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  • The View From Away: Re-imagining USM will take more than reversing cuts

    The news that officials will reverse some proposed cuts to the University of Southern Maine budget is a mixed blessing. It is a blessing in that it would be a mistake to balance the university’s budget disproportionately on the back of arts and humanities programs that, while more ch...

  • The Right View: Sympathy for a Democrat? You've come to the wrong place

    My first "political memory," if you will, is of eavesdropping in the hallway as a child. I was listening to my family just shred Jimmy Carter on election night, and I felt sorry for him. It was 1976. I was 7 years old, and it was the last time I ever had any sympathy for a Democrat.

  • The Universal Notebook: Walking the dog

    Rudy, a handsome black mutt from Kentucky masquerading as a flat-coated retriever, knows as soon as we turn onto Hillside Street that we are going to Twin Brooks. Yearning to be free, he first expresses his impatient excitement in whines that seem the farthest thing from an expression of pleasure. T... 4

  • Global Matters: Heed the call for historic change

    Nobody seems to know who first coined the well-worn quip, "There's no constituency for change," but events unfolding in Washington and indeed globally these past few weeks confirm the adage. The 2008 election in this country certainly seemed to be about change. To all appearances, ...

  • Editorial: A hijacking in South Portland

    Depending on your point of view, the appointment of Jerald McQueeney to the South Portland School Board was probably either a routine municipal decision or a successful hijacking of the Board of Education. McQueeney is one of several city residents who expressed interest in filling the boa...

  • The Universal Notebook: Marriage is a gay inevitability

    "Mainers vote down gay-marriage law" screamed the banner headline on the Portland Press Herald. The cover photograph, however, was of Frank Schubert, the California carpetbagger who led the Yes on 1 campaign, exulting in victory. How very fitting. Like the m... 13

  • Superintendent's Notebook: Budget season begins early for Portland schools

    Budget season comes around just like hunting season, except it begins in January, lasts through May and the game being hunted is numbers, not deer. You can prepare for hunting season by going to L.L. Bean or Cabela's and purchasing the latest all-weather gear, hand warmers or flame-orange vest...

  • Letter: Payne shouldn't have column

    I find Tony Payne's essays in The Forecaster to be both eloquent and thoughtful, and even on those occasions when I don't agree fully with his message. It's clear that he's a skillful writer. That said, I believe that it is unethical of Mr. Payne to be writing an opinion column for a community newsp...

  • Letter: Next target, divorce?

    If Mainers believe that the recent vote to revoke the equal right of all citizens to form civil unions without discrimination safeguards our societal foundations, we are resting on hypocritical and illusory laurels. What about the widespread, documented deleterious effects on community posed by the...

  • Letter: Political mailing unfair to Innes

    I recently opened my mailbox to find yet another mailing from the Alliance for Maine's Future with a misleading and unfair criticism of Rep. Melissa Walsh Innes. This group bandies the "Change for Maine" slogan, but its use of this kind of scurrilous and negative campaign tactic makes one...