South Portland schools could seek tax hike of nearly 3.5%

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SOUTH PORTLAND — Uncertainties are making the fiscal 2018 school budget difficult to nail down.

Superintendent of Schools Ken Kunin this week said the proposed budget is based on a preliminary report with a decrease of more than $300,000 in the state subsidy to city schools. The subsidy was almost $6 million this year.

Kunin said the School Department and School Board are waiting to receive some health insurance premium information that is supposed to be available by April 7. 

Proposed school budget expenditures are almost $49 million, which is a 2.6 percent increase. But due to the potential loss of state revenue, the total to be raised from taxes could be about $41.5 million, an increase of about $1.4 million, requiring a 3.49 percent increase in the tax rate.

If the budget passes as proposed, the school share of the city’s property tax rate of $18.36 would increase to $12.19 from $11.78.

Kunin said the majority of the increase will be driven by contractual salary obligations for teachers and staff. 

In new positions being proposed, the schools would like to hire a part-time elementary math instructional coach and two part-time van drivers, who would each work 30 hours. 

Kunin will present the proposed budget to the City Council during a public hearing April 5 at City Hall.

School buildings

The School Board is also examining grade configurations and exploring the possibility of moving fifth-grade students to the middle schools, which currently have students from sixth through eighth grades.

Kunin said the elementary schools are crowded, and they would like to explore more options for pre-kindergarten space.

South Portland is also still contemplating whether to build a new middle school or renovate Mahoney and Memorial middle schools.

Kunin has said if the two schools undergo renovations, Mahoney Middle School could receive state funding, but Memorial Middle School renovations would have to be paid for by the city. Combining the two middle schools into one, either at a new site or at an existing site, would receive state funding.  

Mahoney Middle School, at 240 Ocean St., is a 92,000-square-foot building that was built in 1922, and had 309 students as of Oc1. 1, 2016. Memorial Middle School, at 120 Wescott Road, which was built in 1967 and is 94,000 square feet, had 400 students as of October. 

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  • beachmom H

    Actually, they’re asking for 3.75%. Plus they are talking about reassessing properties which will hike the taxes more.
    The School Dept. is asking for almost $51 million for only 3100 students.
    That is more money per student than the private schools in the area cost.
    SPHS has a high number of graduating students that take remedial classes when they get into college.

    The City Council is looking to expand the city government with more employees.

    It would be easy for them all to cut the budget more but they won’t. They’ll spend other people’s money like turning on a faucet and then complain about high rents and try to take property owners’ rights away after rents go higher because of the out of control spending.

    • Rich Ellis

      If it is so easy, maybe you should run for school board, or public office. As a start, you may want to note from the article above that “proposed school budget expenditures are almost $49 million”, is not “almost $51 million” as you suggest.

    • Rich Ellis

      If it is so easy, maybe you should run for school board, or public office. As a start, you may want to note from the article above that “proposed school budget expenditures are almost $49 million”, is not “almost $51 million” as you suggest.

      The bottom line is the growth in expenditures is only 2.6%.The extra is amount that gets it to 3.49% is LePage passing on the State’s share to property owners, in order to give income tax reductions to top income earners in Maine.

      • beachmom H

        If I typed 51 it was a typo. I meant almost $50. Which it is.
        There are new city government jobs, there are expansions that we don’t need. The school is not graduating students who are proficient. They are just pushing them through. The special ed department is set up to keep kids in the program and not to help them succeed out of it. (I speak as a former sp. ed parent who was asked to put one of her kids into a self contained classroom because as the teacher suggesting it said, they didn’t have enough kids to justify keeping it).
        It is the job of all citizens to pay attention.
        Not all of us can run for office.
        I am very involved in ways you obviously are unaware of.