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  • Letter: Denno has right background for Legislature

    As a Cumberland resident, I am grateful we have a candidate like Democrat Dale Denno prepared to represent our community in House District 45. Dale has the skills and experience to make our government more cost-effective and responsive to all Maine citizens. With an extensive business background,...

  • Letter: Denno for Cumberland state representative

    Democrat Dale Denno, a long time Cumberland resident, is getting my vote for state representative in House District 45. Dale has worked in the public and private sector, and contributed countless hours to public service. In his various roles, he has had the opportunity to successfully work with b...

  • Probing Politics: In the Maine Legislature, you are how you eat

    "Not bad for a Democrat." That was the comment from a long-time Falmouth Republican upon viewing seven votes cast by his state representative, Mary Nelson of Falmouth. The seven bills were about containing the cost of the Maine Legislature as well as making Maine a place where...

  • The Universal Notebook: TABOR II is not Maine's heritage

    If you ever wondered why the Maine Heritage Policy Center has so little credibility in Maine, you should take a gander at its 2009 "Maine Piglet Book," a document that purports to find $2 billion worth of wasteful spending in state government. Piglet: pork, get it? To begi... 3

  • Superintendent's Notebook: A West End success story at Portland's Reiche Elementary School

    Schools used to use parent volunteers mainly for tasks such as baking cupcakes, making bulletin boards or raising money. Parents felt useful, teachers appreciated the help, principals were happy and all was well with the world. Today, smart principals and teachers are tapping into the depth...

  • Letter: Don't rush into the public option

    Just like a bad penny, the public option plan keeps coming back. As health-care reform moves toward a Senate vote, the plan is not part of legislation on the table. But don't count this controversial measure out. Competition usually benefits consumers. But a federally subsidized public plan wo...

  • Letter: Yarmouth is paved with promises

    Three years ago they were going to pave Route 88 in Yarmouth from the Westcutogo Inn to the Texaco station. Now they say they will repave it from Smith Street to Bayview Street. We'll see. Dick Miller

  • Letter: Monaghan-Derrig for Cape council

    We would like to express words of support and endorsement for Kim Monaghan-Derrig in the upcoming November election for the Town Council seat in Cape Elizabeth. Our family has known Kim for many years. She is a native of Cape Elizabeth, and an active participant involved in many state and local...

  • Letter: Walsh for Cape Elizabeth council

    As a resident of Cape Elizabeth for over 37 years, I am writing to give my support to Jim Walsh who is running for the open seat on the Cape Elizabeth Town Council. Jim ran for the council seat opening last January with a respectable showing, and I am extremely pleased that he is running again.

  • Letter: Defeat Crosby and the dog ban

    Gary Crosby has once again spread more proverbial bull manure about the Willard Beach issue than any amount of poop a well-attended dog or responsible pet owner has ever left behind. Contrary to Gary's assertion, a visit to the Save Willard Beach Web site will not provide the though...