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  • Editor's Notebook: Twenty-two words, and 553 writers, to appreciate from 2014

    I don't usually have time to trade emails or chat with every reader who writes a letter to the editor. I'll write or call to confirm letters, but beyond that, unless a letter needs clarification, or if the writer asks a question about our policies for publishing letters, I don't usually fo...

  • The Right View: This Christmas, say a little prayer for us

    For me, Christmas is a time of reflection. A time to take stock of the year past, and things I’d like to see changed going forward. Nothing as schlocky as your typical New Year’s resolution, but rather, a refocusing on my family, and pondering what is happening to us as a nation. ...

  • The Universal Notebook: It's time for a Maine Woods National Park

    Daughter Nora tells people she lives in Narnia, C.S. Lewis’s fantasy-land where the White Witch decreed that it always be winter, though never Christmas. Actually, she lives in the White Mountains, where she and her fiance work for conservation groups. Our whole family was up ... 3

  • Editor's Notebook: Make us part of your Sunday-morning routine

    The late President Lyndon B. Johnson once said "the fact that a man is a newspaper reporter is evidence of some flaw of character." Johnson's comment – from an era when newspapers were still the primary source of news and information – probably offered more insight into hi...

  • Forecaster Forum: To 'know your farmer' is to live better

    I saw a new bumper sticker on a car at the Falmouth Shopping Center today. It said, “Know your farmer.” And for the first time, I can say I do. Kathy supplies me with potatoes and cabbage and mini McIntosh apples. No longer is she just the bundled-up body under the “Valle...

  • Letter: Falmouth squeezes property owners

    My wife and I have been concerned for some time over the perceived encroachment of the Falmouth conservationists on the private land owners of this town. This concern was increased when we tuned in to a rebroadcast of the Jan. 25 Town Council meeting and heard a young man presenting a prop...

  • Letter: Payne column misses the point

    Tony Payne receives high marks for projecting misconceptions about business here in Maine. He is stuck on the idea that taxes and worker benefits stunt job creation. Surely low taxes are helpful to entice employers to locate to this state. However, there are other more compelling reasons... 1

  • Reporter's Notebook: Special delivery for J.D.

    The package for J.D. Salinger rolled off the conveyor wrapped in L.L. Bean's signature brown paper. It could have been a sweater, maybe a bathrobe. Definitely not slippers. Those came in a box. I knew this because in 1995 I worked as a courier for FedEx in Lebanon, N.H. I was fresh out of... 2

  • Letter: In Falmouth, your land is my land

    Falmouth's Long Range Planning Advisory Committee issued recommendations. The Town Council’s guiding principles included “start with scientific principles” and “minimize impacts on land owners." The committee's report is empty, or worse, on both. No scientific data ...

  • The Universal Notebook: The (corporate) state of the union

    “For 12 years this nation was afflicted with hear-nothing, see-nothing, do-nothing government. The nation looked to government but the government looked away. Nine mocking years with the golden calf and three long years of the scourge! Nine crazy years at the ticker and three long years in the ...