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  • Letter: Denno has right background for Legislature

    As a Cumberland resident, I am grateful we have a candidate like Democrat Dale Denno prepared to represent our community in House District 45. Dale has the skills and experience to make our government more cost-effective and responsive to all Maine citizens. With an extensive business background,...

  • Letter: Denno for Cumberland state representative

    Democrat Dale Denno, a long time Cumberland resident, is getting my vote for state representative in House District 45. Dale has worked in the public and private sector, and contributed countless hours to public service. In his various roles, he has had the opportunity to successfully work with b...

  • The Universal Notebook: Access for all is everybody's business

    On the rainy evening of Oct. 30, Margie Cooper, a senior art history major at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, had reservations at an upscale Portland restaurant. It was Parents Weekend and Cooper planned to dine out with her parents. She made the 8 p.m. reservation a month before, but wh... 2

  • Editor's Notebook: Topsham, South Portland officials snub the public's right to know

    Twice in the last couple of weeks, The Forecaster has reported on instances in which elected local officials have either seemed ignorant about or, worse, in defiance of Maine's Freedom of Access Act. In Topsham, one selectman had to cite chapter and verse from the right-to-know law in an attempt...

  • Letter: RSU 1 stance disappoints Bath teacher

    I am a proud Morse High School Shipbuilder and a proud member of a great teachers union in RSU 1. Morse High School is an institution rich in tradition. RSU 1 is a district rich in a tradition of treating teachers fairly and decently. Yes, we've had disagreements with school boards in the past, but...

  • Letter: Dog owner appreciates Beem column

    Thank you, Edgar Allen Beem, for your column about Rudy and Twin Brooks. It brought a smile to my face, for I can identify with the two of you. My black Lab, Briggs, and I walk there most mornings in all weather and we both have a wonderful time. There is, indeed, something magic about seeing your c...

  • Letter: Newman column right on target

    Perry B. Newman's column hit the nail on the head: "We fear change because it will cost us ..." This country needs many, many more of its citizens willing to compromise, to give up something of their own for the common good.

  • Letter: South Portland School Board responds

    We members of the South Portland School Board are writing this letter to address last week's article, "South Portland School Board appointment raises questions about oversight, superintendent's role" and the subsequent editorial. The article states that "Superintendent of School... 2

  • Letter: End the bigotry over marriage

    Edgar Allen Beem's commentary, "Marriage is a gay inevitability," leads me to wonder: had Barack Obama been denied the presidency based solely on his skin color or on the fact that he was the product of a mixed-race marriage, would that not be bigotry? Or if women and minorities were stil... 4

  • Letter: 2 Maines, 2 views of marriage

    The recent referendum on homosexual marriage was as much about the north-south divide in Maine as it was between conservatives and liberals. Northern Maine is mostly made up of traditional Mainers who have been progressively abandoned by the Democratic Party over the past 50 years. In fact, Maine is...