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  • Letter: Don't starve deer to stop Lyme disease

    Some very well painted and expensive looking new signs have gone up around Cumberland urging us to end Lyme disease by not feeding the deer. I believe that these signs are inferring that if the deer are not fed, then Lyme disease will somehow be curtailed. However, there are no official studies o...

  • Letter: Continue to support Falmouth schools

    It is well known that Falmouth’s school system is one of the very best in the state. The education of our children is among the most important responsibilities of any community. If America is going to continue to compete at the global level and remain No. 1, it all starts with our schools...

  • Letter: Falmouth 'visionaries' are short-sighted

    Having witnessed the infrastructure changes in Falmouth over the last 50 years it is clear to me that these changes have occurred by what I call 12-year visionaries: people that move into this town, send their children through the school system and then move. The visionaries manage to get themsel...

  • Letter: Maintain restrictions on child labor

    Economists have long documented the importance of third streams of revenue for working class families to fall back on: snowplowing, babysitting, and house cleaning are examples of work that can be done on top of other jobs to generate or replace income when living wage jobs are scarce. LD 516 wou...

  • Letter: Beem represents the new silent majority

    Edgar Allen Beem is a necessary oasis to offset the tsunami force that has gripped Maine and Mainers. I find his position a reflection of America and Americans that exists, deserves to exist, and has the right to exist. The tea party conservatives don't think so. A minority they are in Maine and ... 1

  • Letter: Beem on target in criticism of LePage

    Edgar Allen Beem’s column titled “LePage Displays a Lack of Respect” has so appropriately targeted a very serious concern with the current governor of Maine. The governor’s total lack of respect for the majority of voters and the crude insults directed toward his opponent...

  • Letter: Improve Scarborough Beach, don't ruin it

    I am writing in opposition to the proposed Scarborough Beach parking. It appears that very little has been mentioned about protecting the dunes and piping plovers. Mr. Sprague states that he would like to keep the land as open space, but he needs to make "a little" income. Might he conside...

  • The Universal Notebook: LePage displays a lack of respect

    Artist and activist Robert Shetterly, president of the Union of Maine Visual Artists and creator of the "Americans Who Tell the Truth" portrait series, repeatedly stressed the need to remain mature and respectful in tone when he began preparing a press conference to express opposition to Gov. Pau... 4