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  • Intentionally Unreasonable: Semi-happy birthday to me

    Today is my birthday and I’m only feeling semi-happy. Despite more than a few cards, and cakes of various sizes and flavors from family, friends and well-wishers, I’m just not that connected to the event of my birth from more than half a century ago. I was born in a year...

  • Short Relief: In LePage v. the Legislature, don't count the governor out

    There is some merit to the governor's positions on whether asylum seekers should get General Assistance and whether he vetoed the Legislature's bill authorizing it. The problem is the governor doesn't explain his positions well, the media isn't inclined to help him, and any merit to his po...

  • Letter: Voting registration rights are not extreme

    I am puzzled to learn that my activities to solicit signatures for the peoples veto of LD 1376, the law that eliminates same-day voter registration in Maine, makes me a "left-wing extremist," according to the recent Forecaster Forum by Rep. Heather Sirocki, R-Scarborough. Just to let all o... 1

  • Letter: We need more like this Falmouth 'angel'

    On a recent Saturday morning at Shaw's, a few customers and staff were privileged to witness a heartwarming event. The cashier's line was short, but taking a long time, prompting us to pay attention to what was holding it up. An elderly customer was confused and upset because her credit card was ...

  • Short Relief: Freedom rings, a decade after 9/11

    Sept. 11, 2001, arrived after a series of eerily beautiful, late-summer days filled with bright, clear, cloudless sunshine. For weeks, the only news had been of shark attacks and the disappearance of a congressional intern. There was a sense that we were at the end of history: that the gr... 1

  • Letter: Protect same-day voter registration

    I am writing in support of the peoples veto which will protect the voting rights for the people of Maine. We need to remember Election Day registration has worked in Maine for more than 40 years. There's absolutely no reason to eliminate it. We need to pay attention when Maine's tow...

  • The Universal Notebook: Redistricting for dummies

    Maine was due for a congressional redistricting in 2013, but thanks to a pair of Republican operatives in Cape Elizabeth, we are now being treated to a court-ordered redistricting that has revealed the ridiculous lengths to which the GOP will go to gain an advantage. William DeSena and San... 3

  • The View from Away: Knock me over like a ton of bricks

    Los Angeles basically has summer all year round. It also has a tectonic map that looks like a shattered glass-topped coffee table, so earthquakes are what California has instead of weather. I lived through three big ones, dozens I could feel and hundreds I couldn’t. I thought I was...

  • Letter: Beem's college column takes cheap shot

    It seems to me that for-profit colleges have helped all of us. First of all, they meet a need for continuing education and earning degrees later in life that was ignored by most traditional colleges. They have been the trailblazers for the online courses and distance learning programs tha... 1

  • Letter: Brunswick Explorer provides benefits

    Regarding Fred Blanchard’s letter (“Trolley folly in Brunswick”), does he really believe that other modes of transportation pay for themselves? Public buses like the Brunswick Explorer, along with trains, ferries, airports and roads, are all transportation options provide...