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  • Early deadline for Thanksgiving-week letters

    Deadlines for The Forecaster next week are earlier than usual because of the Thanksgiving holiday on Nov. 27. Letters to the editor must be received by noon this Friday, Nov. 21, to be published in our Nov. 26, 27 and 28 editions.

  • The Universal Notebook: Support your local library

    You can tell almost everything you need to know about a town by looking at its public schools and its public library. Towns that invest in education and literacy are great places to live. Towns that don’t aren’t. I was pleased to see that the library referendums in Cape Elizabe...

  • Letter: Cornell du Houx is true green

    I was surprised when Green Party candidate Fred Horch decided to run in House District 66 against Rep. Alex Cornell du Houx this year. After all, in just two years, Alex has not only led a variety of initiatives in the Legislature on weatherization and clean energy business, but has also shown i... 1

  • Letter: 'Wake up, South Portland'

    No one ever bought a house based on the quality of the garbage collection. Though most would agree that municipal services such as trash collection, Fire Department responsiveness, adequate police coverage are all essential, when considering a home purchase, people ask about the flagship munici...

  • Letter: SPHS renovation? 'So obvious'

    No matter what your politics or motivations, some decisions are a big "duh-uh" (as in “that’s so obvious”). Such is the decision to vote yes to renovate South Portland High School. Why? Because the cost of doing nothing is simply too high. South Portland is the only city ...

  • Letter: Tepler for Topsham representative

    On Nov. 2, citizens of Topsham will have a not-to-be-missed opportunity to elect Denise Tepler to the state Legislature in House District 60. Denise is a thoughtful, caring and public-spirited person who is poised to serve the community well from day one in office. She served six years on...

  • The Universal Notebook: The coming collapse of capitalism

    Now that news has become a form of satirical entertainment, it’s not surprising to find some of the most profound insights into world affairs turning up as jokes on "The Colbert Report," "The Daily Show" and "Weekend Update" on "Saturday Night Live." On SNL last week, for instance, f... 4

  • Short Relief: Half a mayor is worse than none

    I wasn’t particularly unhappy with the way that we have been voting in Portland. I was comfortable with the idea of each person having one vote. It is a relatively simple, straightforward, workable way to express a preference. One that has stood the test of time. I was unhappy tha...

  • No Sugar Added: The case of the shrinking Saltines

    The other day, I got a call from the high school nurse. My daughter, Ophelia, needed to be picked up. Apparently, her symptoms indicated that she may have suffered a concussion. Nausea, lightheadedness, trouble focusing on her work. How might this have happened, the school nurse inquired? 3

  • Forecaster Forum: 'It is time for serious adults in Congress'

    Our country faces a great decision. We can continue the wild, deficit spending until the wheels come off the economy and we plunge into fiscal chaos, or we can take the necessary steps to rein in spending and save our country from financial disaster. Voters hold that decision in their hand... 24