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Short Relief

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  • Short Relief: See you in the sauna

    The media are full of stories about the threat that the swine/Mexican/H1N1 virus poses to our health, our economy, our country and the world. In The Washington Post, Gene Robinson writes that swine flu is a bigger threat than Islamic terrorism. And, in terms of the statistics, he has a point....

  • If I were king of the forest ...

    Sometimes when I sit at my keyboard, I dream of things that might be. Why settle for elected mayor. I'd be king. Sure I would. That's the ticket. And, with the help of a few stimulus dollars, Portland would be a little economic engine.

  • pnms-frank City Council fiddles while Portland sinks

    Everyone agreed that the 89-year-old Maine State Pier needed repair. Everyone agreed that Portland could not afford to pay for the work itself. The city didn't have the revenue even before the economy collapsed. Almost everyone agreed that it made sense to have someone else repair and maintai...

  • pnms-frank-010709 Cheer up, things could be worse

    It was a tough year.