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  • The Universal Notebook: The trouble with trains

    The Amtrak Downeaster passes behind my house every day. I’m glad that it does. Passenger rail service north of Portland is a good thing and it’s no bother at all. It only takes 15 seconds from the time you hear it coming until it’s gone and even the whistle blast for the Sligo R...

  • Abby's Road: The problem with pants

    “Do you want to wear pants today?” “Sometimes it’s fun not to wear pants!” “You take your pants off right now!” Hi, I’m Abby, and I’m a potty-trainer. The subject is my son, who will be 3 in September. Neither one of us ca...

  • Going out of print

    The combination of a recession in the economy and a revolution in information technology is conspiring to put me out of business. Or at the very least, out of print.

  • School song, dance

    The Feb. 13 Forecaster related how 16 educators toured South Portland High School and found there were numerous items to be fixed: the roof leaks, some windows need repairing, faucets need to be fixed, heating and ventilation is inadequate, etc.

  • Israel isn't Hamas' only target

    Rotarians and Lions beware: You may not know it, but you are enemies of Hamas, the terrorist group-cum-political organization that now controls the Gaza strip.

  • Face-to-face with Facebook

    I'm amazed at how rapidly Facebook has become an obsessive compulsive part of my life.

  • Reporter's Notebook: Storm Diary of a Madman

    When you've sat alone in the cold and dark for nearly 70 hours, it's hard not to take it personally.

  • Casco Bay isn't a dump

    A recent article in The Forecaster highlighted the challenges of dealing with dirty snow piled up in blackened hills on our city streets and parking lots. Many communities are asking, "Where will we put the snow from the next storm?" One suggestion has been to dump it into Casco Bay.

  • Common sense is the milk of lawmaking

    It's been more than 100 days since I was elected to the Maine House of Representatives, and it's safe to say that my husband and three young daughters now know more facts, figures, abbreviations and nicknames for state programs and departments than they probably want to. While the headlines on...

  • Rising to a level of incompetence

    Has anyone else begun to suspect that the Peter Principle is hard at work in America? With all the other trendy theories that have passed through our culture in the past 40 years (Remember Total Quality Management? Remember when we thought the Japanese had all the answers? Now we've got Malcolm Glad...