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letters to the editor

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  • Letter: Frank wrong about instant run-off voting

    To the editor: It does not surprise me that Halsey Frank, as the former chairman of the Republican City Committee, would be warning of the dangers of instant runoff voting. He offered an unlikely example of how IRV might lead to distorting the will of the voters in an extremely close elect...

  • Letter: Vote for Joe

    In his three years on the Town Council Joe Wrobleski has been a leader in the effort to achieve a workable balance between promoting economic growth and preserving the quality of life that defines Falmouth. Joe is now running for re-election and I urge you to support him. Joe has s...

  • Letter: Salvation Army isn't charitable to all

    Having just read Kate Bucklin's article on VIA Group's efforts to promote the Salvation Army, I feel that some pertinent information was omitted. The Salvation Army, contrary to popular opinion, is not a charitable organization. It is a fundamentalist religious denomination that has helped spon...

  • Letter: Marriage God's realm, not man's

    Edgar Beem concluded his May 8 column by stating that homosexuality is not a sin. It appears he is either quite ignorant of what the Bible teaches, or he has chosen not to believe the Bible. From Genesis to Revelation, homosexuality is listed as a sin.  Marriage was in... 1