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  • The View From Away: Re-imagining USM will take more than reversing cuts

    The news that officials will reverse some proposed cuts to the University of Southern Maine budget is a mixed blessing. It is a blessing in that it would be a mistake to balance the university’s budget disproportionately on the back of arts and humanities programs that, while more ch...

  • The Right View: Sympathy for a Democrat? You've come to the wrong place

    My first "political memory," if you will, is of eavesdropping in the hallway as a child. I was listening to my family just shred Jimmy Carter on election night, and I felt sorry for him. It was 1976. I was 7 years old, and it was the last time I ever had any sympathy for a Democrat.

  • Global Matters: Do the right thing, Sen. Snowe

    Most of us hope to leave the world in a better condition than when we arrived. We want a safer, cleaner and healthier world for our children and grandchildren. Few of us have the opportunity to shape policies or implement strategies that can impact the world on a broad scale, yet we strive to be con... 2

  • Letter: Governali for Cape Elizabeth council

    I am writing to offer my enthusiastic support for Frank Governali in the upcoming Cape Elizabeth Town Council election. I have had the pleasure of working alongside Frank in our roles with the Cape Elizabeth Education Foundation, and have seen from this vantage point the abundance of intelligence, ...

  • Letter: A few neighbors shouldn't rule Willard Beach

    The South Portland dog issue boils down to a dispute about territory. A small group of Willard Beach residents, bought or in one case built, their homes adjacent to a public park, Willard Beach. They feel that gives them, instead of the city, first rights to make the rules for the park. Now all they...

  • Letter: Thanks for sharing Willard Beach

    As a Cape Elizabeth resident and dog owner I am writing to express my gratitude to the people of South Portland for sharing their beautiful Willard Beach with us and our puppy. We regularly join our South Portland friends for early weekend morning walks there. The beach sharing system now in plac...

  • Letter: Don't 'fix' Willard Beach

    The debate over dogs on Willard Beach in South Portland has now turned into a referendum with slogans of "Save the Beach" and "Share the Beach." What are we saving it from?

  • Letter: Join the Mid-Coast Memory Walk

    Please put Saturday, Sept. 26 on your calendar – take a nice three-mile walk from the Topsham Town Hall to Bowdoin College and back to support the Alzheimer's Association. Registration begins at 8 a.m. and we walk at 9 a.m. Over 150 walkers are expected for this annual event and we are pleased to...

  • Letter: Bounty of Harvest Lunch Week

    Last week, the elementary schools in Cumberland and North Yarmouth celebrated Maine's Harvest Lunch Week. School lunches featured local foods, including beef, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, peppers, corn and apples. From the reports I've received, the tacos tasted better than ever and t...

  • Letter: Praise for Yarmouth Rescue

    We recently called Yarmouth Rescue for my husband. Within five minutes an EMT-trained Yarmouth police officer arrived, did an evaluation and administered oxygen. In another 10 minutes the Yarmouth Rescue vehicle arrived with a very efficient and thoroughly trained crew. Bob was further evaluated, di...