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  • Letter: Martin's Point plan will increase local traffic

    I am concerned by the Martin’s Point proposal for the development of the Hamlin School property on Route 77, at the intersection with Sawyer Street, in South Portland. My daughter attends preschool at Casco Bay Montessori School on the corner of Parrot Street and Route 77. We often walk to ...

  • Capitol Notebook: No more help for immigrants? No more 'phantom ballots'?

    Lewiston Mayor Robert McDonald surprised some observers at a legislative hearing last week with a comment he made about Somali residents in his city. The combative mayor has in the past been critical of the influx of Somali refugees who have settled in Lewiston. But at the hearing, ...

  • Letter: SAD 51 budget deserves support

    The budget approved by the SAD 51 Board of Directors that will be considered by the voters on June 9 at the public vote and June 14 at the polls is consistent with our community. Based upon high graduation rates, student achievement measures, and college matriculation rates, our school dis...

  • Letter: Falmouth Question 1 costs aren't realistic

    If you want a Falmouth Community Center immediately then vote no on Question 1. Matter of fact, if the question was only about the Community Center, we wouldn’t need a referendum. The town has allocated $900,000 to bring the building up to code. We could start programs there immediately.

  • Letter: Approve the Falmouth school budget

    I have been an educator for 15 years, teaching software developers how to build Web applications, teaching aspiring pilots how to fly airplanes, and teaching Fortune 100 companies how to transform their business processes. Whether learning happens in a school or a corporation, high-quality educa...

  • The Universal Notebook: No end in sight

    When I drove through midtown Manhattan last week on my way to Queens, I noticed a lot of demonstrators on street corners with signs warning New Yorkers that the world was coming to an end on May 21. It reminded me of those cliched cartoons of false prophets walking around in sack cloth and ashes ... 4

  • No Sugar Added: The magic of a prom dress

    Along with a throng of other parents of high school seniors, I am, this morning, recovering from the prom. And for me, it’s not merely a physical recovery, but an emotional one. My daughter, Ophelia, is on the brink of college-dom, and the prom is one in a chain of upcoming ev... 1

  • Superintendent's Notebook: Schools are grateful for grants

    Every year, the Portland Public Schools supplements local funding for our district with grants from the state and federal governments, private foundations, businesses and other donors. Those grants lessen the burden on Portland taxpayers and allow us to offer programs and enrichment activities t...

  • Letter: Cancer resources at S. Portland forum

    On June 6 from 5-8:30 p.m. at the Cancer Community Center at 778 Main St., the South Portland Employees Wellness Committee and the cancer center, using a small grant from PROP, will host a free forum on cancer resources and support systems. No one is ever prepared to deal with a relative...

  • Letter: Berry seeks Falmouth's support

    My name is Jonathan Berry and I am pleased to announce my candidacy for Falmouth Town Council. I am the managing partner of a local law firm, Berry & Dion, where we focus on assessment and mitigation of risk for small family businesses, as well as zoning and land use law. My professio...