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  • Letter: Yarmouth town councilor knows value of communication

    Thank you to the Yarmouth Town Council and, more specifically, Counselor Andrew Kittredge, on increasing the communication being distributed to residents. The use of social media is a fantastic vehicle for getting information out to the public to invite participation with those issues and decisio...

  • Letter: Did Brunswick officials violate their own policy?

    After reading the Oct. 31 issue, I am finding difficulty in understanding the “concern” of Brunswickk's town councilors. An article states “since the policy was enacted in 1995, town managers have allowed employees, on a largely informal basis, to collect extra vacation time.&rd...

  • Letter: Richard for Falmouth state rep

    I am writing in support of Mark Richard for our Falmouth state representative. He is a Maine native, born and brought up here. He has served his country and is a small business owner. He will work to make Maine an easier place to do business by eliminating the taxes that burden companies. We ...

  • Letter: Falmouth Flyer a valuable community asset

    Coming from a small town in Connecticut, where there was regular bus service to downtown New Haven, it was a surprise to find that the east side of Falmouth had no bus service. The Falmouth Flyer has been a most welcome addition to the amenities Falmouth has to offer. The Flyer is one more reason...

  • Letter: Hasty decision on Freeport TIF

    I had the opportunity to attend the Freeport Town Council meeting on Aug. 10 and the primary subject was amending the recent TIF application for movie theaters. For various reasons, including default by the prior movie vendor, the developers now plan a six-screen theater versus the original one. ...

  • Letter: Innes' foe says there ought to be a change

    It's with both amusement and deep concern that I read Melissa Walsh Innes’ announcement of her "There Ought To Be A Law" contest. Here we are, immersed in the most serious fiscal crisis in decades, and Inness wants to turn the legislative process into a game. And wow, the objective ... 1

  • Letter: Maine needs wind farm development

    We look forward to reading The Forecaster each week. However, we were dismayed by the article bashing wind power ("Maine wind power bandwagon hits bumps in the road"). The article (first of a series) says that what it calls a bunch of wind-swept pro-wind task force members wrote a report that l... 8

  • Letter: Felmly's Forum obscures real issue

    Please allow me to respond to Peter C. Felmly's Forecaster Forum regarding unfair treatment of Maine public school officials. First, we need to start with his failure to disclose to the reader that he is the attorney legally representing the very same schools that appeared in The Forecaste...

  • The Universal Notebook: Friends in orbit

    Funny how people pass through your life and you through theirs. Last week, I ran into an old friend in the Hannaford parking lot. As soon as I hailed her with an enthusiastic, “Hi, Gail!” I knew she wasn’t Gail. But I could not for the life of me remember her name.

  • No Sugar Added: Baby, I was born (not) to run

    I hate running. My adversarial relationship with the sport began as a freshman in college. After a few too many Fritos, a friend suggested we form a running group. Before I knew what I was being sucked into – wham! – my alarm clock was rudely awakening me at 4:30 a.m. on a chil...