The Universal Notebook: Ignorance triumphant

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In the 19th century, machine wrecker Ned Ludd gave his name to the Luddite movement of people who opposed the new.

If America survives his presidency, Donald Trump may well sell his name to the Trumpite movement of people who oppose the truth.

Trump’s victory was nothing more nor less than a triumph of ignorance. Trump and his supporters have made a virtue of being anti-intellectual, anti-science, anti-fact, anti-truth. But the real brilliance of Trump’s epistemological coup is that the rest of us no longer have any appeal to the rational. Trump has managed to discredit knowledge entirely. The irrational reigns supreme.

What scholars and experts have to say is bogus. What scientists conclude is just their opinion. What the legitimate media reports is all establishment lies. What educated people think is snobbery. Tell some people what they want to hear, confirm their darkest fears and deepest prejudices and they will follow a charlatan anywhere. Not to applaud and approve this blue-collar blarney and bigotry is now considered elitist.

Trump has no regard whatsoever for the facts or the truth. America narrowly elected (if, in fact it did) a president who thinks climate change is a Chinese hoax. When we should be making public policy to mitigate all the catastrophes that follow from climate change, we will be pretending it isn’t happening at all, making it worse as a matter of deliberate Trumpite policy. Praise the Lord and pass the coal.

President-elect Trump believe all sorts of things that are demonstrably not true, but his supporters choose to ignore his untruths – that he saw Muslims dancing on the rooftops of New Jersey on 9/11, that President Obama is not an American, that millions of people voted illegally in an election he apparently won.

Trump complained that the election was rigged against him, but it now seems far more likely that FBI Director James Comey and Russian strongman Vladimir Putin sabotaged the 2016 election on Trump’s behalf. Maybe that’s why he doesn’t want any recounts or investigations of voting irregularities.

Prior to the election, Trump refused to promise to accept the election results unless he won. Well, withholding acceptance is a two-way street. Tens of millions of Americans are refusing to accept Trump’s surprising victory unless and until it has been thoroughly examined. Trust but verify.

Meanwhile, Trump, who ran as an outsider, has surrounded himself with has-beens, retreads, hangers-on, conspiracy theorists, white supremacists and more of the same Washington and Wall Street insiders who brought us economic collapse. Trump drained the swamp and what he found was slime. Goldman Sachs to head the treasury? ExxonMobil secretary of state? Amway as education chief? So much for the anti-establishment president Trump supporters thought they voted for. He’s a billionaire’s best friend.

The fact that the people who have the president-elect’s ear include kooks like Alex Jones, who maintains the Sandy Hook massacre never happened, and Breitboy Steve Bannon, the alt-right extremist-in-chief, should give Americans serious cause to withhold support for Trump. When Mitt Romney, who sold his soul in hopes of becoming secretary of state, starts looking like the sane one in a roomful of crazies, you know this country is in big trouble.

I keep reading that we have to listen to what the American people were saying by voting for Trump, that it is an insult to Trump voters to dismiss them as ignorant and prejudiced. Well, electing Donald J. Trump is a far bigger insult to America than badmouthing his supporters. Working-class people have legitimate complaints about how the U.S. and world economies have left many of them in limbo, but that does not justify falling for Trump’s line of baloney and bull.

It’s the triumph of ignorance. Most of what Trump sold the American people was lies. He has not even taken the oath of office and it’s already clear that he is not going to deliver on most of the campaign promises that got him elected. He’s not going to put Hillary in jail, because she’s not guilty of anything. He’s not going to get Mexico to build a wall. He may repeal Obamacare, but wait until the suckers who voted for him find out what they get instead.

And President Trump is not going to ban all Muslims from entering this country, nor is he going to register them. If he tries, patriot Americans will take to the streets in record numbers to resist the Know-Nothing agenda of the Trumpites. Blacks, Native Americans and women are already on the march. I am very much afraid we are in for four years of great civil unrest.

Freelance journalist Edgar Allen Beem lives in Brunswick. The Universal Notebook is his personal, weekly look at the world around him.

  • peterplus

    Mr. Beem, I worked with some fellows who worked for trump and they all say the same thing: he’s a selfish, ignorant moron. It is only a matter of time until the people who voted for him will see that they now join the ever expanding population of people conned by this tv creation born with his pockets stuffed with daddy’s money. Try not to be so disconsolate over his victory. He will reveal himself to be a charlatan and then all those folks who voted for him and who write bitterly in response to your columns will be eager to take you out and buy you pints of beer. Or milk. Whatever you prefer. I say, it won’t take more than a year before your detractors are all standing shoulder to shoulder with you instead of the KKK and the Neo-Nazis. But until then, what do you think about what is currently transpiring at Standing Rock?

    • EABeem

      Standing Rock is inspiring. When I heard an Iraq veteran say he never thought he would have to protect American people from their own government (meaning the ND National Guard and state police) I had the same thought you just expressed. It won’t be long before the people who elected Trump realize what a mistake they made. He will have the corporate goon squads out in force. We are going to see people in the streets like we haven’t seen since ’68.

  • efletch1

    It’s because of ignorant and arrogant drivel slayers like this guy that he got elected.

  • JimDSull

    Long before the election, this one issue about what’s true and what isn’t was emerging as something we were going to have to deal with, no matter who won the election. If you make “a virtue of being anti-intellectual, anti-science, anti-fact, anti-truth,” would you want your kids to go to college? If you march in lock-step with Trump on climate change, wouldn’t it be a waste of time for your kid to take chemistry and biology in high school? I remember studying the Know-Nothing party in an American history class in high school. Upshot of that lesson was that we dodged a bullet in the 1850s. We didn’t dodge one last month.

    • EABeem

      My confirmation of the degree to which ignorance won the day has been the number of commenters who say that Trump won because of criticisms like mine. It’s as if they are saying, “Yes, we know Trump is a tax-dodging, crotch-grabbing, money-grubbing SOB with no experience, but we are going to vote for him anyway because all five living presidents and most major newspapers say he is unfit. We’ll show them. We’ll elect him anyway.” That’s a special kind of stupid.

      • JimDSull

        When the tally came in and 57 of the country’s top newspapers endorsed Clinton, and just 2 went for Trump, including the Las Vegas paper owned by Trump’s buddy Sheldon Adelson, it looked like a done deal for Clinton. That so many voters ignored the journalists who watch politicians day in and day is an exercise in… ignorance.

      • Jimmy_John67

        Trump didn’t win because of your criticisms you half wit. He won because you and people like you on both sides have made hate, anger and intolerance of those with differing opinions and experiences an everyday normality in politics. You helped lay the foundation by spewing years of articles and comments filled with willful ignorance, open prejudice, vitriol and insults and now you are surprised that a political candidate who reflects those same core values was elected? Trump is your candidate Ed as he is a direct reflection of you. Your brand of bottom feeder politics elected him so congrats on your win! No one deserves President Trump more then you.

        • JimDSull

          As we drift toward an authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government, there’s that line that may or may not come from Goebbals playbook: Accuse the other side of that which you are doing. In the NY Times this morning, there’s a story about an attack on a New York City transit worker who some guy accused of being a terrorist. In Brooklyn, another guy with a pit bull told a non-white cop and her son to go back to their country. Within a week of the election, the Southern Poverty Law Center documented almost 900 reports of harassment and intimidation against immigrants, blacks, LGBT, Muslims, Jews, and other non-whites. And yet there are claims that the hatred is all coming from the Left. If I deplore the fact that a man pushed a transit worker down a staircase because that man jumped to a conclusion without evidence – kind of like this letter, a bunch of conclusions without anything persuasive to say — should I be faulted for railing against that act of hatred.

          • Jimmy_John67

            First off Jimbo, I’m not on a “side”. I am an Independent voter who cast his vote for Clinton on Nov 8th. Sides are for 8 year olds playing Red Rover. Intelligent adults make informed decisions which aren’t based solely by the presence of an R or L in their voter registration box. Secondly, I didn’t claim all the hatred was coming from the left. I clearly stated both sides were at fault. Reading comprehension Jim, maybe try it sometime. Finally, who said anything about not decrying actual acts of violence? Get a grip. I am talking about denigrating and insulting large groups of people simply because they hold a slightly different political opinion than you which is Ed Beem’s bread and butter. Narrow minded bullies ON BOTH SIDES (there maybe if I make it bigger you can comprehend it this time) have set the table for a candidate like Trump on a national level.

            P.S. The morons who claim the country is going to turn into a fascist state under Trump are the mirror image of the morons who claimed the country was going to turn into a socialist state under Obama back in 2008. Ignorance and hyperbole are their common bond.

          • Bridget

            JJ, just an observation: you are doing quite the same thing that you are accusing Ed Beem of, i.e. belittling and talking down to a person, a group of individuals. If we are making rules (re:post above) what about the posters who seem to be angry ravers. We are all angry, sad, fearful of what is to come from this president elect, but civil and kind discourse- which seems to be your premise, I find missing in your own posts.

          • JimDSull

            Jimmy John says he’s an independent, but seems he’s ripped his communication strategy from Trump’s playbook: ‘Ed Beem’s a half wit.’ ‘People who don’t want to see a fascist regime are morons.’ ‘Jimbo can’t comprehend what he reads.’ Doesn’t make any sense to argue with people like this, of course. Or engage them. Not directly. No percentage in it. It’s like being in a fistfight with a guy who, as soon as he realizes he’s getting the $#@& knocked out of him, goes and gets a gun and tries to shoot you. The names, the insults, the huge pronouncements of a truth only they can see. They feel no obligation to persuade any one of their position. Just the bullets.

          • EdBeem

            Reminds me of the meme that was going around last month: Arguing with a fool is like playing chess with a pigeon. No matter how good you are, he’s still going to crap all over the board and declare himself the winner. Of course I have seen this with “conservative” and “liberal” substituted for “fool.”

          • Jimmy_John67

            Sorry Jim, but anyone who mentions “Goebbal’s [sic] playbook” in the first sentence of an online comment immediately disqualifies themselves from the possibility of logical debate and opens themselves to ridicule. That is an Internet law and I don’t make the laws I just enforce them. I do enjoy your style though of throwing out long, meandering and irrelevant analogies in a lame attempt to look intelligent without actually knowing what you are talking about. Here I can do it too…your comments are similar to dining at a Parisian restaurant on the second Tuesday in March but instead of a freshly baked baguette the waiter brings a loaf of Wonder Bread with no butter. Bon appetit!!

          • EdBeem

            You may notice that J-J says he only criticizes actions. Well, this column simply criticizes the action of voting for a man who is so obviously uncouth and unfit. And to suggest that I helped create a climate of anger, hate and intolerance while Trump based his entire campaign on anger, hate and intolerances is preposterous. I insult big bullies like Trump and LePage because that’s what they deserve.

          • Jimmy_John67

            “Trump and his supporters have made a virtue of being anti-intellectual, anti-science, anti-fact, anti-truth.”

            Wow Ed, that sure sounds like calling 60 million Americans stupid for their opinions instead of criticizing an action. Nice try to spin it though. As I said before your anger and brand of hateful politics over the years created the environment that made Trump’s actions and words seem commonplace. Instead of civil discourse and healthy debate to resolve differences you and those like you on both sides fostered an environment where any difference of political opinion was met with immediate derision, misinformation, half truths and insults. Trump simply followed your lead and harnessed the anger and division you already helped to create. You can close your eyes to it all you want but President Trump is partially your fault.

            P.S. Too afraid to respond to me directly eh? How pathetic.

          • Jimmy_John67

            There is one nuance that you are missing. I criticize Ed Beem and people like him for their actions in insulting large groups of people based solely on their political opinions. Unlike Ed, I never criticize anyone’s opinions (unless they are completely inane) since opinions are built on the life experiences and values of an individual that I could never fully comprehend. So unlike Ed, I criticize actions not opinions. As for the mild name calling, well Ed Beem is a proven bully who in the past has written proudly about berating volunteers among other classless and boorish acts. I have always found that bullies like him will run like cowards when properly confronted and exposed. Considering Ed is too afraid to respond I would say my strategy is spot on.

          • EdBeem

            Jim, J-J is a frequent flyer who just doesn’t like me. No real point arguing with him. He claims to be a Clinton voter but he tows the Trump party line that the Insulter-in-Chief should not himself be insulted and that I personally am responsible for Trump getting elected because I badmouth Trump and people who support him. The only Trump supporters I have not mentioned are those who would vote for a talking bullfrog if it promised to oppose abortion and not enact gun control. These single-issue Trump supporters overlook everything else that disqualifies Trmp as long as he pats their kitty.

  • peterplus

    I suppose, Mr. Beem, we should all be reading about what is happening at Standing Rock. I say reading. Not watching television. You wrote about ignorance. Television has made us all more stupid than we can afford to be. The ignorance in America today– the dumbing down of Americans– is worth exploring. People abroad are asking how Americans could be ignorant enough to vote for trump, a man so obviously unqualified to be president. Has our public education system failed by turning out such an army of ignorant people? I’m not sure about that. My grandmother never finished 8th grade but she was one of the most intelligent people I’ve ever known and if she had listened to trump’s own words for ten minutes she would have cast him off as a dummy and a con man. As for the ignorant comments I read in these pages; if I were in charge of your newspaper I would not print ignorant comments. There would be some basic intelligence test one would have to pass before they could comment in my newspaper. That newspapers have given a voice to dummies, is of course contributing to the dumbing down of our country. How about this for the test, Mr. Beem: If you read what the world’s leading scientists write about climate change and you still believe it is a hoax, then you are not intelligent enough to have your comments in any newspaper. If you believe that President Obama is going to take your guns away, then you are too stupid to own a gun. Simple. If you believe in a virgin birth but do not believe the polar ice caps are melting even when you are staring at photographs of the polar ice caps melting, then you are disqualified by your own ignorance. This kind of ignorance is largely the result of the default American man being hooked up to cable tv six hours a day like an I.V. drip.

    • EdBeem

      Not sure who gets to make the call. In Trumpworld, you and I might not be allowed to express an opinion contrary to his.

  • peterplus

    Let me be clear about this, Mr. Beem. Trump won because an awful lot of people were ignorant enough to vote for him.

    And when they voted for him they were standing with the KKK and theNeo-Nazis who also voted for him.

    And by doing this they betrayed all the fine World War II soldiers who gave their lives to defeat fascism in Europe.

    Those are facts.

    But to understand this all you have to do is look at what has happened to working men and women these last thirty years.

    We have been beaten down by lousy wages, rising costs of health care and heating oil and educating our kids.

    Everywhere we turn, life has gotten more expensive and harder.

    And we fell from the proud middle class to the working poor.

    And then when President Obama failed to send the heads of the Wall Street banks to prison in 2008 after they had run our economy off a cliff, we working class men and women got really angry.

    And along came trump to give us someone to finally blame.

    Blame the Mexicans. Blame the immigrants. Blame Obama!

    And we in the working poor were ignorant enough to believe him just like the working poor believed Hitler in Europe when he told them it was the jews who were making their lives so hard.

    We should have been smart enough to know who was really to blame. The banquet fed pigs at the top of the economy who were paying us such lousy wages, while they shipped our good jobs overseas and hoarded the nation’s wealth and made us beggars.

  • Chew H Bird

    Regardless of anything, I suspect people (especially those less affluent), are tired of seeing the massive difference between what they earn and what they take home in their paychecks. I suspect the huge costs of medications is also frustrating, and the overwhelming increase in the cost of health insurance. I suspect rising college education costs, rising food costs, and the continued loss of traditional blue collar jobs were also a factor in Mr. Trumps victory.

    No matter how much lipstick is applied, I think Trumps ascension to the Presidency is more a result of dis-satisfaction with many trends in this country than anything else. Doing the same thing over and over yet expecting a different result is what Ms. Clinton was offering and it does not take a college education to figure that out…

  • peterplus

    Okay Mr. Beem, since I no longer go to church, let me make my confession to you. And I’m not looking for you to forgive me.

    For about thirty years, nearly my whole working life, it has gotten harder and harder for me to make ends meet. I worked longer hours. Then I sent my wife out to work and we both worked longer hours. Then we began charging stuff on credit cards just to get by.

    And this whole time, the people at the top of the food chain shipped jobs overseas, and raised the prices on everything to increase their profits, and hid those profits off shore and in foreign banks so they didn’t have to pay their fair share of taxes while we were paying ours. And I grew angrier and angrier. And I wanted someone to blame. And then came Obama with his promise to change this. I voted for him. And two months into his first term instead of sending the Wall Street bankers to prison for hoarding and fraudulence, instead of punishing them for their greed, he let them go and they all got hundreds of millions of dollars in bonuses. When I saw that I began to despise Obama.

    Along came trump. I knew he was a con man and a tv creation and I knew he was lying when he said it was the immigrants and the poor who were to blame for my hardship. I knew it was the business gasbags at the top of the food chain. You think I wasn’t smart enough to figure this out. But I was. I knew. And still I wanted trump in the white house because he might be the human wrecking ball who will knock the whole thing down, or drive it all over the cliff so we can start over and give working men and women a fair chance to lift themselves up from the working poor, back to the middle class.

    • EdBeem

      But I’m assuming you did not vote for Trump despite your corporate America death wish.

      • peterplus

        In response to your question, Mr. Beem, I will stand on the 5th amendment of the United States Constitution.

    • Steve Schnapp

      I greatly appreciate your perspective about the failure of the Obama administration to make a break with Wall Street and rein in crony capitalism. I don’t believe that we have an an administration since FDR’s that took on Wall Street and the corporate class, and he was prodded by the Great Depression and a rising labor movement. Hillary, like her husband, is a neoliberal who can talk an anti-establishment game but would, like Obama, pursue national and global policies that favor the wealthy and make no systemic reforms. Of course, there is no broad-based and united movement, such as in the 1930s and 1960s, to push those in power to respond to their grievances (although there are thousands of organizations and millions of individuals who are resisting oppressive conditions, they have not converged).

      Having said this, I still wonder why you think Trump will do anything but continue the exploitation of working and poor people, and our natural resources, for the benefit of the wealthy. He is not yet president, but has already demonstrated by words and deeds, including his selection of cabinet members, that far from draining the swamp, he is inserting billionaires, generals, corporate CEOs, and longtime politicians into the most powerful positions.

      Take the Carrier deal. A payoff to the parent company in exchange for 800 jobs that the company says they weren’t going to move to Mexico anyway. And they are still offshoring over 1,100 jobs. You understand that he is a con man so I’m hoping you will get just as angry at him when he, like Obama, does not fulfill his promises.

      I, like you, want to see the structures of crony capitalism and the domination of Wall Street and corporate CEOs driven off a cliff. Trump is as much beholden to these structures as the Clintons, the Bushes, or Obama. It will be working stiffs like you and me who get a face full of wrecking ball. Again, just look at who he has offered cabinet posts. I am more afraid that he has empowered the most reactionary forces in this country, people who blame unions, immigrants, poor people, Muslims, Gays, Jews, and Blacks for the system’s failure.

      If you are looking for a model of a country that responded to the failure of government to check the greed of bankers and wealthy investors, look to Iceland. They threw out the politicians and put the bankers in jail. It looks to me that Trump will do the opposite: throw dissenters in jail and install more crooks in office.

  • funfundvierzig

    The poet of the Alt Left, Edgar Allen Poor, continues to fester in the inferiority of his party, the demolished Democratic Party and their huge loss and leadership in shambles. What to do? Lash out and sneer and smear the women and men in Middle America who refused to vote for the most corrupt candidate for President in two centuries, his beloved idol, Hillary.

    Trouble is a huge swath of Americans saw through the deceptions, the serial lies of the hubris-heavy woman in the power pear-shaped pantsuit. That drives and topples Mr. Beem, well off the beam! And readers who aren’t Hillary Huggers are splashed with his vindictive, uncontrolled venom.

    The strikingly immature Mr. Beem might as well be out in South Dakota throwing rocks, chanting, beating drums and vandalising cars and property.

    Gotta laugh…funfun..

  • EdBeem

    The fact that 59% of Trump supports do not want to know what’s in his tax returns and, thus, cannot know whether he is running the government for his own profit, is an example of willful ignorance. The fact that a similar percentage don’t think the California vote should be counted is worse; it’s ignorance of the constitution. A triumphant of ignorance over the facts is all the Trump victory is.

  • poppypapa

    Just a reminder to Eddie’s faithful sycophants. Over the years, he has hidden behind his post-modern commitment that there is no such thing as objective truth.

    Which is why he can idolize the Clintons as heroes, and praise the efforts of Obama, with the help of Prof. Gruber, as ‘keeping the promise’ of ‘accessible and affordable’ healthcare for the masses. Oh yeah; no lies there. Even if you did have to pass the bill to find out what was in it.

    Eddie’s real problem is that he simply cannot accept that the voting populous has not bowed down to he and his enlightened brethren and done exactly as they demanded.

    How dare we not agree with him? How dare we not be open to his thinking, and affirming of his direction on how we should vote? How little of us to not accept that there is only one way…..Eddie’s way….to nirvana. To ‘fairness’ and social justice and an unquestioning acceptance of Eddie as the all-knowing.

    A cult is a religion with no political power.
    – Tom Wolfe

    Eddie just discovered he has no political power. This may be the first step in him accepting the rest of his mere earthling stature.

    Let the meltdown continue; perhaps it will minimize local road icing.

    • EdBeem

      62 million Americans can’t be wrong. Wouldn’t it be something if on December 19 the electoral college did it’s job, which the founding fathers said was to keep the people from electing an unqualified demagogue, and elected Hillary Clinton, a far better person and a far more qualified person? Donald Trump represents all that is worst in America. He is surrounding himself with warmongers and billionaires. He lacks any honor or integrity. He will not keep any of his campaign promises. I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes when the rust belt workers who elected him discover what he really is.

      • Chew H Bird

        What amazes me, is that people are still actively hoping to derail the process in place regarding our incoming President. Not providing support for the incoming President (and I did not vote for him), is simply political discrimination equivalent to building a fence somewhere… If any of us ever want to start demonstrating personal responsibility I have found it needs to start with a single person. While I did not support the current PE I will support his efforts to the best of my ability. The last 8 years have failed the American people just as much as the right years prior to that… The BO combination (Bush-Obama) of poor decision making and finger pointing needs to end.

        • EdBeem

          Trump is not the president yet. The process would not be derailed if the EC found him wanting. That’s exactly what the EC was established to do, keep the people from electing a demagogue like Trump. The EC is supposed to consist of the responsible adults who reign in the passions of the people and make informed decisions. On his refusal to take seriously the constitutional requirement not to profit from the presidency as mandated under the emolument clause, Trump is unfit to serve. The fact that he was installed with aid of Russian hackers should give everyone pause. And the people he is appointed before he even gets in office are a potential horror show. Even Trump’s #1 brownnose Sean Hannity thinks Trump has appointed some dangerous flakes. Obama was a good president. If this country continues along the Trump line, Obama may be the last good present it has.

          • Chew H Bird

            I guess we differ because I view both Bush and Obama as people who failed to create an economically stable and sustainable government financial model while committing taxpayer dollars to programs or ventures without detailing the financial burden. In my opinion, if our government wishes to provide for our people, it needs to happen in an economically sustainable manner. We can argue and debate all day about the extent of government involvement in the lives of our citizens, but if we fail to create an economically stable platform in order to do so, our government will ultimately fail and our “bankers” will be running the country.

          • EdBeem

            Obama turned the Bush recession around. Things are much better economically now than they were in 2008.

          • Chew H Bird

            Whether things are better or not depends on individual experience. For me they are better, but profitable growth has come primarily from out of state clients because the Maine economy isn’t keeping up… Certain industries in Maine seem to be doing very well and others are not.

            The catch to everything is while things may “seem” better, when the long tern debt burden is factored into “better” we are actually winning some small battles but losing the long term economic war.

          • EdBeem

            I have close friends with adult children in their late 20s who have college degrees, good-paying jobs and own their own homes. And they voted for Trump because the economy was bad!!!? That’s just sheer ignorance. Not stupidity, ignorance.

          • danmaine

            seriously delusional… the recession was caused by Politicians of the Liberal persuasion manipulating the housing and mortgage market. They forced banks to give loans to unqualified people, modified banking laws to allow these bad mortgages to be bundled as investments. Bush tried to bring it to light… Barney Frank’s response no problems with Freddy Mac and Fannie Mae… Facts hurt don’t they Ed. As far as turning it around, it has been stifled and is the weakest recovery in US History. Obama and his minions publish job numbers and adjust them down every month. Jobless ness and dependency has increased.

          • EdBeem

            Bush had both the house and the senate. The only mistake Obama made was not getting every bank CEO fired and prosecuted before he bailed the banks out.

      • JimDSull

        Having anyone on the Right call anyone on the Left a sycophant these days, like the poppypapa in this thread (really? we’re supposed to take a guy who writes behind a name like that seriously?) is like having someone who’s just smeared himself with dogshit telling you to take a bath. The Right elected a political leader who has sought support by appealing to popular desires and prejudices rather than by using rational argument. There’s only one word for that kind of leader, and the poppypoopoo in this country lined up behind him. If your man believes in objective truth, here’s some black and white for you: 65.5 million voted for Clinton (as of today) and 62.9 million voted for Trump. In other words, she beat the demagogue by more than 2%. The voting populous did do the right thing. We voted against Russia’s candidate. Here’s to hoping the Electoral College did what it was designed to do.

        • EdBeem

          I can’t really believe that EC would elect Clinton, but that’s exactly what it was established to do — make sure the people did not let their passions and prejudices lead them to elect a vulgar scoundrel like Trump.

          • Jimmy_John67

            To borrow one if JimDSull’s extra special analogies, having you call anyone an unhappy person who craves attention is like having someone who’s just smeared himself with dogsh!t, bathed in a tub of fish guts, smoked ten packs of stale cigarettes (oops you love the smell of stale cigarettes though) and just visited a petting zoo for skunks telling you to take a bath. Now run along I am sure you have had a busy day of belittling volunteers, demeaning women, dodging taxes and running the poor out of their homes.

      • poppypapa

        Awwww, Eddie, I’m touched. Here I thought you didn’t think enough of me to respond to my comments. But you confirm over and over that there’s only one thing stronger than your lack of self-control, and that’s your impulse to lash out at all those who don’t openly affirm your ideology as embodied in the unselfish genius and morally superior Mrs. William Clinton.

        I would have thought the alternative Ms. Jill Stein was more your type; a regular whack job who could have salved your need to prove you aren’t a male chauvinist pig.

        Your friends say Trump won because his supporters are ignorant enough to vote for him. Heap the praise on them as you will, Eddie, but they were smart enough not to vote for the megalomaniacal Hillary.

        By the way, you do know more people voted against Hillary than voted for her, right?

        So thanks for micro-validating me with your comment, oh thought captain. And please keep in mind that since tax season is about to come upon us, you can affirm your support for Hillary in principle, if not obedience, by sending in an above the line amount in the five to ten thousand dollar range, earmarked for ‘free college’ for snowflakes who meet your thought template.

        Better go put some dry socks on, bro.

  • peterplus

    I’ll tell you what is really going to make me angry, Mr. Beem: If you turn out to be right about trump and morons like poopypapa turn out to be wrong, and as ignorant as their posts. But I am already beginning to regret voting for trump, just like you predicted I would. He’s filling his administration with demagogues and extremists. A Labor secretary who doesn’t care about workers. An EPA head who disdains environmental protection. An Education secretary who doesn’t believe in public education. And of course the rogues gallery of Goldman Sachs pigs at the trough that Clinton and Obama surrounded themselves with. If you turn out to be right about people like me who elected trump, I’m never going to read your column again.

    • EdBeem

      I knew it.

  • Charles Martel

    “Ding dong the witch is dead…” Here’s another 3 minute video parody that Trump supporters really love:

  • EdBeem

    So Trump now thinks he’s too smart to need daily intelligence briefings. Ignorant and arrogant and not smart enough to know what he doesn’t know.

    • danmaine

      Obama went to less than 1/2 of his daily intelligence briefings. Perhaps the pot is calling the kettle black. (Oh sorry I’m a racist in your mind again, right Ed! 😉 )Perhaps like a good leader he will delegate to his subordinates and be informed only when needed.

      Ed, we got Trump because Hillary was such a liar and deplorable candidate that wasn’t vetted that the corrupt Liberal media deliberately didn’t vet Trump either. They thought he was the only candidate that she, as the chosen one, could beat!

      • EdBeem

        Hillary was a liar? That makes Trump Liar-in-Chief. “Anti-Establishment Candidate Kisses Establishment Butt, fills Cabinet with Billionaires and More of the Same, Backs Off All Campaign Promises, says he didn’t mean a real wall, just a metaphorical wall.” Hillary is a liar? Get serious. Americans have ben punked by a plutocrat.