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  • The Universal Notebook: The trouble with trains

    The Amtrak Downeaster passes behind my house every day. I’m glad that it does. Passenger rail service north of Portland is a good thing and it’s no bother at all. It only takes 15 seconds from the time you hear it coming until it’s gone and even the whistle blast for the Sligo R...

  • Abby's Road: The problem with pants

    “Do you want to wear pants today?” “Sometimes it’s fun not to wear pants!” “You take your pants off right now!” Hi, I’m Abby, and I’m a potty-trainer. The subject is my son, who will be 3 in September. Neither one of us ca...

  • Letter: Cacoulidis deserves support

    Plans like John Cacoulidis' desire to erect a high-rise office building in Portland should be accepted with open arms. All too often, however, illogical opposition to such projects runs rampant. A global recession is as good a time as any to call this behavior what it is: nonsensical.

  • Letter: Next governor? Rowe

    I have regularly read and enjoyed Edgar Allen Beem's columns. He is an excellent writer who usually captures well the essence of Maine. That's why I was so surprised and disappointed by his wild prediction that a newcomer candidate with little, if any, public service experience would become Maine'... 3

  • Beem divides, unites

      As I read The Forecaster's August 13th issue I was amused to note that the subject of all of the letters was Edgar Allen Beem. He is certainly a polarizing figure. I then read his weekly column entitled "A show of hands". Left, Right, Liberal, Conservative; we sh...

  • The purpose of Beem

    Edgar Beem's "Glen Beck, the 'Libertarian Limbaugh'" in the July 31 Forecaster caught my eye; Beck and Limbaugh are familiar personalities that I occasionally hear on the radio. The headline implied there might be some discussion on Libertarian views etc. After reading the first paragraph'... 2

  • The Universal Notebook: And the next governor of Maine will be ...

    The next governor of Maine won't be chosen until Nov. 2, 2010, but I'm pretty sure I can already tell you who the winner will be. Even if I'm wrong, it's no-news August, so no one is going to remember 15 months from now. And if I'm right, you can be sure I'll remind you repeatedly. 3

  • Superintendent's Notebook: 6 bridges to improve our schools

    Schools can no longer work in a vacuum. As society's expectations of the schools grow beyond just educating children, our schools need to be integrated into the very fabric of our communities. Our school system must make meaningful connections to city government, nonprofit groups, ...

  • Forecaster Forum: The right tax reform at the right time

    As a longtime advocate of tax reform and responsible state government spending, I am very proud of the accomplishments of the Maine Legislature during the past several months. Amid a difficult recession and drastic reduction in state revenues, the state was able to balance its budget, cutting ne... 1

  • Forecaster Forum: Feel the heat with Bikram yoga

    Heat yoga is, in a word, hot – both literally and figuratively. I tried it for the first time last week at Portland Power Yoga Studio. Although I have been practicing yoga regularly during the past year as a form of stress relief, this type of yoga, otherwise known as Bikram or Vinyas...