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  • Letter: Cumberland officials behaving badly

    It is with great disappointment and in such poor taste I found the behavior of the Cumberland Town Council and town manager at last week’s meeting. State Rep. Michael Timmons, R-Cumberland, came at the invitation of the council to report on his change of vote on Land for Maine’...

  • The Right View: Maine, the way road rage should be

    Forgive my departure this week from the blood bath that is politics, but we live in an amazing place, and amazing places inspire amazing people. Maine is host to a myriad of road races, many of which raise astronomical amounts of money for exceptionally worthy causes. I’ve participat...

  • Letter: Beem keeps twaddling along

    I had often wondered what became of the self-indulgent, tie-dyed flower children until I discovered Edgar Allen Beem living and pontificating "progressive" twaddle. His recent attack on Gov. Paul LePage and Texas Gov. Rick Perry for supporting a Day of Prayer as a "cynical political ploy," and ch... 5

  • Letter: Beem's attitude contradicts his opinion

    I occasionally read Edgar Allen Beem's columns and less occasionally I am mildly illuminated by his insights. However, the value of the insights he provides are usually outweighed by his opinionated, judgmental and sanctimonious attitude. I am speaking of the opinions expressed in the Jul... 1

  • Letter: Cundys Harbor Library offers thanks

    The board of Cundys Harbor Library is grateful for the continued show of great community support. At our recent book sale, a large amount of quality books were donated, making the browsing especially exciting. To the donors and buyers who attended, thank you. The July book sale included a ...

  • Letter: Haiti relief effort shouldn't be allowed to whither

    Following the devastating earthquake in Haiti (January 2010), many countries, organizations, and businesses pledged millions of dollars to assist in Haiti's reconstruction. Here in Maine, a group of companies formed "Maine Line Haiti" and pledged to build 10 schools for the children of Haiti. T...

  • Letter: Wentworth School info available in Scarborough

    On behalf of the Wentworth Intermediate School Building Committee, I would like to thank the Scarborough Town Council and School Board for their swift action and unanimous, ongoing support of the proposed New Wentworth School. Both the council and board have been committed to the project from th...

  • Superintendent's Notebook: Portland's school gardens teach many lessons

    Many children returning to the Portland Public Schools next month will enjoy the fruits – and vegetables – of their labor. Gardens planted last spring now are flourishing at nearly all of our elementary, middle and high schools. In the fall, students will harvest potatoes, pep...

  • The Universal Notebook: Smarten up, America

    Back during the 2008 presidential campaign, liberal political commentator and comedian Bill Maher took a lot of flak for suggesting that the American electorate was too stupid to be governed. After watching the debt ceiling deal debacle, I’m beginning to think maybe American politici... 11

  • Letter: 'Tri High' lingers in South Portland

    I participated in the Tri for a Cure as a relay team biker. This was one of the most amazing events: the camaraderie, passion, commitment and enthusiasm of over 1,000 women, many cancer survivors, was overwhelmingly heartwarming. It was incredibly well organized with donations over $1 million. Bu...