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  • Early deadline for Thanksgiving-week letters

    Deadlines for The Forecaster next week are earlier than usual because of the Thanksgiving holiday on Nov. 27. Letters to the editor must be received by noon this Friday, Nov. 21, to be published in our Nov. 26, 27 and 28 editions.

  • The Universal Notebook: Support your local library

    You can tell almost everything you need to know about a town by looking at its public schools and its public library. Towns that invest in education and literacy are great places to live. Towns that don’t aren’t. I was pleased to see that the library referendums in Cape Elizabe...

  • Letter: Beem is wrong about taxes

    I can’t believe Edgar Allen Beem can be so out of touch with reality. At first glance, I thought "Raise taxes, please" was sarcasm. Then after reading the piece, I realized that he just doesn’t get it. Maybe he is a rich man, so maybe a few thousand dollars a year in extra taxe... 1

  • Letter: Investor has had enough of Otten

    Thank you for the revealing look into gubernatorial candidate Les Otten's past business dealings. Unfortunately, in this economic climate, it's an all too familiar story: CEO manages company into oblivion, then scampers away mostly intact while his employees and investors (of which I was o...

  • Letter: Social service providers need support

    If you had an offer that would give you $3 for any $1 you put in and it was legal, would you be interested? You bet. That is the offer being made to Maine by the federal Medicaid program through June 2012. It is a tremendous break for a state budget that is significantly stressed. But m...

  • Letter: Falmouth depends on Route 1 bridge

    Can the residents of Falmouth live with no Martin Point Bridge for three years? The simple answer is no. There are many safety, environmental and cost factors that would not make this alternative a viable choice. First, there would be a significant increase in travel time to medical facili...

  • Letter: Critical analysis hurts Brunswick's image

    Is Brunswick "anti-business"? No. Could we do more to improve our attitude towards business? Absolutely. The Forecaster's recent character assassination of Steve Levesque, chairman of the Midcoast Regional Redevelopment Authority, is an unfortunate example. Steve has an unparalle... 1

  • Letter: 'Color of Community' on display at Cape church

    "Color of Community" is a nonprofit group of college students who come from different cultures, different religions and different experiences. These young adults have endured tremendous challenges, most of which are beyond our imagination. They have, in the process, discovered what is most import...

  • Letter: Falmouth plan will devalue land

    The Lowell family has had a long history of owning land in Falmouth and the surrounding communities, land that has been passed from generation to generation. Along the way the family has worked with state and local towns to ensure much of their land could be enjoyed by the community and future g...

  • Letter: South Portland Food Cupboard says thanks

    When we started, the South Portland Food Cupboard never imagined we would have so many visitors. Just in February, we had a 36 percent increase over last February; many visitors had lost their jobs. The Mill Creek Hannaford has recently donated $1,000. It seems they sold the most "Fund a...