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  • Letter: Honor code enforcement shuns due process

    Thanks to Edgar Allen Beem for last week's commentary. That a Yarmouth High School student was apparently interrogated and sentenced by school authorities for an honor-code violation without representation – all based on a Facebook photo submitted by an anonymous source – looks like a...

  • Letter: Freeport pastor responds

    Stephen Farrand's letter in response to my letter begs for correction. The most up-to-date English translations of the Bible use the word "drunkard" and not the word "alcoholic" because it's not simply referring to those who need treatment, but those who in recent weeks hav... 2

  • Letter: No deal in Scarborough

    Contrary to recent public statements and reports in the press, the Scarborough Education Association never agreed to a 0 percent salary increase and there never was an agreement with the Scarborough Board of Education to freeze salaries for next year. In the course of contract negotiations, we...

  • Letter: Appreciation for Falmouth voters

    To all Falmouth Voters, thanks for making the time to take an active roll in your local government. Approximately 1,400 of you ventured into the rain or voted absentee to have your voices heard. A special thank you to the 341 of you willing to support a new, independent voice as your represen...

  • Letter: Nun sense on gay marriage

    The Rev. Sandy Williams' letter deserves comment. So does Bishop Joseph Malone's recent sermon at the Augusta Civic Center. Both men spoke about gay marriage. Williams said the bible equates our gay neighbors with thieves and idolaters. Malone warned us that allowing gay marriage would somehow ... 3

  • Letter: Greely grads are great

    Congratulations to the Greely High School Class of 2009. As one of the chaperons of Project Graduation, I saw first-hand what wonderful young adults they are. They are respectful, caring, helpful, intelligent individuals. I heard from three different people at the Hallowell bowling/hockey facilit...

  • Letter: Lobster roll goes a long way

    On behalf of the West End Neighborhood Association, I would like to thank everyone involved for the tremendous effort in helping us make the World's Longest Lobster Roll event on June 7 a success. I'd like to thank those who donated the ingredients for the food and those who provided logistical...

  • Letter: Enforce the law of litter

    Look around. Are the streets, sidewalks, paths, parks and beaches litter and trash free? Doesn't this reflect poorly on the community and yourselves? The No. 1 offenders are cigarette smokers. No matter where you go, you'll find cigarette butts. Not only are these unsightly, but sti...

  • Letter: Keep church, state separate

    Rev. Sandy Williams' recent letter shows that he is out of his depth in matters of social science and civic policy. He claims that "most people would condemn" the same list of sinners mentioned by Paul of Tarsus in the New Testament. I beg to differ: alcoholics, as we now... 5

  • Letter: Save Main St. from what?

    I have been a resident of Cumberland for 17 years and am trying to understand the opposition to the establishment of a credit union on Main Street. I think "saving" Main Street from a credit union is a bit melodramatic. I don't quite know what we would be "saving" Main Str...