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  • Letter: House District 25 no place for GOP PAC

    I’m concerned that a national political action committee has picked state Senate District 25 as one of 14 races to focus on nationally

  • Letter: Vote Denno for Cumberland House seat

    The town of Cumberland is fortunate to have a well-qualified candidate to represent House District 45. Democrat Dale Denno has lived in town for 30 years and been an active member of our community. Denno served on the School Administrative District 51 Board of Directors and was elected chairman. ...

  • Letter: Reward Snowe's independence

    Sen. Olympia Snowe did something pretty extraordinary: she voted for a bill on its merits, after careful consideration, because she saw a serious problem that needed to be dealt with. Our senator bucked the urge to leverage political advantage, and voted for the Finance Committee bill on health care...

  • Letter: Beem misunderstands 'marriage'

    The problem with Edgar Allen Beem's argument in "The Bible is not the law of the land" is in the second sentence. He "assumes" that opposition to same-sex marriage is biblical in nature and related to homosexuality. It is not. This is a straw man he has constructed in order to kn... 3

  • Letter: Care to vote for South Portland dog ban

    I think members of the SoPo Dog group are very selfish about Willard Beach. They care only about their own and their dogs' social lives. They don't care about all of the people who have been bitten by dogs. They don't care about the 82-year-old woman who was knocked down by a dog. S... 2

  • Letter: Pine Point decision colors vote

    I would like to ask the Scarborough Town Council to please stop the process of closing the end of the Pine Point Road. I understand the deeds have not been finalized. So many people depend on that road to view the shore. I use it every day and many other seniors do. There must be a way to continue...

  • Letter: Vote for Holbrook, Rancourt in Scarborough

    I will be voting for Jessica Holbrook and Carol Rancourt for Scarborough Town Council and encourage other people to. Jessica Holbrook will be open-minded and respectful of citizens. She will not be easily influenced or controlled by others on the council who are more concerned with power than maki...

  • Letter: Willard Beach belongs to everyone

    Where I grew up in Mid-Coast Maine, cars would sometimes turn off the road, cross our hay field and drop over the hill toward the cove. Other people parked at the old logging road and vanished into the woods. Clam diggers. Worm diggers. Deer hunters. On paper the land belonged to my parents. By trad...

  • Letter: Don't deny access to Willard Beach

    Why should young families in South Portland be denied the joy of sharing the ocean and beach with their children and dogs for a few hours a day? Why should seniors and their beloved pets have to lose this wonderful way to be together, strolling the beach and exercising? Why should anyone regardle...

  • Letter: De Angelis for South Portland council

    Many important issues are facing the city of South Portland in the next few years. Decisions on those issues will require calm, deliberate and compassionate reflection. It is a time when experience in city affairs will be critical. Rosemarie de Angelis has the experience we need on the City Co...