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  • The Universal Notebook: The sound and fury of elections

    Although I should know better after all these years, I do tend to get sucked into the rhetorical noise of elections. I find myself arguing aloud with claims made in television ads and by candidates in televised debates. This election cycle has been filled with more hype and hyperbole, spin...

  • Abby's Road: The ratings are in: Ebola wins, we lose

    As authorities confirmed that a second nurse had contracted Ebola, I was boarding a flight to Dallas. Work meetings would have me there for two days and two nights. Media reports would have me wondering if I would soon be obliged to self-quarantine. During a layover in Atlanta, I decided t...

  • Letter: Bonds are not free money

    I have seen a steady stream of bond issues appearing on our ballots, and as far as I can remember, I have not seen many that were defeated. I can’t help but wonder how many of those bonds would have been voted down if the people were asked to immediately start funding the repayment of those...

  • Letter: Beem provides little amusement

    Edgar Allen Beem's column of Nov. 17-19 ("Let's recap, shall we? … ") is not in the tradition of a mature political thinker confronted by adversity, as expressed in Mo Udall's response to his primary election loss to Jimmy Carter in 1976: "The people have spoken … the bastards!" Ud... 1

  • Letter: Higgins Beach is everyone's resource

    Higgins Beach is a public beach, parts owned (and taxpayer funded) by the town and the state, and the roads to Higgins Beach are public.  The streets at Higgins Beach are already restricted to parking for longer lengths of time than other Scarborough b...

  • Letter: Beem misplaces the blame

    Edgar Allen Beem's column, or should I say, "tirade" ("Mainers immune to tea party hysteria"), showcases his own, as-well-as the rest of the extreme left's, hysteria over the results of both the national mid-term elections, as well as Maine's gubernatorial and legislative elections – result...

  • Forecaster Forum: Critics risk stifling student voice, dissuading future leaders

    In recent times, the issues of voice and declining civility have come to the forefront of American politics. In Falmouth, unfortunately, it's no different. We need rational debate more than spiteful argument as we look towards our future. With that in mind, one of the central components of... 1

  • Global Matters: What I learned from the election

    Election Day has come and gone and, for those of us whose candidates did not prevail, we can either lick our wounds or look toward the future with optimism. Losing an election produces an acute pain that in time subsides into a dull ache. It hurts, but you learn to cope. You live to fight ...

  • The Universal Notebook: NIMBY, the way life should be

    Economic development officials, chamber-of-commerce types and conservative politicians are forever complaining about Maine’s anti-business climate. Does it ever occur to them that Maine makes development difficult through land use regulations, zoning ordinances and environmental impa... 3

  • Letter: Falmouth citizens should vote on buildings

    Falmouth’s Town Council is divided about what to do with the Lunt and Plummer-Motz schools after these historic buildings are vacated in June. Some councilors support letting residents vote on keeping the buildings and part of the surrounding acreage in civic use, as proposed by a committee...