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  • The Universal Notebook: Let’s make a deal, Mr. Cutler

    Independent gubernatorial candidate Eliot Cutler got a bit of a boost last week when independent U.S. Sen. Angus King endorsed him. Sen. King and Mr. Cutler seem to share the belief that only an independent can break through partisan gridlock to get things done. The only trouble with that ...

  • Abby's Road: After a Trapper Keeper snaps shut, it never lets go

    The iconic portrait of my life features me at the tender age of 7. It can be attributed to my mother, who snapped it on whatever predated the disposable camera. At least one of my sisters was likely hugging her knee at the time. In the calm second my mother’s pointer finger was able ...

  • The Universal Notebook: The Bible is not the law of the land

    The campaign to repeal Maine's marriage equality act is being led by evangelical Christians and the Catholic Archdiocese of Maine. We can assume that their opposition to same-gender marriage is biblical in nature. But what does the Bible say about homosexuality? And, more to the point, does it matte... 8

  • Letter: Call it 'civil union,' vote yes on 1

    Gay marriage advocates just don't get it.! Almost all heterosexuals are trying to be fair about gay rights. And it is a common feeling that gay couples should have the same laws and protection afforded heterosexuals.

  • Letter: Vote yes on Question 1

    Opponents of Question 1 on the November ballot have billed themselves as "Protect Maine Equality." They infer that if same-sex marriage fails, equality will go out the door with it.

  • Letter: Disturbed by Falmouth councilors

    Thank you for sharing Tony Payne's first column and your "justification" for it. Your disclosure that two Falmouth town councilors objected is disturbing, and odd. The attempt by councilors to muzzle you smacks of censorship, or worse. You are a free enterprise company, trying hard, lik...

  • Letter: Follow the money, vote yes on 3

    Last year I had the privilege of working with concerned Falmouth residents to stop the state-mandated school merger of Falmouth and SAD 51. I came to appreciate the strength of a grassroots effort. We were successful, and Falmouth voters convincingly rejected the proposed merger. However, the ...

  • Letter: Bergquist for Brunswick council

    I encourage voters in Brunswick's District 4 to elect Jason Bergquist to the Town Council. In light of the closing of Brunswick Naval Air Station, many people in our community are especially concerned about our town's economic development. As the owner of a small business on Maine Street, I b...

  • Letter: No on Question 3

    As a former School Committee member in Freeport I believe now is not the time to give up on school consolidation. State funding is drying up. Last spring the Legislature removed approximately $37 million for next year's school funding. Because of the just-announced $200 million shortfall, the ...

  • Letter: Cumberland Boy Scouts are grateful

    Last spring Boy Scouts of America Troop 58 had several fundraisers to go to Gettysburg, Pa. We made it and we learned a lot and had a great time. We would like to thank all the people who helped us out. We wouldn't have made it without you. Many thanks.   Sam...