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  • The Universal Notebook: Let’s make a deal, Mr. Cutler

    Independent gubernatorial candidate Eliot Cutler got a bit of a boost last week when independent U.S. Sen. Angus King endorsed him. Sen. King and Mr. Cutler seem to share the belief that only an independent can break through partisan gridlock to get things done. The only trouble with that ...

  • Abby's Road: After a Trapper Keeper snaps shut, it never lets go

    The iconic portrait of my life features me at the tender age of 7. It can be attributed to my mother, who snapped it on whatever predated the disposable camera. At least one of my sisters was likely hugging her knee at the time. In the calm second my mother’s pointer finger was able ...

  • Letter: Falmouth's school superintendent

    With the departure of George Entwistle as Falmouth's superintendent of schools and the appointment of Barbara Powers as interim superintendent, the Falmouth School Board now turns to the search for a new school superintendent. Board members Linda Cote, Karen Farber and Mark Terison are leadin...

  • Letter: Democracy ignored in Scarborough

    "People will believe what they want to believe." "If one repeats a lie often enough folks will believe it to be true." Jeffrey Messer's letter proved that he is one of them. I live in the area of Pine Point where there is very adequate access to the beach and ocean. According...

  • Letter: Brunswick's courting of Oxford Aviation

    Copious thanks to The Forecaster, and in particular, the intrepid Steve Mistler, for having pursued the story of Oxford Aviation and the Brunswick Naval Air Station, rather than simply reporting on what occurs at various public meetings and parroting statements issuing from assorted public offi... 2

  • Letter: Beem, Whole Foods, 'Obamacare'

    I want to thank Edgar Allen Beem for once again showing us the ugly face of the Liberal left in this country with his rambling on CEO John Mackey of Whole Foods. Beem rails against Mackey for suggesting an approach to health care other than the one the Democratic Congress is trying to cobble up... 12

  • Letter: Walk for Cumberland's 'Coach Church'

    Thank you for publishing the article on Dr. Bruce Churchill and his on-going battle with the neuromuscular disease ALS. While many people know Dr. Churchill as a wonderful physician, my family knows him best as "Coach Church." Our daughter Michaela met Coach Church while playing middle s...

  • The Universal Notebook: Self-employed or unemployed?

    Last week I attended a party to celebrate the long career of one of my former colleagues. I worked at Portland Public Library for eight years, 1972 to 1980. Rachel Smith has been employed there for 50 years! I was just 10 years old when she was hired in 1959. And, believe it or not,...

  • Letter: Limbaugh, Beck led the way

    I greatly appreciated "A show of hands," which honored Edgar Allen Beem's aging parents. (But) the Limbaughs and Becks of conservative mindset are the very ones who revealed the "end of life counseling" in the (Obama) health-care bill. I'm hearing now, "no, they won't k... 1

  • Letter: Beem and Whole Foods

    In his recent column "Let them eat Whole Foods," Edgar Allen Beem lambastes CEO John Mackey for criticizing Obama's health care plan. Beem called Mackey "predatory," "self-centered," "cynical" and "arrogant." He goes on to write that Mackey "is...