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  • The Universal Notebook: We are all illegal immigrants

    So President Barack Obama has finally decided to bypass Congress and enact sweeping immigration reforms himself. It's about time. House Republicans long ago forfeited the right to be considered anything other than obstructionist ideologues. They care more about winning than they do about s...

  • The Right View: Teach your children what it means to be an American

    On the occasion of America’s 238th birthday, I find myself wondering about our current state of affairs, and how we got here. I think I may have an idea. To the parents and grandparents out there, I ask this: Sit down with your children or grandchildren, and quiz them on the Constitu...

  • Letter: Governor isn't capable of transformation

    I enjoyed reading Perry Newman's parody to help Gov. LePage see himself in the mirror. What I've learned about abuse and abusers is that they don't stop when treated with gentility, reason or kindness. LePage makes show of his abusive past, but fails to recognize he is "passing on" abuse to 1.3 m...

  • Letter: Brunswick rep responds to debate challenge

    I am looking forward to meeting everyone this campaign season at the doors, around town and at community debates and forums. Despite the challenges with our governor, we have been able to protect many important laws and programs and I am looking forward to talking about the challenges, issues and...

  • Letter: Another House candidate in Brunswick

    As The Forecaster reported last week, voters in Brunswick's House District 66 will again have the choice among three c...

  • Letter: SAD 51 needs to hear from North Yarmouth

    I encourage North Yarmouth residents to attend the Monday, April 2, School Administrative District 51 Board of Directors meeting. There will be a public hearing on the proposed closure of the North Yarmouth Memorial School. The board meeting will be held at 7 p.m. in the library at Greely High Sc...

  • The Universal Notebook: Wave a flag for the state of Puerto Rico

    The other day my Uncle Bill asked me what I thought of statehood for Puerto Rico. I had to tell him I’d never really thought about. After giving the matter some thought, I guess, like President Obama, I’d leave it up the people of Puerto Rico to decide. Uncle Bill had a reasona... 2

  • No Sugar Added: Cabernet and cockapoos do not mix

    I do not hate dogs. They are not my personal pet of choice, but I am an animal lover, and dogs are animals, and therefore, I do not dislike them.

  • Global Matters: The greatest speech you'll never hear

    BREAKING NEWS: A reporter’s request under an obscure provision of Maine’s Freedom of Access Act has unearthed this draft of a speech prepared by an unnamed adviser in Gov. Paul LePage’s office. Apparently, the adviser has suggested that the governor deliver the following ... 1

  • Letter: Silence on standards isn't golden for Maine school boards

    When it was introduced, the school consolidation bill needed public input.  Another bill before the Senate, LD 1422, begs for more input from the public.  LD 1422 will force all public schools in Maine to follow an education model called “standards-based education.” S...