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  • Policy Wonk: Thanks to LePage, Maine leaks revenue in 2 ways

    Gov. Paul LePage is nothing if not relentless in pursuit of a tea party fiscal agenda. He would directly cut state taxes (primarily for wealthy individuals and corporations) and indirectly give money to corporations by expanding and/or creating new tax expenditures, i.e., tax forgiveness, ...

  • Letter: Kitchel, Farber for Falmouth council

    With Town Council candidate Ned Kitchel we have an opportunity to bring back a member of the Falmouth community who once served in this important role, who understands the importance of listening carefully to all sides of an issue, who represents fairness, and who possesses keen common and busine...

  • Letter: Beem is wrong, Jesus was no 'liberal'

    I cannot sit idly by and allow your columnist Edgar A. Beem to call my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ a (gasp!) “liberal” without at least saying something. Yes, Mr. Beem is correct in saying that there are many so-called progressive churches today. Actually, such churches have exis... 1

  • Editorial: Thumbs up to Brunswick base agency

    It's doubtful that anyone would accuse us of being boosters for the Midcoast Regional Redevelopment Authority. It's been The Forecaster's goal throughout the Brunswick Naval Air Station closing process to take an unbiased, watchdog approach toward MRRA and its efforts to redefine and redevelop th... 1

  • The Universal Notebook: Gov. LePage? Maybe it won't be so bad

    What we have in the race for governor is the most liberal Democrat, the most conservative Republican, a Democrat-turned-Independent positioning himself in the moderate middle, and a couple of guys wasting their own and other people’s money tilting at windmills. Given the mood in the ... 12

  • Letter: Jimmy Fund Golf says thanks

    Jimmy Fund Golf extends sincere thanks to the organizers and sponsors of the Jimmy Fund/Deering High School Classic held July 9 at Riverside Golf Club in Portland. Special recognition and appreciation goes to William Goodman of Falmouth, who organized the event. The dedicated sponsors, par...

  • Global Matters: Good news is no news

    Good economic news is in short supply these days, so it’s worth noting a few encouraging signs that can be discerned amid the gloom and doom. This past week, automaker Ford Motor Co. posted a second-quarter profit of $2.6 billion, its fifth consecutive profitable quarter. Ford antici...

  • No Sugar Added: Christmas in July

    July 25 reminds me of the “Christmas in July” tradition. I always thought this ridiculousness was a retail marketing ploy, but after further investigation, this is what I discovered: “Christmas in July imitates the festivities of the actual Christmas and signifies our yea...

  • Letter: Produce aids South Portland Food Cupboard

    We are very fortunate to have Jordan's Farm in Cape Elizabeth donate fresh produce to the South Portland Food Cupboard every week. To be able to offer visitors beans, peas, zucchini, cucumbers, kale, Swiss chard and lettuce – just picked – is wonderful. We are also able to...

  • Letter: South Portland councilor thanks EMTs

    Last week I had to be transported to Mercy Hospital via ambulance from the Biddeford Courthouse, where I work. The court security responded quickly and the Saco Fire Department's attentiveness and knowledge gave me some relief during a frightening episode. Their thoroughness allowed me to arrive ...