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  • The Right View: Mutual tolerance is not an option

    “COEXIST”? I don’t know about you, but I’m rather tired of being lectured to by liberals via bumper-stickers. You don’t coexist with animals who cut off people’s heads with knives and send the footage out around the world on YouTube, or drive tens...

  • Short Relief: Minimum wage discussion is too important to keep under wraps

    The United States has had a national minimum wage since 1938, when Congress passed the Fair Labor Standards Act. It was the result of a long, public, contentious process. As part of his New Deal to combat the Great Depression, President Franklin Roosevelt had been trying to find a way to p...

  • The Universal Notebook: A show of hands

    Yesterday I saw a young, teenage couple walking down the street hand-in-hand. They were dressed similarly in black clothes that suggested punk rockers on summer vacation, but the us-against-the-world defiance of their appearances was leavened by the tenderness with which they held hands. The bond of... 1

  • Letter: Beem entertains, educates

    I hope you will keep publishing Edgar Allen Beem's columns for as long as he writes them. Not only are they a distinctive feature of The Forecaster, but they give your readers entertainment and education in two ways: First, through the thoughtful, calm and compassionate thoughts they articulate, an...

  • Letter: Beem's 'satire' hits the mark

    I can't tell you how much I have been enjoying Edgar Allen Beem's column recently. His ongoing satires of the liberal mindset have had me chuckling for hours. Beem continues to deftly expose the radical left wing's self-righteousness and hypocrisy, all the while playing the part of a liberal colum... 1

  • Letter: Beem is right about Beck

    Edgar Allen Beem is exactly accurate in his recent column about Glenn Beck (and Rush Limbaugh). When people have free-floating fear, anxiety, anger, stress overload, the right-wing talking point puppets (Beck, Limbaugh, etc.) are experts at manipulating people like Beth O'Connor into focusing on...

  • Letter: Food cupboard says thanks

    Macy's employees have raised food and money for the South Portland Food Cupboard. In late June and early July they raised over $1,000, and Federated Department Stores will match this. What a wonderful surprise for us. These men and women did this all on their own, with no customer involvement. ...

  • Letter: Beem needs a time-out

    In reading Edgar Allen Beem's piece entitled "Glenn Beck, the 'Libertarian Limbaugh,'" it is clear to me that Mr. Beem sees the world through "far-left rose colored glasses." I challenge him and others who believe whatever they read to do at least one of the following: 1) listen... 4

  • The Universal Notebook: My contribution to health-care reform

    With the health-care reform bandwagon rolling to a halt as Congress goes into its August recess, I thought I might take advantage of this breather to offer a few modest reform proposals of my own. 4

  • Letter: Falmouth's priceless Art

    I want to let you know how impressed I was with Peggy Roberts' article about Art Frederiksen in the July 9 edition. A friend and I spent 10 days at the Falmouth American Legion hall learning how to make bamboo fly rods. Our visit was more than just a technical venture due to Art's presence. He ha...