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  • The Right View: Film raises the question of a world without 'America'

    Dinesh D'Souza's "America" was not what I was expecting. In the promotions for the documentary, D’Souza states, “America. Imagine what the world would be like without her.” It was a fascinating concept to me, to see one person’s interpretation of what the world woul...

  • The Universal Notebook: Confessions of a (recovering) soccer dad

    Our daughter Tess played soccer from the time she was a little girl until she got to college. Prior to her taking up the sport, I had little or no interest in the game. Then we lived the devoted lives of soccer moms and dads through travel team to premier and high school varsity soccer. It...

  • Letter: Yarmouth is paved with promises

    Three years ago they were going to pave Route 88 in Yarmouth from the Westcutogo Inn to the Texaco station. Now they say they will repave it from Smith Street to Bayview Street. We'll see. Dick Miller

  • Letter: Monaghan-Derrig for Cape council

    We would like to express words of support and endorsement for Kim Monaghan-Derrig in the upcoming November election for the Town Council seat in Cape Elizabeth. Our family has known Kim for many years. She is a native of Cape Elizabeth, and an active participant involved in many state and local...

  • Letter: Walsh for Cape Elizabeth council

    As a resident of Cape Elizabeth for over 37 years, I am writing to give my support to Jim Walsh who is running for the open seat on the Cape Elizabeth Town Council. Jim ran for the council seat opening last January with a respectable showing, and I am extremely pleased that he is running again.

  • Letter: Defeat Crosby and the dog ban

    Gary Crosby has once again spread more proverbial bull manure about the Willard Beach issue than any amount of poop a well-attended dog or responsible pet owner has ever left behind. Contrary to Gary's assertion, a visit to the Save Willard Beach Web site will not provide the though...

  • Letter: Elitist agenda in North Yarmouth

    Recently the North Yarmouth selectmen changed the status of Old Town House Park to no hunting after allowing it in a previous vote. Their bias against hunting is obvious, as statistics show hunting is safer than any other sport nationally, including Ping-Pong. The elitist bias of t...

  • Letter: Crowds fuel Maine Marathon runner

    As a newbie participant in the Peak Performance Maine Marathon, I'd like to express my gratitude to the residents and volunteers of Portland and Falmouth who came out to support the runners with their voices, cowbells, cups of water and Gatorade, and shouts of encouragement. More than a race,...

  • Letter: Reject the excise tax initiative

    Do not be fooled by ballot Question 2, which its promoters want you to think will provide excise tax relief. This initiative is flagrantly unfair and will not benefit most middle-income Maine residents. What it will do is cause chaos in municipal budgets, which will hurt our children, who canno...

  • The Universal Notebook: Wrestling with the referendums

    Personally, I'm not a big fan of government by referendum. I know, I know – power to the people and all that. But there's just something too desperate and Californian about throwing every difficult issue out to public referendum and undermining the work of our elected representatives. That said, I... 2