South Portland housing panel gets to work

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SOUTH PORTLAND — The Affordable Housing Committee Wednesday discussed the scope of its task, and what is feasible to accomplish in its delegated three-month window.

The ad hoc committee was formed after members of the public approached the City Council late last year about enacting rent stabilization measures.

The council gave its blessing in late January for the committee of renters, landlords, students, developers and city staff.

Members agreed at the March 30 meeting that they should reach a consensus on the definition of affordable housing. They also agreed that increasing the supply of housing is a good first step, while others urged against prematurely patching the problem with rent control measures.

  • beachmom H

    Ok. Current council wants to ban all petroleum. Ban all propane. Ban all LNG.
    Ban all pesticides. Ban businesses that are actually profitable.
    Now they want to dictate, yes, DICTATE, to property owners what they are allowed to charge for rent.
    What are you going to do?
    Look at everyone’s mortgages and deem they make absolutely no profit?
    Tell them they can only charge enough rent to cover mortgage, insurance and taxes to the penny?
    These people obviously have never owned anything and seem to believe success MUST be punished.
    They seem to think the world owes them.
    NO. No one owes you.
    Most everyone who owns anything worked to earn it.
    I guess the City Council wants us to look like Cuba.

    • MCHaye

      Easier to rant on a web comment page than join the committee or run for city council and contribute constructively, right?

      • beachmom H

        And just how would you know whether I’m on any committees or not?

        • MCHaye

          You’re not on this committee, which was the point I was making. You have such passionate views about it and have said you’re a landlord, so why not join or at least attend the meetings and speak during public comment?

          Your name isn’t listed on any of the committees on the city web site. Which committee(s) do you serve on?

          • beachmom H

            There is only so much time in one’s life.

          • MCHaye

            Thank goodness there’s enough time to write rants on the internet!

          • beachmom H

            So sorry to not live up to your superior lifestyle.

          • pebble

            That guy named: “beachdad” got after me, too. All the best!

        • Christopher Kessler

          What is your real name?

  • Stopthemadness

    South Portland has to offer more affordable houses for its citizens who pay outrageous rent for housing. Why Keep building 300,000 dollar condos? It drives the cost to people who can barely survive as it is. The thought of families with kids going homeless is sad. Wake up South Portland, take care of your own!!!