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  • Letter: Developer supports school's legacy

    We really like the suggestion made in a recent letter to The Forecaster of preserving the legacy of John E.L. Huse as we renovate Bath's Huse School into residential apartments. Construction of the school in 1942 was directly related to Bath’s shipbuilding boom during World War II, and we a...

  • Short Relief: Like science, GA is imperfect

    A couple of recent stories caught my attention. Stories about scientific studies that can't be replicated. Stories about scientific papers that had to be retracted. And stories about welfare fraud and mismanagement of General Assistance. What's the connection? Let me see if I can explain.

  • Editorial: Lawsuit threat produces plenty of smoke, no fire

    Whether you agree or not with the Maine Heritage Policy Center's ideology, there's no disputing its ability to use the press to its advantage. Although there's a long-standing rule of thumb in journalism that lawsuits aren't stories until the paperwork is actually filed in court, many Main...

  • Forecaster Forum: Facts, figures don't support Falmouth library, Town Hall proposals

    The Falmouth Town Council is in the process of crafting a referendum question to be voted on by residents asking if they want to spend close to $10 million to move the Falmouth Memorial Library and the Town Hall to the soon-to-be-abandoned Plummer-Motz and Lunt school property. The notion ...

  • The Universal Notebook: Arizona on my mind

    My brother-in-law Warren was here from Tucson last week for his annual homecoming visit. In one of the rare moments when he wasn’t eating Italian sandwiches (which you can’t get in Arizona) or body surfing (which you can’t do in Arizona) at Scarborough Beach, I asked him to expl... 4

  • Letter: Support Falmouth Food Pantry

    Thank you to Emily Parkhurst for her well-balanced and sensitive article about the Falmouth Food Pantry. It was clear that she sought information from several sources and her written piece reflected both the human side and the practical aspects of the pantry.  Both Peter and Barbara are to b...

  • Letter: Beware the wind-sprawl lawyers

    I question Karen Tilberg's bias for the Governor's Wind Power Task Force. I found Naiomi Schalit's articles to be well-researched and factual. I wonder if the Redington support was won by giving away other parts of the state for wind sprawl. Lincoln's zoning was not in need of review. Wind sprawl... 1

  • Letter: Richard should represent Falmouth

    As a small business owner, I am pleased to endorse the candidacy of Mark Richard for state representative from Falmouth. Maine is in deep fiscal trouble and needs common-sense legislative members who can walk the walk and not just talk the talk. Mark has the management skills, experience, know...

  • Letter: Re-elect Nelson in Falmouth

    I write you in support of Rep. Mary Nelson of Falmouth. During her tenure, she brought a new attitude to legislative life. She teaches us not to become dependent on others but to learn how to volunteer and realize that we are all in this together. She succeeded in strengthening the safety net. Sh...

  • Letter: Falmouth needs Richard

    I have often wondered why anyone would chose to be a part of our political landscape with its eternal posturing and blustering, its two steps forward, one step back dances and its total lack of ability to line dance. Just about the time these thoughts arrive in my head I seem to meet a new perso...