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  • Letter: Denno has right background for Legislature

    As a Cumberland resident, I am grateful we have a candidate like Democrat Dale Denno prepared to represent our community in House District 45. Dale has the skills and experience to make our government more cost-effective and responsive to all Maine citizens. With an extensive business background,...

  • Letter: Denno for Cumberland state representative

    Democrat Dale Denno, a long time Cumberland resident, is getting my vote for state representative in House District 45. Dale has worked in the public and private sector, and contributed countless hours to public service. In his various roles, he has had the opportunity to successfully work with b...

  • Letter: MRRA needs adjustment

    Is there not a moral issue in the Midcoast Regional Redevelopment Authority applying for $500,000 in public funding for a private company such as Oxford Aviation? Has anyone looked into the environmental impact of Boeing 737s coming and going over our heads? Does Oxford Aviation care that hundr...

  • Letter: Bath density bonus doesn't do enough

    While a tiny bit is better than nothing (density bonus, LEEDS compliance), those pathetic crumbs are inadequate chicken feed compared to the massive zoning reform Bath desperately needs if it hopes to meet challenges of the 21st century as well as its own stated goals (spelled out in the Compre...

  • Letter: Tea Parties aren't the answer

    I have not been asked to contribute to the effort of waging two wars except to pay my federal taxes. I don't feel put upon to do so. I would also willingly pay a surtax to contribute to the cost of the wars and reduce the deficit. These wars, along with the decisions that contributed to the cu...

  • Letter: Save Cumberland's Main Street

    Cumberland's Main Street is one of the few remaining residential Main Streets in the greater Portland area. Shoehorning a two bay, drive-through bank on an undersized lot in the middle of this residential zone is a significant change in character from which there is no return.

  • Universal Notebook: Close the gun show loophole

    Back on April 13, with very little media attention, LD 814, An Act Regarding the Sale of Weapons at Gun Shows, received a unanimous ought-not-to-pass vote from the Maine legislature's Criminal Justice and Public Safety committee. 3

  • Global Matters: Sayonara, Kawamura-san

    Takuma Kawamura passed away last September in his native Japan, and the ripples of this sad news are now quietly lapping our shores. For those of us who knew him, his passing leaves an empty place, a kind of hole in the heart, that is proving slow to heal. Takuma didn't cut a parti...

  • Letter: Track records

    I add my congratulations to Memorial Middle School standout Danica Gleason on a sensational season. As a parent, though, regarding the two-decade-old nature of the record, I can't resist noting that in the spring of 1991 Erika Kahill, a Mahoney Middle School seventh-grader, won three individua...

  • The Universal Notebook: Black Bears give soccer the boot

    Certainly, I understand the University of Maine (like all institutions of higher learning) is facing severe budgetary problems and that athletic budgets have to be a part of the belt tightening. What I did not understand is why the university decided to suspend men's soccer as the way to trim i... 1