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  • The View From Away: Re-imagining USM will take more than reversing cuts

    The news that officials will reverse some proposed cuts to the University of Southern Maine budget is a mixed blessing. It is a blessing in that it would be a mistake to balance the university’s budget disproportionately on the back of arts and humanities programs that, while more ch...

  • The Right View: Sympathy for a Democrat? You've come to the wrong place

    My first "political memory," if you will, is of eavesdropping in the hallway as a child. I was listening to my family just shred Jimmy Carter on election night, and I felt sorry for him. It was 1976. I was 7 years old, and it was the last time I ever had any sympathy for a Democrat.

  • Letter: School is right, Beem is wrong, about code

    Congratulations to Judge D. Brock Hornby, David Ray and the Yarmouth School Committee. Attorney Melissa Hewey was exactly right about the Yarmouth High School honor code. She said, “This issue should not be in court. There is no basis whatsoever for the girl to avoid the consequenc... 1

  • Letter: Schools not in loco parentis

    As Bill Nemitz argues in the Portland Press Herald, the Yarmouth school honor code rules are clear. But The Forecaster's Edgar Allen Beem is also right that the reach of the honor code has been overextended (“Honor code or inquisition?”). Students playing basketball can be expected to...

  • Letter: Honor code enforcement shuns due process

    Thanks to Edgar Allen Beem for last week's commentary. That a Yarmouth High School student was apparently interrogated and sentenced by school authorities for an honor-code violation without representation – all based on a Facebook photo submitted by an anonymous source – looks like a...

  • Forecaster Forum: Bond package will spur economy

    This week, the Legislature took its final votes. One important vote was for the passage of a bond package. The package is critical to stimulating jobs and investing in our future. But most importantly, it is up to the voters of Maine to have a say. I think all voters in the state should...

  • Letter: Scarborough plan doesn't compute

    The Scarborough School Board is asking the town to bond $688,000 for the purchase of laptop computers for high school students. CIP expenditures are "bricks and mortar" projects, such as building improvements. The CIP budget is being justified because it is smaller than last year's, so it ...

  • Letter: Cumberland school could make money

    A group of dedicated citizens in School Administrative District 51 has been exploring a revenue-generating opportunity for repurposing Drowne Road School. This innovative school model would capitalize on our existing assets and enhance our community. The energy generated at each meeting has bee...

  • The Universal Notebook: Honor code or inquisition?

    As someone who is on record as believing that what a student does on his/her own time is none of a school’s business (The Universal Notebook, June 22, 2009), I am pleased to see that a Yarmou... 3

  • Short Relief: In the arms of Victor Harry Frank Jr.

    On my mother’s mantel, there used to be an old black-and-white photograph. Taken in the summer. From the beach. Looking out to sea. In the foreground, two figures are wading into the surf together. Wearing matching madras bathing trunks. One is a large, powerfully built, young man. T...