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  • The View From Away: Re-imagining USM will take more than reversing cuts

    The news that officials will reverse some proposed cuts to the University of Southern Maine budget is a mixed blessing. It is a blessing in that it would be a mistake to balance the university’s budget disproportionately on the back of arts and humanities programs that, while more ch...

  • The Right View: Sympathy for a Democrat? You've come to the wrong place

    My first "political memory," if you will, is of eavesdropping in the hallway as a child. I was listening to my family just shred Jimmy Carter on election night, and I felt sorry for him. It was 1976. I was 7 years old, and it was the last time I ever had any sympathy for a Democrat.

  • Forecaster Forum: Evans and the Duke

    It was late winter, early spring in Portland, a Saturday I think it was, as I remember not being in any hurry to get back to Castine. Evans had been doing well, remission I guess it's called, when a cancer patient is doing well. Of course that's a relative term, as doing well for the rest ...

  • The Universal Notebook: The old ways are rapidly fading

    The velocity of change these days is breathtaking and, for an old media guy entering his seventh decade, rather frightening. My New Year’s resolution for 2010, therefore, is to do everything I can to slow down and resist change. Each week as I carry an armload of old newspapers out t... 1

  • Global Matters: Maine's India achievement test

    Back in 2007 I wrote in these pages that India, bolstered by a booming economy and a relentless drive to succeed, would no longer be the butt of jokes caricaturing telemarketers selling things to Americans at suppertime. I suggested that Mainers ought to pay close attention to the voice on the ot...

  • Letter: By any other name ...

    I am appalled at  the "comeback" of the term "Redskins" (Southern Forecaster of Dec. 18, 2009) and the racism of far too many voters in Scarborough. Why not the "spearchuckers" or the "Hebes" or the "wetbacks" or a long list of other terms used to denigrate groups of people in the past? I g...

  • Letter: The marriage question in a nutshell

    A short summary of Maine's gay marriage fiasco: 1) A majority of voters motivated by homophobia. 2) "Yes on 1" arguments: silly, coming from a desperate need to create something to cover up the anti-gay bigotry. 3) Concept of a majority vote on majority rights: a travesty.

  • Letter: Why the silence from Beem?

    Not a word from Edgar Allen Beem about why there was so many problems getting health care passed – after all, Democrats are in the majority, at least until the next election, and many Democrats started asking question like the Republicans did, about what really is in the Pelosi and Reid mon... 3

  • Letter: Scarborough will miss Sullivan

    I would like to thank Richard Sullivan for his many years of service to the people of Scarborough. Richard served on the Town Council for the past three years. He previously was a volunteer fireman for many years. Richard was a sound voice for fiscal responsibility and used a common-sens...

  • The Universal Notebook: Pardon my internal contradictions

    In “Song of Myself,” that long, gloriously American epic in which he identified himself with all of Creation, poet Walt Whitman, that great gay American, wrote 10 words that are for me a kind of personal mantra – “Do I contradict myself? Very well then I contradict myself....