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  • The Universal Notebook: Season's greetings and other political corrections

    Season’s Greetings, dear readers in Forecasterland, (& various others appended by ampersand). We wish holiday cheer and a glorious year end To citizens public & private, old foe & good friend. Bonne Année, Messrs. LePage et Michaud, (Whi...

  • Intentionally Unreasonable: Is Maine really the greatest place?

    Is Maine the greatest state in the country? Is America the greatest country? In its debut episode a few years ago, the television show "The Newsroom," written by Aaron Sorkin, featured an opening scene where a fictional cable TV news anchor played by Jeff Daniels is asked by a college stud...

  • Editorial: Falmouth resident's tactics give watchdogs a bad name

    An enlightened, vigilant citizenry is one of the best watchdogs on local government. But when vigilance leads to vigilantism, things tend to get ugly.  That's the case in Falmouth, where resident Michael Doyle is on a crusade to convince people their town government is broken. Sometim... 8

  • The Universal Notebook: Bring back compassionate conservatism

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., got in hot water last week for saying, “I don’t know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican, OK?” Obviously, such a politically incorrect statement incorrectly suggests that all people of Hispanic heritage think al... 4

  • Forecaster Forum: Courts reject schools' blanket use of privacy statute

    It should be clear that just as I represent the news media, which your reporting on child restraints has mentioned, Peter C. Felmly and his firm represent many Maine school districts as well as trade associations that represent school districts. Substantively, I disagree with

  • Forecaster Forum: The whole truth about student privacy and the public's right to know

    School attorney Peter C. Felmly’s column regarding the secrecy of student records should have been titled “Why people hate lawyers,” because it exemplifies the worst t...

  • Superintendent's Notebook: School system structural changes lead to new expectations

    My first year as Portland’s superintendent of schools is done, finis, completed. It’s been an adventure, a challenge and a thrill to be home again in Portland, working on behalf of my 1973 classmates’ grandchildren (ouch) as well as all of the other children attending the Portl...

  • Forecaster Forum: Falmouth facilities plan a long story, short on referendum timing

    Clearly the two-year work of the Falmouth Facilities Planning Committee is complete. Its recommendation for the most expensive of 10 known options to build no less than Falmouth’s third “town center” is on the table. However, the work of the Town Council, and the thousands of ot...

  • Letter: Brunswick councilor's concern misplaced

    Brunswick Town Council Vice Chairwoman Deborah Atwood, an at-large member, said she doubted her ability to support Kestrel Aircraft's bid to take up residence on the redeveloped BNAS due to Alan Klapmeier's previous involvement with military drone development. Voicing such concerns at this early ...

  • Letter: Put Falmouth facilities plan to a vote

    I am very excited about the proposal for a Falmouth "Town Center" – a new community center, expanded library and Town Hall on the site of the soon to be vacated elementary schools. I have three young children who are very excited by this possibility as well. I have many friends who feel t...