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  • Editor's Notebook: Keep those (signed) cards and letters coming

    The great South Dakota letters experiment is kaput. I wrote last December about a decision by the weekly Freeman Courier to publish letters by writers who requested anonymity. It was a six-month trial designed to test whether relaxing the paper's requirement for signed letters would encour...

  • The Universal Notebook: Maine’s phony pension crisis

    The Republican war on the poor is in full swing and their assault on the working class is heating up. Their goal is to cut government spending at all levels for social services, destroy unions, and privatize everything they think their corporate keepers can make a big buck on, things like Medicar... 4

  • Superintendent's Notebook: Teachers union works on behalf of Portland students, taxpayers

    Early in my education career, I served as president of the teachers union in School Administrative District 3. As I later made the move from teacher to administrator, a senior teacher offered some advice. “Jimmy,” he said, being one of the few people in my life who ever called...

  • Letter: Plurality puts LePage in good company

    Several of your columnists and letter writers have recently emphasized that “62 percent of the electorate didn’t vote for (Gov. LePage).” This “badge of rejection” is worn also by Presidents Lincoln (60.4 percent, 1860), Wilson (58.8 percent, 1912) and Clinton...

  • Letter: Idling trains irk South Portland neighborhood

    I live in close proximity to the Rigby train yard in South Portland with my wife and kids. We have no problem with trains coming and going or with the sound of the trains, as we expected those things when we moved here. What I do have trouble with though, is the way they leave the trains running ...

  • Letter: SAD 51 budget deserves support

    We knew 2011-2012 would be a difficult budget year for school systems, many describing it as a “cliff year” as a result of the cuts in federal stimulus money. School Administrative District 51 recently proposed a 2.93 percent increase for the 2011-2012 school year, after three years o...

  • Letter: Trustee urges vote for new Falmouth library

    On June 14, the voters of Falmouth will be given the opportunity to support a town project which will have long-lasting and positive effects for years to come. This referendum project involves several favorable ingredients: it will provide a larger and more flexible library; it will give Communi...

  • Letter: Falmouth voters should decide value of all-day K

    I’m writing to say how disappointed I am in the four Falmouth town councilors who continue to make public kindergarten an ongoing issue in the passage of the fiscal 2012 school budget. Their opinions are based on nothing more than misguided fiscal and education principles that completely mi... 2