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  • Early deadline for Thanksgiving-week letters

    Deadlines for The Forecaster next week are earlier than usual because of the Thanksgiving holiday on Nov. 27. Letters to the editor must be received by noon this Friday, Nov. 21, to be published in our Nov. 26, 27 and 28 editions.

  • The Universal Notebook: Support your local library

    You can tell almost everything you need to know about a town by looking at its public schools and its public library. Towns that invest in education and literacy are great places to live. Towns that don’t aren’t. I was pleased to see that the library referendums in Cape Elizabe...

  • No Sugar Added: Take no prisoners

    My daughter recently got me hooked on an ultra-witty, quirky gem of a TV series called “Arrested Development.” We’ve been spending hours every evening watching back-to-back episodes, and the laughter that’s ensued has done more for my abdominal muscles than all of t...

  • The Universal Notebook: How to make strawberry jam

    My lovely wife Carolyn makes the world’s best strawberry jam. I’m sure she learned it from her mother, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she were born knowing how to make jam. It just seems to come so naturally to her. I loved watching her make it when she was a college girl... 2

  • Letter: Innes backs Cooper for Yarmouth House seat

    As I finish my term, I am thrilled to support Janice Cooper, the Democratic nominee, in her run this year for the open legislative seat in Yarmouth. Janice’s background and experience will serve Yarmouth well in Augusta, on day one. She has nearly two decades of ex...

  • Letter: Brunswick Dems seek replacement for du Houx

    Despite the resignation of state Rep. Alex Cornell du Houx as a candidate, the voters of House District 66 will have a Democratic candidate on the November ballot. After the secretary of state declares a vacancy, the Brunswick Democratic Town Committee must hold a meetin...

  • Letter: Call on King for U.S. Senate

    When Angus King was governor, I was the manager at the new Verizon call center in Portland. The center created more than 100 jobs – a huge undertaking for Verizon and one that deserved recognition. We reached out to the governor’s office, hoping that maybe he could join us for ...

  • Letter: Invasive plant foes invade Falmouth's coffers

    On June 18 the Falmouth Town Council voted 5-1 to appropriate $18,000 for a "pilot" study of invasive plants. The Conservation Commission requested it because "Falmouth has a substantial infestation of invasive terrestrial plants ..." which left unchecked will overwhelm native plants and animal c...

  • Forecaster Forum: The irony of an independent nation creating dependents

    A couple of years ago, kids who were supposed to be pet-sitting while we were away instead held an underage drinking party at our Falmouth home. Lo and behold, the police knew every one of the partiers (and their parents) from previous encounters. All but two of the 20 parents were indiffe... 25

  • The View From Away: Letting go is hard to do

    About a year ago I wrote about panicking as my son Robert went off to college. He did fine, which was probably why I was panicking. It’s hard to give up being indispensable. You’re supposed to want that when you’re a parent: raise them up so they can fend for themselves. I start...