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  • The Right View: Film raises the question of a world without 'America'

    Dinesh D'Souza's "America" was not what I was expecting. In the promotions for the documentary, D’Souza states, “America. Imagine what the world would be like without her.” It was a fascinating concept to me, to see one person’s interpretation of what the world woul...

  • The Universal Notebook: Confessions of a (recovering) soccer dad

    Our daughter Tess played soccer from the time she was a little girl until she got to college. Prior to her taking up the sport, I had little or no interest in the game. Then we lived the devoted lives of soccer moms and dads through travel team to premier and high school varsity soccer. It...

  • Letter: South Portland vandalism a non-story

    I am truly appalled at last week's story regarding sign vandalism in South Portland.

  • Letter: Rosenblatt for Scarborough School Board

    I've had the opportunity to work closely with Annalee Rosenblatt on town committees over the years and have found her to be hard working, fiscally prudent, charitable and efficient. I appreciate her candor and tact when facing tough challenges in which quality of education must be carefully wei...

  • Letter: Crosby behaves like 'John Wayne'

    To anybody with a normal sense of logic, the first culprit in thefts of Gary Crosby's signs "mostly near schools" would have been school children who, I would imagine, take exception to having their walk with their family dogs on Willard Beach curtailed. Crosby's culprits are his "opp...

  • Letter: Support the Scarborough land bond

    As a Scarborough resident I can vote to benefit land preservation in town. Please vote yes with me. If we pass this million dollar bond we'll receive $200,000 in matching funds from the Maine Community Foundation. This is too good an opportunity to pass up. Because of development pressure in s...

  • Letter: Innes replies to Payne

    OK, Tony Payne, here are the details that you didn't mention in your debut column last week. I make no apologies for my vote on municipal rights: LD 1028 would allow a municipality to adopt an ordinance that states that a corporation may not be recognized as a person. I believe th...

  • Letter: Do something about climate change

    On Saturday, Oct. 24, people all over the world will be working to raise awareness about climate change and to communicate to our leaders that we need strong action to lower carbon emissions and transition to a non-fossil fuel based economy. There will be events in places as far apart as Falmouth an...

  • The Universal Notebook: The Bible is not the law of the land

    The campaign to repeal Maine's marriage equality act is being led by evangelical Christians and the Catholic Archdiocese of Maine. We can assume that their opposition to same-gender marriage is biblical in nature. But what does the Bible say about homosexuality? And, more to the point, does it matte... 8

  • Letter: Call it 'civil union,' vote yes on 1

    Gay marriage advocates just don't get it.! Almost all heterosexuals are trying to be fair about gay rights. And it is a common feeling that gay couples should have the same laws and protection afforded heterosexuals.