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  • The Universal Notebook: 'Mud, mud, I love mud'

    “April,” poet T.S. Eliot wrote in "The Wasteland," “is the cruelest month, breeding/Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing/Memory and desire, stirring/Dull rots with spring rain.” I have never fully comprehended what Eliot had against April, unless it was that signs of...

  • The Right View: Economics is a matter of right vs. left

    While out driving last week, I caught a bit of the WGAN Morning News with Ken and Mike. A gentleman had called in making the case that while many of us are out here in the media shouting about right-this and left-that, he was just trying to work and survive. While we are all discussing soc...

  • The Universal Notebook: Train of thoughts

    The first night we slept in our new home in Yarmouth 28 years ago, I woke in the middle of the night to a roar and a flash of light coming through the trees outside our bedroom window. For a startling moment, I thought an airplane was about to crash into our yard. Turns out it was just a t... 3

  • Global Matters: Maine needs Cutler's management skills

    Maine voters go to the polls in a little more than a month to cast their ballots for a new governor. With the state and national economies struggling to recover from a brutal recession, the candidates present contrasting approaches to Maine’s economic challenges. The Baldacci adminis... 2

  • No Sugar Added: I admit it; I love boys

    Now, if you are privy to my dating history, you may be saying, “Duh.” But I’m not talking men here. I’m talking men in the making. Boys. I love listening to them talk. I love hearing them belly laughing down the hall and plotting and planning and scheming. This su... 1

  • Forecaster Forum: An elected mayor is 'just right' for Portland

    I’m confused. The November ballot asks Portland voters if they want to directly elect their own mayor. Some city councilors oppose the idea, because they think this proposal is way too bold. But other councilors think it doesn’t go far enough. Well, which is it? ...

  • Letter: Support the South Portland school bond

    I am writing to support the renovation of South Portland High School. Please, before you fill out your absentee ballot or go to the polls on Nov. 2, I encourage you to get the facts. This project is taking care of a lot of mistakes that were made in the past. Some think that the project co...

  • Letter: Watson works for Brunswick

    I want to thank Byron Watson for representing my family on the Brunswick School Board. Mr. Watson has been the most dedicated member of that board and truly cares for the future of the town of Brunswick. What makes Byron's dedication and service to District 1 all the more impressive is th...

  • Letter: Woodbury for state Senate

    Concerns about health care are part of what motivates me to support Dick Woodbury in Senate District 11. As a physician who has practiced medicine for 35 years, I have witnessed the wonderful advances and benefits it has brought. Yet I also recognize its two most troubling aspects: the ever-in...

  • Letter: Richard for Falmouth rep

    I had the privilege of attending Mark Richard’s Campaign Rally at his home in Falmouth, on Sept. 12. Several individuals were asked to speak on Mark’s behalf, several of whom I know and respect. I know them for being sincere and honest individuals who care deeply about what happens...