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  • Intentionally Unreasonable: The ocean speaks, if you pay attention

    The words that follow were written by the great singer/songwriter Jimmy Buffett in the form of the song "A Pirate Looks at Forty." And almost every time I hear them I cry. Not with outward tears for the world to see, or with any measure of sadness attached, but instead, with an inward sense of pr...

  • Letter: Bath teacher personifies the profession

    Kudos to The Forecaster and Alex Lear’s article about Johnna Stanton, Sagadahoc County Teacher of The Year. And, of course, many kudos to he...

  • No Sugar Added: A summer love letter to Maine

    It’s been six years since I moved here, and I’m ready to confess what I know you’ve been hoping to read: I think I’m in love. With the coast of Maine. Given my post-widowhood dating history, I tend to be a bit cynical about love – but the coast of Maine... 2

  • Letter: A reminder for the wealthy

    Lately, pleas for fairly shared sacrifice for our country's economy fall on too many deaf and inexperienced ears. As children of the Great Depression, many of us "oldies" would like to remind the most wealthy people and corporations in our beloved country that without the faithful, most un...

  • Letter: Falmouth decision requires transparency, competitive bids

    The votes cast on both sides of Question 1 regarding the final disposition of the Plummer-Motz/Lunt school site made it clear that the people of Falmouth care a great deal about how things move forward and achieve the best possible outcome for our community. As a town councilor I will take my re...

  • Letter: Portland boosters' plight not surprising

    I read Halsey Frank's column "Stop Me ..." with a lot a sadness, but not a lot of surprise. I have four children, two boys and two girls, all grown up. They all participated in high school sports and were in Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. If I were you, I would try to have the superin...

  • Letter: Strimling should run for Portland mayor

    Having worked for Ethan Strimling's campaign when he ran for the House of Representatives, I know him to be dedicated and competent. He is the type of person who will always listen to both sides of an issue and work to resolve problems in an equitable way. I am a retired teacher and as suc...

  • Editor's Notebook: The view from away looks good from here

    My first impression of Mike Langworthy was that his wife was very nice. And he was cranky. It was a couple years ago, and our families were having brunch at Caiola's in Portland's West End. We were set up by my cousin who lives outside Cincinnati, a childhood friend of Mike's wife, Carol.

  • The View From Away: Just another day at the office

    “Thank you for choosing Tim Horton’s today, my name is Amy, how can I help you?” Amy touches her headset and flashes me that smile that says, “I may have to take this drive-through order first, but I’d rather be waiting on you.” It goes with the tone of...

  • The Universal Notebook: Weight, weight, don’t tell me

    As I have not until very recently had a weight problem, I’m afraid I have not been very sympathetic toward people who do. Now that I’m up to (wait, wait, let me go weigh myself) 190 pounds, I’m suddenly aware of how easy it is to gain weight and how hard it is to lose. Wh... 1