The president is no dictator

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I always read Edgar Allen Beem’s columns. I agree with little or nothing he writes about. However, it is usually good for a laugh.

His latest column would have us believe we are living in a dictatorship where power was usurped. If our president is a dictator, he’s a very bad one. He can’t seem to get anything done. Hitler, Stalin they were real dictators. Everyone bowed to their wishes or else. This president can’t even get his own party to pitch in. As far as usurping power, Beem forgets we had a legal election. The meaning of “usurp” is to take through force.

Keep trying Edgar, but you better have someone more qualified than Hillary that we can all stand behind

Burt Epstein


  • EdBeem

    Hillary Clinton was the most qualified candidate ever to run for president — eight years in the White House plus Senate and secretary of State and lifetime of public service. Donald Trump is the least qualified person ever elected. When I say “usurped” I am thinking of the millions of dollars spent on the Big Right Lie about Clinton and Obama, about the role the Russians played, and the fact that ignorance and prejudice carried the election. Yes, Trump is a moron who can’t get anything done, but he is doing a fine job of dismantling the government and pandering to his base base.

    • Mainer1

      Drain the corrupt government entitled swamp!

      • EdBeem

        Trump is the most corrupt person ever to serve as president. It is likely that he will be removed from office for self-dealing and colluding with Russia. And he may get millions killed just because he is a self-important jerk.

        • Mainer1

          Hopefully they will be all liberals, like you..

          • Just Sayin’

            You’re a disgusting excuse for a human being, wishing for the slaughter of millions of people simply for having a different political opinion.

  • MisterMainer

    I don’t agree with anything he writes either,Burt,but it is necessary to have his MRSA-level confirmation bias and his Terminal Trump Derangement Syndrome on full display every week as a barometer of how well the current administration is doing. The louder he squeals,the brighter our days are looking.

    Did you hear the latest,Eddie? No Russia. Flynn did nothing. Trump WAS under secret surveillance. Ed Beem develops an affinity for crow as his evening meal.

    • EdBeem

      Not true. Good chance Flynn goes to jail along with Manafort, Trump pardons them and then gets impeached.

      • MisterMainer

        Good luck with you delusions,Ed.

        Especially this one:

        “And why is it that conservatives think that anyone they disagree with shouldn’t be allowed to express an opinion? ”

        You really haven’t been following the news if you are having a hard time distinguishing who is trying to violently obliterate speech that they disagree with.

        Nowhere in my post did I imply that you should not express your opinion,Ed. In fact,I clearly stated that your opinion was necessary. You really should knock off that ANTIFA calling the kettle black BS.