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  • Letter: Denno has right background for Legislature

    As a Cumberland resident, I am grateful we have a candidate like Democrat Dale Denno prepared to represent our community in House District 45. Dale has the skills and experience to make our government more cost-effective and responsive to all Maine citizens. With an extensive business background,...

  • Letter: Denno for Cumberland state representative

    Democrat Dale Denno, a long time Cumberland resident, is getting my vote for state representative in House District 45. Dale has worked in the public and private sector, and contributed countless hours to public service. In his various roles, he has had the opportunity to successfully work with b...

  • Government shouldn't ignore tough financial choices

            Good Maine people at good Maine companies are losing their jobs.

  • s-letter_allen Birds, bees and dogs

    A person complains about his neighbor's beekeeping, so the South Portland City Council swiftly crafts an ordinance to protect us from swarms.

  • m-letter_rogers Economics 101

      Since Democratic Gov. John Baldacci has said he wouldn't raise taxes this term, he's raising every "fee" he can find. I received a letter in the mail recently from Maine's Board of Professional Licensing and guess what? My licensing fees have doubled. When will t...

  • p-letter_anderson Sun sense

    I heartily commend Rep. Jon Hinck, D-Portland, for promoting "Right to Dry" legislation in Maine, as is reported in the Jan. 29 Forecaster. We all are concerned about climate change and energy consumption as well as saving money in these tough economic times. Allowing each of us who...

  • p-letter_doughty The end of Lifeline

    Since the Forecaster published its article on budget cuts at the University of Southern Maine on Jan. 21 the Lifeline Center, a 33-year-old program for wellness and fitness has gone on the chopping block and will close next July. Five full-time and numerous part-time employees, most of them in...

  • pnms-beem-020409 You're only as old as you look

    For the first time in my life, the president of the United States is younger than I am. Both Bill Clinton and George W. Bush are my rough contemporaries. They would have been seniors when I was a freshman, but I was 12 years old when Barack Obama was born. That was 1961, the year Roger Maris hi...

  • pnms-frank City Council fiddles while Portland sinks

    Everyone agreed that the 89-year-old Maine State Pier needed repair. Everyone agreed that Portland could not afford to pay for the work itself. The city didn't have the revenue even before the economy collapsed. Almost everyone agreed that it made sense to have someone else repair and maintai...

  • pnms-reportersnotebook Midnight plane to Georgia: A series of unfortunate complaints

    You'd think that after flying on airplanes for 25 of my 30 years, I wouldn't have so much to complain about.