to me than actual track records. Some of the countries we are supporting with money, weapons, and commerce are committing atrocities against women as a matter of policy. So I am not buying all the arguments about Trump just as I don’t buy all the arguments against Ms. Clinton.

        I do have close personal friends who were firsthand in Benghazi and have enough IT knowledge to know a few things that in my opinion should disqualify a person from the Presidency. I also believe Mr. Trump should simply step away from the nomination for the good of us all.

        • EABeem

          Oh, it’s the old “if you knew what I know” canard? Baloney! Most decent people have realized that Trump is an affront to American values. The fact that he has won the nomination of one of the major political parties is a low point in American history, the 21st century equivalent of MCarthyism. This election will come down to racists v. the rest of us. Period. Clinton has baggage, but she is better qualified than anyone who ran for the nomination in either party. 90% of what her critics accuse of her of is pure dog dirt.

          • Chew H Bird

            It is the same old “if you knew what I know”. I do not deny it. I also believe my friends of 30 plus year who were present over there, one of them who has actual scars…

            Trump is a problem. No argument from me. Last time I checked the commissioning of a private server is supposedly a fact. Anyone who works with certain Federal departments knows better than to do what was done.

            BTW: When I was a child my comic books disappeared as they were though to promote communism so I am familiar with McCarthyism and I really wish I had my “Hawkman #1″…

            When faced with a choice of two individuals who both have a long list of negatives we have truly sunk to a new low. I am planning on scrutinize other potential candidates (libertarian perhaps) as a way of managing to vote and still sleep at night.

          • EABeem

            Private server is a fact. Also a fact that previous Secretaries of State used private email for state business. Also a fact that State Department servers are no more secure than Clinton’s was. Much ado about nothing.

          • Chew H Bird

            As a person who has personally connected outside contractors to federal email systems I know for a fact that you are completely off base regarding the security of the State Department email system. Using private email in a pinch, or by accident, or by simple logistics happens frequently. Contracting to have a private server built is a whole new level of indifference. BTW: I am currently engaged in connecting systems in the DC area…

          • EABeem

            Eye witness testimony is notoriously unreliable. You don’t know what happened in Benghazi and neither do I. But if you understand that Trump is threat to America, what do you care whether I call him a racist, which he is?

          • Chew H Bird

            Trump may be a racist or not. I do not know the man but I do know he often speaks dirt. I also know I built my first email server in 1992. As far as eye witness testimony being unreliable I completely agree in most cases. However I tend to believe career military officers who were actively engaged in combat situations, spent over 25 years each serving our great country, rose in rank, and have earned respect of their peers as well as credentials from those above.

            Just like you, I have opinions and while I do not expect anyone to believe what I say as a random voice on the internet, I do think at the very least there is room for discussion on all sides regardless of what the media reports.

            BTW: I built my first email server in 1992 and have been managing systems and infrastructure to this day…

          • poppypapa

            Eye witness testimony is unreliable, and circumstantial evidence is unacceptable.

            The defense rests, your honor.

          • EABeem

            Some 75% of the wrongful convictions for rape and murder, including a number that led to people being scheduled for execution, were based on eyewitness testimony.

          • poppypapa

            That’s simple enough. Let’s just eliminate it as an element of trials and prosecutions.

            Including in wrongful acquittals. Do you have a percentage on that to, Eddie?

          • poppypapa

            You do realize, Chew, that Eddie is an IT professional in addition to being an art critic, journalist, and education expert, don’t you?

            He clearly knows more about the relevant terminology that you to begin with.

            Shame on you for challenging and/or questioning his words. His supremacy in all matters of opinionating and columnating is guaranteed by relevant authorities.

            And as he makes clear below, you don’t know squat.

          • poppypapa

            Interesting to watch Eddie twist himself into a pretzel to defend the honor and righteousness of Hillary, while declaring Trump guilty beyond a reasonable doubt on all charges.

            Those FBI documents lost so long ago? Typical womanly absent-mindedness.

            Objections to seating jurists who could be biased against one’s client by any number of factors? Perfectly normal legal/judicial practice, except in Trump’s case, in which they make you a racist.

          • EABeem

            Yep, that’s right, Trump is a racist, that’s all he is and he has a long history of it.

          • No MA’AM

            Anyone with the audacity of expressing an opposing view is a “racist” per your book.

          • EABeem

            Depends on what we disagree about. Would someone who votes for a racist candidate be a racist?

          • No MA’AM

            According to you, yes.

            You’re inditing anyone who supports Trump as a ‘racist’ solely off YOUR classification of Trump being a racist.

            This is no different than I declaring anyone voting for Hillary as a misandrist considering her strong support for feminist centric divorce and custody laws. Or her flat out denial that males are also victims of DV by angry women with baseball bats and objects.

          • EABeem

            But surely you agree that anyone who says a judge is unqualified to do his job if he is of Mexican descent or a Muslim, anyone who says that all Muslims are potential terrorists, anyone who says that all Mexicans are murders and rapists is, in fact, a racist. Facts are facts, ma’am.

          • No MA’AM

            The only thing I’ll agree with is his poor use of words to make a point. The point was the judge has a history of bias toward Trump.

            Sort of like an adamant pro-life judge presiding over a Planned Parenthood case and the spokesperson of NOW saying “because the judge is male he can’t …”

            And there’s no denying the left routinely targets all (WHITE) males as rapists who need not have an opinion when it comes to reproduction and MULTIPLE other issues.

            The only function a father provides, according to you ‘forward thinking — oh so tolerant — progressives’ is the ability to have his paycheck garnished for alimony and child support when ex-wifey deems he’s no longer welcomed in the house and denies him access to HIS kids.

          • JohnQCitizen

            I am surprised no one has challenged you on this one paragraph.

            On “says a judge is unqualified to do his job if he is of Mexican decent or a Muslim”

            This is a distorted comment on what really happened in an interview with John Dickerson. Trump said that the judge should recuse himself. After being asked the question 4 times, Trump caved into answering that it would be no different if the judge were Muslim.

            On “all Muslims are potential terrorists”

            Trump has “never” made this blanket statement of “all Muslims”

            And finally, on “that all Mexicans are murderers and rapists”

            The is taken out of context when in fact he said that “some” are murderers and rapists” when referring to those coming in illegally across the southern border and not referring to all Mexicans and certainly not legal Mexican immigrants.

            Ed, you need to get your facts straight and not use your twisted interpretation of what you thought was said!

          • EABeem

            I believe my assessment of Donald Trump is accurate. Not only that, so do many Republicans. He said a judge of Mexican or Muslim heritage would be biased against him. The man is unfit for office. He is a racist and a misogynist.

          • poppypapa

            I don’t know how that can be, and how the word can still be in use. After all, in your post-modernist world, ‘race’ is nothing but a social construct.

            Hence there can be no objective definition of the term ‘racist.’

            Matter of fact, not sure you can say that Hillary would be the ‘first woman president’ with any degree of certainty, since gender is a social construct as well.

          • No MA’AM

            That’s right. Isn’t gender fluid? That’s what the left has told us.

          • GOPatriot

            Hi Chew: Why didn’t your Bengazi friend contact the Trey Gowdy Clown Show? If he / she has explosive information that would have blown the case wide open I would think that they would have a solemn duty to share it with the rest of us. After all, the Bengazi Committee spent more time investigating that unfortunate event than the 9/11 Commission spent on the September 11 tragedy. Maybe your friend could have made the difference! Bengazi!!

          • poppypapa

            “Most decent people.” Can you give us the figures on that Eddie?

            It’s kind of like the famous “most experts agree….”

          • poppypapa

            So there you have it; either you salute Eddie with an aye, aye Mein Capitan, or you’re a racist.

          • EABeem

            JOE SCARBOROUGH:” Republicans in Washington, DC, right now you are letting your presumptive nominee, who is making racist statements, run roughshod over what remaining national reputation we have as a national party.”
            NEWT GINGRICH: “If a liberal were to attack Justice Clarence Thomas on the grounds that he’s black, we would all go crazy. Every conservative would say it was racism.”

          • poppypapa

            The comment was: “This election will come down to racists v. the rest of us. Period.”

            That goes way beyond what Trump is or isn’t, in case you don’t realize that. Time to recognize that your angry use of language, intentionally cavalier or not, has consequences in how it reads.

          • No MA’AM

            I also like how at the end of his article, he states he’d pick Hillary over Trump if they were in a street fight.

            Well … wouldn’t it be “sexist” if he didn’t?

          • No MA’AM

            Of course. Anyone who fails to march lock, stock and barrel to the progressive narrative is a “racist, sexist, intolerant bigot.”

            This guy (conveniently) ignores the circumstances which have led to TRUMP’s success in achieving the GOP Nomination — the decline out of manufacturing, stagnant wages and hallowing out of the middle class.

            Therefore if you’re a male who supports TRUMP courtesy of job loss or 15 years of a stagnant wage . . . this guy wants to lump you as an “angry ‘racist’ white male.”

          • Real cool guy


            Communist countries had nuclear warheads pointed at us and us at them. Little Beam was taught to hide under a desk by the public school system (or was it a trust funded private school?). Senator Mcarthy was asking you to your face if you are, or have ever been affiliated with the communist party. Big deal baby!

            With Barack Husain Obama at the helm and during the Hillary Clinton state Dept we have Verizon turning over phone records to the NSA who doesn’t report to congress what they even do with their budget $.

            Beams okay with that cause Democrats are leading!? Party loyalist make my convulse.

          • EABeem

            Hard to find any good American these days who would defend Joe McCarthy, especially not in Margaret Chase Smith’s home state.

          • Real cool guy

            Actually, I was making a comparison.

            And this is my home state.

          • No MA’AM

            I don’t know the history of this guy but I find those raised in wealthy families to be ridiculously utopian and quick to declare any who disagree with them as _________ ist.

            I can say this with fair confidence as my father’s side is a well do medical family. And I know other families who are wealthy. The one characteristic I’ve observed in these type of families: many family members in them who don’t have to worry about $ have utopian ideals, base the world according to their life and therefore deem the working man who disagrees with their outlook as being an “intolerant, racist … ETC.”

        • poppypapa

          Wow, Chew; you have the temerity to challenge Eddie in the knowing department?

          Strong letter plus name-calling to follow.

      • poppypapa

        My recollection is that he said that if abortion becomes illegal, than those who break that law should be penalized accordingly.

        If you have clear evidence otherwise, let’s have it.

        • EABeem

          “Donald J. Trump said on Wednesday that women who seek abortions should be subject to “some form of punishment” if the procedure is banned in the United States, further elevating Republican concerns that his explosive remarks about women could doom the party in the fall.

          The comment, which Mr. Trump later recanted, attracted instant, bipartisan criticism — the latest in a series of high-profile episodes that have shined a light on Mr. Trump’s feeble approval ratings among women nationally.

          In this case, Mr. Trump also ran afoul of conservative doctrine, with opponents of abortion rights immediately castigating him for suggesting that those who receive abortions — and not merely those who perform them — should be punished if the practice is outlawed.”
          New York Times

          • poppypapa

            This passage supports my comment; “if the procedure is banned…..” etc.

          • EABeem

            It also says that he wanted to punish women, not just providers, which no one other than Christian wackjobs supports.

          • Chew H Bird

            Not saying I approve of Mr. Trump’s comments, but the illegal drug user is punished and so is the dealer, the a person knowingly purchasing illegal good is punished and so is the thief, and people knowingly getting married illegally and punished as is the person who knowingly officiates an illegal marriage. My understanding is if someone knowingly breaks the law they are often held accountable whether they are the recipient or provider of illegal services or goods.

          • EABeem

            Okay, you are on record as supporting punishment for women who receive illegal abortions. Would you also like to punish the men who impregnated them?

          • Chew H Bird

            Not saying I support it. I am saying is this is how our current legal system works. Whatever the purpose, good or bad, if someone actively and purposefully seeks an illegal service or good, they are considered in violation of the law just as the person who provides it.

            On a personal note, I do not believe the government has any right to dictate the legality of choices made between a person (male or female) and their doctor.

          • EABeem

            That’s not the way the legal system works at all. How many women went to jail for having abortions when they were illegal? They were considered victims, not criminals.

          • poppypapa

            Supposedly, the legal system upholds the law. So one would think it would depend on how the law is written, wouldn’t one?

          • Real cool guy

            Okay, what would be the charge boy genius? Is she underage? Adultry…? Back to the drug dealer/purchaser analogy the manufacture/grower would also be arrested but sexual congress without protection doesn’t seem to fit “if abortion were illegal”.

          • Real cool guy

            What would be the charge boy genius? Is she underage? Adultry…? Back to the drug dealer/purchaser analogy the manufacture/grower would also be arrested but sexual congress without protection doesn’t seem to fit “if abortion were illegal”.

          • poppypapa

            So Eddie, are we to assume you no longer worship at a UCC congregation, or have they seceded from the communion of ‘traditional’ Christian denominations?

          • EABeem

            You cherrypicking word twister you. The UCC is a progressive Christian denomination that affirms a woman’s right to choose. “Christian wackjobs” refers to fundamentalist sects that oppress women and children and stand outside Planned Parenthood clinics hollering and haranguing.

          • poppypapa

            Funny; you didn’t include those ‘qualifiers’ in your comment. Instead, you broad brushed Christians as wackjobs.

            Once again, a “professional’ journalist should pay attention to how he uses language.

            And I guess you want me to take it on your say-so that no-one who attends a UCC Church opposes abortion. No doubt you have the data to support that.

            If you’re going to defer to ‘official’ UCC posture as your defense, well, there’s a whole new can of worms. But go for it; we enjoy the foot-loose approach you take to things.

            After you do so, perhaps you can lecture us on ‘official’ Islamic posture.

          • Real cool guy

            Talking about word twisting Beam; you left out the part about both parties committing a crime “if abortion were illegal”. So if a drug dealer and a drug purchaser are apprehended at the same park/time you would be appalled at the arrest of the drug purchaser!?

          • knighthawk

            “If Congress were to pass legislation making abortion illegal and the federal courts upheld this legislation, or any state were permitted to ban abortion under state and federal law, the doctor or any other person performing this illegal act upon a woman would be held legally responsible, not the woman. The woman is a victim in this case as is the life in her womb. My position has not changed – like Ronald Reagan, I am pro-life with exceptions.”

            That’s his official statement. I agree he said the other part before while being asked questions repeatedly on TV. I also realize you have a stated bias, but I think it should be clear he does not intend to punish women

          • EABeem

            Yes, that was a retraction. It’s clear that he doesn’t know what he thinks until he says it, which could destroy this country. Fortunately, he won’t get a chance. Only a country of imbeciles, knuckle-draggers and racists would elect Herr Drumpf its president.

          • Real cool guy

            The woman is a victim!?

            Evan if she consented to sexual relations with the “perpetrator” (failed protection or none at all) and seeks out a doctor to perform this hypothetical illegal abortion?

            She’s a victim?

    • poppypapa

      Pretty close to the mark, Chew. This is a “hundred year” year. Some of us are so fed up with the permanent governing class that the usual considerations go out the door. Ideological purity among them.

      “Throw them all out;” “turn over the table;” call it whatever you want.

      I’ve never thought of my vote as ‘sending a message,’ until this year, that is.

  • truther

    I really don’t care about Trump’s racism and sexism per se. It’s not that I endorse those things; rather, they’re symptoms of his grotesque unfitness for office rather than the underlying problems themselves.

    Just because the guy’s a bigot doesn’t necessary mean everything else he says is automatically disqualified from consideration, any more than being a heretic or a blasphemer makes you a non-person. It goes some way to explaining his enduring appeal. For many Americans, simply calling somebody a racist, say, isn’t the mark of death it would be for those who loathe Trump. The two groups are talking then at cross-purposes.

  • poppypapa

    Someone call a Self Esteem Counselor! Emergency at the Beem house!

    Compared to 1200 ‘shares’ and a net positive thumbs up for his prior column on school budgets and Yarmouth, I see no ‘shares’ figure on this one, and a net zero on thumbs.

    Better start emailing your list, Eddie, or you’ll be left with one less pie to throw in our faces.

    By the way, in view of your long love affair with Yarmouth, perhaps we should coin the term “Yourmouth” for use in comments.

    As in, “according to Yourmouth,…..”

    • EABeem

      As long as I keep you and a few others busy responding to my every word, thought and deed, I regard myself as a HUGE success.

      • poppypapa

        And as long as you continue to publicly exemplify the fallacies, incongruities, and silliness of progressive thought, especially as we point them out to you, the exchanges here are an even larger success.

        • EABeem

          I consider it public service to call out the demented yahoos of the right.

          • poppypapa

            There you have it – the elevated discourse of our intellectual betters, tempered by the rules of polite discourse he so often invokes.

            It’s obvious to most, Eddie, that you’ve lost several kliks off your fastball. That still doesn’t mean that hanging curve balls are the right call.

          • EABeem

            Oh, I’m sorry, do you identify with the demented yahoos of the right? You do understand, right, that while your buddies may pat you on the back for battling with me weekly, every day I get perfect strangers thanking me for being the voice of reason. They invariably comment on the nutjobs who write online comments. Of course, not all online commenters are nutjobs, just those who are.
            Bottom line on this column: Donald Trump is a racist who appeals to the worst in Americans. I will give you the benefit of the doubt and hope that he does not appeal to you.

          • Jimmy_John67

            “….every day I get perfect strangers thanking me for being the voice of reason.”

            As you said already “eye witness testimony is notoriously unreliable” therefore this ridiculous claim is clearly false using your own logic. You really should try to at least keep your own stunted logic straight to avoid contradicting yourself any more then you already do.

          • EABeem

            What does that have to do with eye witness? If you just mean you don’t believe anything I say, okay. I don’t believe anything you say either.

          • Jimmy_John67

            Considering I just repeat things that you have previously said, the fact that you don’t believe them says a lot!

          • poppypapa

            There we go: Fast Eddie goes for a triple bank shot.

            Demented yahoos of the right..



            Coupled with perfect strangers, whatever that means, thanking him for being the “voice of reason.”

            Whatever else Eddie might be, he is not short on self-absorption.

            We’re thinking for referrring him to an “I” doctor who can remove the “I” he has stuck in his throat, and give him some meds to help with his over-adulating.

            And memo to Eddie: while I have a buddie or two, they do not serve at my pleasure to commend me for any comments I post, or those made by others. In fact, I could care less what others may think or say about my comments. I simply chime in when it seems to be warranted.

            How many times can we tell you that your self-absorption and monumental lack of self-awareness, not to mention inhumility, are pathological.

            And while we’re at it, how many times have you sworn publicly that you would no longer waste your time exchanging words with me?

            Talk about keeping one’s word…..

          • EABeem

            I’m sorry. I keep taking pity on you and reply even though I know it is pointless. I am a life-long liberal, so I am baffled why you think you are going to change my mind, why you keep reading to faithfully, and why you spend s much time commenting. You think I am being snarky, but I really am flattered.

          • poppypapa

            I don’t have any expectations of changing your mind, and I get that you think anything anyone says is flattering and intended to plump your outsized self esteem.

            Pointing out the silliness, or absurdity of what you write and post has nothing to do with changing you. It’s clear that anything at all resulting from your columns you take as an indication of your brilliance, more proof that you are a juvenile.

            Smoke ’em if you got ’em Eddie. Or have you gone the way of the Vapors?

          • EABeem

            Quit six years ago. I can only point out yet again that while you and half-dozen other regulars seem to think you point out the absurdity of my writings, most of the people who have the guts to tell me what they think to my face regard my anonymous online critics as kooks of one sort or another. The mere fact that you find it necessary every week to chime in suggests that you take this column seriously. I do appreciate that. So, tell me, all-knowing, all-seeing grand poobah of the other side of town, are you a Trump supporter. Don’t you find his racist remarks offensive?

          • poppypapa

            As things stand at the moment, I will vote for Trump, and feel no embarrassment for doing so. You can label me whatever you wish for saying so, but you should recognize your own role in driving voters towards Trump, just as you drove some voters to LePage. And the more you grouse about things, the happier I am about my plans.

            You fail to grasp the larger issues of whether this country will become a hybrid of old Europe, Venezuela, and a caliphate, or instead attempt to salvage the America that was once the envy of the world, and the desired destination for untold millions of oppressed humanity.

          • poppypapa

            You take pity on me? Oh, thank you master.

            You really should seek professional help for your ego-mania; you turn every thing into some form of flattery, you can’t stop telling us all about the crowds that surround you to tell you how brilliant you are, and how much you mean to ‘the world around you,’ which as I’ve often said, is how you see things. You as the rotational center of the world.

            Even thinking we are trying to change your mind is an egoistic reaction. We have no delusions about doing so. Any more than we think speaking before town councilors or school board members will change THEIR minds.

            There is another audience besides YOU.

            You can’t help but believe that every commenter here is reacting in some form of praise to you, rather than having a discussion with the other commenters. Often, it’s who cares about you? But then you interject to get things focused back on YOU, so you can express your ego in ever newer and more delusional ways.

            While you’re at it, perhaps you need to look at your thumbs up/thumbs down tally at the moment.

          • EABeem

            But, Poppy, you obviously think I am important enough, or enough of a threat to the conservative me-first, outa-my-way, screw you agenda, to spend hours a week responding to my writings. For that I am truly grateful. Now, being perfectly serious, I am going to tell you that you have me all wrong. You would know that had you been gracious enough to accept my invitation to sit down over a drink or the Forecaster’s invitation to do a point-counterpoint. I get along very well with lots of people with whom I disagree. I am not an egomaniac, I am quite self-deprecating, I am often wrong, and I fully expect to be criticized and have never made the slightest effort to censor my critics. I am also willing to engage with people I know are going to dump on me. Why? Because I believe wholeheartedly in what I write, I have seen the harm the institutionalized selfishness of the right has done to this country, and, yes, I enjoy ticking off anonymous posters.

          • Jimmy_John67

            You claim the right portrays institutionalized selfishness but every year it is shown that the states with the most charitable citizens both with their time and money are typically red states while the least charitable are typically blue (with very liberal states like CA and NY coming in close to the bottom). So it looks like once again the facts don’t back up your attempts to demonize anyone who doesn’t share your narrow wold view and vindictive values. What a sad excuse for a human you are.

          • EABeem

            Red state “charity” typically does not benefit the public, it benefits wealthy evangelical churches, a cult of selfishness. I may be a sad excuse for a human being, but you sure spend a lot of time reading my writings and reacting to them. You must have something better to do.
            And just for the record, I am actually a very nice guy — generous, active in my church, beloved by my children and grandchildren, handsome, charming, witty, and a model citizen. I am also humble and self-deprecating. And every day, a stranger stops me in public (as just happened at Hannaford’s this very afternoon) to tell me how much they appreciate my columns and what a bunch of losers the people are who post comments.

          • Jimmy_John67

            So on one hand you say churches are a cult of selfishness then you say you are a great guy for being a part of a church. Then you claim to be humble before bragging how every day someone tells you how great you are. You make pointing out your constant contradictions and hypocrisy so easy for me!

            You sure do spend a lot of time reading and reacting to the writings of a bunch of “loser” commenters. I post for two reasons 1) to give a voice to the people that I meet every day who think your columns are divisive drivel and 2) because I love tweaking you and it is so easy to do as evidenced by your rant above. I could care less if you respond to any of my comments but despite the fact that you have put me on the no fly list multiple times it seems you cant help yourself due to your bottomless pit of insecurity. So see you next week!

            P.S. I will say you are handsome for an 80 year old man but since you just had a kid graduate college in the past few years I’m guessing you aren’t even close to 80. Guess that is what 40 years of smoking will do to you (among other things)!

          • EABeem

            Red state give money to themselves, blue states give money to others. Nothing hypocritical or contradictory about being an active member of a church that embraces Christ’s inherent liberalism, that is inclusive, and provides assistance to people in need. You should try it some time.

          • Jimmy_John67

            Ok so now you contradict yourself yet again and say in fact churches are charitable but red states “give money to themselves” when the facts are (as I already pointed out) that every single credible study shows that citizens of red states are more charitable with both their time and money. Once again don’t let the facts stand in the way of falsely demonizing people. Way to follow Christ’s inclusive example!

            By the way since your definition of charity sadly doesn’t seem to extend beyond tax payments that means I am a far more charitable individual then you as I pay close to $2,000 more in Brunswick property tax then you. Perhaps if you stopped being so selfish you could give back instead of hoarding your wealth and buying big, expensive houses that you don’t need. You should try it some time as you would probably be much happier then your current chosen path of a bitter, insecure bully.

          • EABeem

            Conservatives take the thousand points of light approach to humans services, relying on religious and private philanthropy, while moderates and progressives understand that our social problems are too great and systemic to be addressed by church bake sales. That’s why southern states give a lot to churches and northern states tax themselves more heavily. You note I have not found it necessary to get nasty and personal with you the way you always do with me. If you pay more in taxes, it’s because your property is worth more. Anything else you need me to explain to you? Just to be helpful, let me explain to you that the reason you see contradiction where I see complexity is that the conservative mind has trouble with nuance, sees this as black and white, good and bad, can’t handle gray and is primarily motived by fear. I have now wasted way too much time on you and Poppy, so back on the no fly list you go. Talk among yourselves.

          • Jimmy_John67

            You struggle with reading comprehension don’t you? I have said many times that I am not a conservative and actually find them as ridiculous as I find you. I have been a registered Independant for the past 22 years and was a Democrat before that. I am the definition of a moderate. My problem with you is that you clearly struggle with nuance and complex issues and only see things along extreme party lines with no ability to think independently. You manipulate information, ignore facts, present false constructs and twist words all to try to erroneously justify your opinions and belittle any one who doesn’t see the world exactly as you do. Notice how I don’t comment on the articles of either Halsey Frank or Orlando Delogu? That is because, while I often don’t agree with their positions, they present their case using solid information and logical approaches to justify their conclusions. Unlike you I can respect people who don’t share my exact opinions but I simply do not respect people like you. People of very limited experience who spout off as experts when in fact they are just scared and insecure bullies motivated only by fear and willful ignorance. As I said before I could care less if you respond to my comments but you and I both know you will not be able to resist.

            P.S. If you don’t want to be attacked personally then perhaps you should stop attacking others. I only attack you like that to a) give you a taste of your own medicine and b) because it clearly hacks you off so much since I’m guessing deep down you know it is all true.

          • Real cool guy

            This is why I occasionally read your column and dump on you. You’re like Darth Vader, I know there’s good in you.

            “I get along very well with lots of people with whom I disagree. I am not an egomaniac, I am quite self-deprecating, I am often wrong, and I fully expect to be criticized and have never made the slightest effort to censor my critics. I am also willing to engage with people I know are going to dump on me”

          • poppypapa

            I’ve concluded that Eddie’s columns are a form of Forecaster outreach. They rarely run editorials, so ‘editorial policy’ is largely unknown, other than as reflected by the lead opinion writer, the only one who appears weekly.

            In the absence of ‘official’ editorial presence and
            intervention, Beem serves as a proxy for Forecaster management. The Forecaster has no paid circulation, so it’s hard to judge the effect on their fiscal survival.

            Good move on their part, I suppose. The Times Record, hanging by a thread, has never faced up to the fact
            that their editorial stance thumbs their nose at at least half of their potential readership.

            So let’s review how Eddie likes to talk about his readers as he represents the Forecaster:

            clunks, gun nuts, guns and gonads crowd, Christian wackjobs, conservative nutjobs, racists, demented yahoos of the right, nutjobs, perfect strangers, most decent people, racist, sexist, junior high jerks, conservative me-first, outa-my-way, screw you agenda, institutionalized selfishness of the right, wealthy evangelical
            churches – a cult of selfishness, loser. The conservative mind has trouble with nuance, sees this as black and white, good and bad, can’t handle gray and is primarily motived (sic) by fear; kooks; a country of imbeciles, knuckle-draggers and racists .

            And how he expresses his ‘humility:’

            I am actually a very nice guy — generous, active in my church, beloved by my children and grandchildren, handsome, charming, witty, and a model citizen. I am also humble and self-deprecating. And every day,
            a stranger stops me in public (as just happened at Hannaford’s this very afternoon) to tell me how much they appreciate my columns and what a bunch of losers the people are who post comments. Flattered,
            HUGE success, voice of reason, important, often wrong.

            And he wonders why I lack the ‘graciousness’ to have a drink with him? And wants us to believe he isn’t an ‘egomaniac?’

            Apparently, a background as an art critic makes one completely numb to the ‘nuances’ of egomania. Which is perfectly understandable, now that I think of it.

          • YarRes

            ED, Wasn’t it you chastising the “NO” supporters last week because we called you a couple names? Can you say hypocrisy ? And ED,just a perfect stranger thank you for being the voice of reason(YA RIGHT),perfect strangers were thanking Bruce Soule and his group for trying to keep costs down.

          • EABeem

            Just those No’s making disgusting sexual comments. There were a couple of nasty posters who couldn’t win the argument or the election, so they made crude remarks like a couple of junior high jerks. There is no need to tolerate intolerance or cruelty.

    • YarRes

      Those 1200 shares last week are a little suspicious.

  • poppypapa

    Congrats, by the way. You now have one net upvote on this effort.

    • EABeem

      I am flattered that you spend so much time reading and responding to my ideas and writings. Thank you.

  • Queenie42

    I am not going to add fuel to this fire. I just want to add a couple of thoughts that I have had reading this column and the comments following.
    Would I call a man a racist who believes that Mr. Trump will bring home the jobs? Because that is what he has promised? No, I would not. In fact, if I were to spend years looking for a decent job, only to have the TV and press tell me daily that it is the fault of “others” (who are also looking to better themselves for the most part) and someone came along with promises, wouldn’t I hitch myself to that star? Wouldn’t I want to believe? You bet.
    It wasn’t long ago that many believed the promises of our current President that he would end the wars, close Guantanamo, and a number of other things he had no right to promise because he was either lying or he had no idea who holds the power in this country. I personally think he believed he could make good his promises. What he failed to realize is that everyone in congress is owned, lock, stock and barrel by the large corporations. They call the shots. And they pay the congressperson to vote for the corporate interests, not what might give us jobs. Corporations have fled our country for places where there are no regulations for labor or the environment. They exist to make money for the shareholders.
    And corporations own most of the media that tells us it is the fault of the “other” to deflect their own blame for the lack of jobs.
    Calling people names who are up against hard times is playing right into the hands of those who want to keep us down. Who want to divide us.

  • Charles Martel

    “But while Trump’s character flaws have been assets in his profession, Hillary’s arrogant sense of entitlement, relentless money-grubbing, chronic mendacity, and obvious dislike of people other than her minions all undercut her claims to be a public servant, and help explain why she has serially failed at that role.” -Bruce Thornton, Front Page Magazine, 6/7/16

    A major reason for wanting Trump to win is that it will make Beem’s head explode and maybe then he will finally retire.

    • poppypapa

      Eddie won’t admit it, but he’s part of the ‘traditional print media’ establishment, and anointed commentariat, that has made Trump into a political reality.

      And just as he helped LePage to a second term with his unrelenting and vile criticism, he’s probably a help to Trump chances.

      He just doesn’t realize that this election is not so much about individual candidates as it is about sweeping dissatisfaction with the careerists in the elite ruling class.

  • David Treadwell

    You nailed it, Ed! Trump supporters don’t like to be perceived as the racists and sexists they are. Or if they’re not racists and sexists, then they don’t mind voting for one. Thanks for calling them out.

    • JohnQCitizen

      Thanks for labeling Trump supporters as racists and sexists. You “progressives” slash Democtrats, need all the ammunition you can get to protect “”Crooked Hillary”! That being said, myself and most of my Conservative friends are not “racists and sexists”. You guys need to get a life, you are not all that holy just because you consider yourselves “progressive” slash Domocrat.

  • poppypapa

    A recent news item from the academic world may shed some light on Eddie’s various insecurities and animosities. It has to do with psychoticism, which according to the textbook The Psychology of Personality, “is associated with the tendency to be impulsive, cold, not empathetic, unconcerned about the rights and welfare of others, and antisocial.”

    In keeping with Beem’s conviction that conservatives are a deranged bunch, numerous academics in the social sciences have held “that conservatism is, if not exactly a form of insanity, then at least an unfortunate mental impairment.”

    In 2012, so-inclined academics published study findings that conservatives tended to score high on the psychoticism scale. They concluded “that those higher… psychoticism are more conservative.”

    The research, as you might expect, earned wide praise and numerous citations in other works. But as it turns out, the findings in the study were exactly wrong. The authors admitted such:

    “The interpretation of the coding of the political attitude items in the descriptive and preliminary analyses portion of the manuscript was exactly reversed. Thus, where we indicated that higher scores…….reflect a more conservative response, they actually reflect a more liberal response.”

    PS: I note that at the moment, “shares” on this column still stand at 1, and the thumb rating at -1. You can’t help but wonder how shares could go from 1,200 for one column, and drop to 1 in the column just a week later. Must be that Eddie’s groupies and supermarket friends are a fickle bunch.