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  • Letter: Honor code enforcement shuns due process

    Thanks to Edgar Allen Beem for last week's commentary. That a Yarmouth High School student was apparently interrogated and sentenced by school authorities for an honor-code violation without representation – all based on a Facebook photo submitted by an anonymous source – looks like a...

  • Letter: Freeport pastor responds

    Stephen Farrand's letter in response to my letter begs for correction. The most up-to-date English translations of the Bible use the word "drunkard" and not the word "alcoholic" because it's not simply referring to those who need treatment, but those who in recent weeks hav... 2

  • Letter: Cost, risk of workforce housing

    There is a workforce housing project being proposed for the town of Falmouth. Forty-eight units will be located next to the "new" police station. In theory, affordable housing sounds fine. However, concentrated development in this particular area promotes sprawl. Questions includ...

  • Letter: The imaginary gun show loophole

    Edgar Allen Beem wrote "Maine Citizens against Handgun Violence brought Tom Mauser to Maine to testify on behalf of LD 814. Mauser's son Daniel was killed in the 1999 Columbine school massacre by a student wielding a gun purchased legally at a gun show, so if he couldn't persuade the Maine... 7

  • Letter: Dog owners have rights, too

    Where is the American Civil Liberties Union when you really need them? It is outrageous that the city of South Portland is endorsing the stopping of law-abiding citizens who are walking their dogs on Willard Beach and requiring them to demonstrate voice control of their pets. Next they'll be sc...

  • Letter: MRRA needs adjustment

    Is there not a moral issue in the Midcoast Regional Redevelopment Authority applying for $500,000 in public funding for a private company such as Oxford Aviation? Has anyone looked into the environmental impact of Boeing 737s coming and going over our heads? Does Oxford Aviation care that hundr...

  • Letter: Bath density bonus doesn't do enough

    While a tiny bit is better than nothing (density bonus, LEEDS compliance), those pathetic crumbs are inadequate chicken feed compared to the massive zoning reform Bath desperately needs if it hopes to meet challenges of the 21st century as well as its own stated goals (spelled out in the Compre...

  • Letter: Tea Parties aren't the answer

    I have not been asked to contribute to the effort of waging two wars except to pay my federal taxes. I don't feel put upon to do so. I would also willingly pay a surtax to contribute to the cost of the wars and reduce the deficit. These wars, along with the decisions that contributed to the cu...

  • Letter: Save Cumberland's Main Street

    Cumberland's Main Street is one of the few remaining residential Main Streets in the greater Portland area. Shoehorning a two bay, drive-through bank on an undersized lot in the middle of this residential zone is a significant change in character from which there is no return.

  • Letter: Track records

    I add my congratulations to Memorial Middle School standout Danica Gleason on a sensational season. As a parent, though, regarding the two-decade-old nature of the record, I can't resist noting that in the spring of 1991 Erika Kahill, a Mahoney Middle School seventh-grader, won three individua...