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  • The Universal Notebook: Other people's money

    In voting to turn down $1 million a day in federal funds that would have provided health insurance to 60,000 low-income Mainers, Sen. Garrett Mason, R-Lisbon Falls, said something that goes to the very heart of what is wrong with the conservative mindset. “I don’t have money,&r...

  • Abby's Road: Life is too short for eating healthy

    I was going to have a healthy breakfast after my predawn workout. But when my alarm went off, I slapped my phone, rolled over, and woke up to the sound of my son screaming my name. By then, I was already more than two hours behind schedule. There was no time for boiling old-fashioned oats ...

  • Letter: Portland, Falmouth businesses chip in

    This past week I volunteered to put together some Easter baskets for the children staying at the Preble Street Family Shelter. Nearly all the donations for the baskets came from local businesses, and I was truly touched by their generous contributions. In tough economic times, it seems cha...

  • The Universal Notebook: Bad news for Boehner, Beck, bishop

    Happily celebrating a daughter’s wedding in a lovely little village up in the White Mountains, I blessedly missed much of the rancorous congressional health-care debate. I got home Sunday evening just in time to see House Minority Leader John Boehner screaming and spewing “Hell... 5

  • Probing Politics: How to boil a frog

    Editor's note: When The Forecaster launched Probing Politics last year, we stipulated that the column would be discontinued if Tony Payne became a candidate for re-election to the Falmouth Town Council. Because Tony has now declared his candidacy, th...

  • Forecaster Forum: Playing, not performance, matters most

    Two basketball seasons ago, I was given a group of sixth-grade girls no one wanted to coach. They were not considered good enough to make an "A" team, or they were too much of an unknown quantity to other coaches. They could have played pick-up games in the local rec program, but they...

  • Forecaster Forum: Parents, not schools, should parent our children

    The founders of this country, the authors of the Constitution, had a very healthy and justified skepticism about government and its penchant to intrude into its citizens’ private lives. The animating theme behind the Bill of Rights was to protect the individual rights of man against the in... 3

  • Letter: South Portland students provide hope for future

    Any time you want to see or hear about the problems and challenges the world is facing, you only need to turn on the news. It can be, at times, a bit overwhelming. I recently had an opportunity to listen to a group of students talk who have endured many of the worlds hardships. They spoke of life...

  • Letter: No need for hyperbole in SAD 51

    I was dismayed by one of last week's letters, which made disparaging remarks against the teachers of SAD 51 and claimed "seniors are being forced from their homes." It appears that the author may not be aware of the many programs available to seniors in his town. According to town officia...

  • Letter: Brunswick stares at gift horse

    The Maine DOT has offered funding the Maine Street-McKeen Street intersection for good reason. If DOT feels it is dangerous and is paying for it, why is the town hesitating? Is it because Maine Street Station and the Bath Road intersection revision are getting more attention? Is it beca... 1