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  • Capitol Notebook: The Statehouse and the hospital

    My earliest memory of the Maine Statehouse is a sixth-grade field trip, crowding into the office of Gov. John Reed sometime in the mid-1960s. I’m not sure if that initial visit stoked my fascination with Maine politics and especially the Legislature, but it may have helped. So decade...

  • The Universal Notebook: LePage’s tax plan is DOA

    During his first term, Gov. Paul LePage got many of his ideas from the ultraconservative American Legislative Exchange Council and Maine Heritage Policy Center. In his second term, his tax plan comes from an unexpected source: the Maine Democratic Party. The plan is to cut the income tax a...

  • Letter: SAD 51 budget deserves support

    The budget approved by the SAD 51 Board of Directors that will be considered by the voters on June 9 at the public vote and June 14 at the polls is consistent with our community. Based upon high graduation rates, student achievement measures, and college matriculation rates, our school dis...

  • Letter: Falmouth Question 1 costs aren't realistic

    If you want a Falmouth Community Center immediately then vote no on Question 1. Matter of fact, if the question was only about the Community Center, we wouldn’t need a referendum. The town has allocated $900,000 to bring the building up to code. We could start programs there immediately.

  • Letter: Approve the Falmouth school budget

    I have been an educator for 15 years, teaching software developers how to build Web applications, teaching aspiring pilots how to fly airplanes, and teaching Fortune 100 companies how to transform their business processes. Whether learning happens in a school or a corporation, high-quality educa...

  • Letter: Pryzant's pledge to Falmouth voters

    I am running for the Falmouth School Board and would appreciate your support. I have three children who have gone through the Falmouth school system. One has graduated and two currently are attending Falmouth High School. Over a 10-year period, I volunteered in the elementary and m...

  • Letter: No free ride in Falmouth

    Please vote no on Question 1 relating to the Falmouth library move to the Plummer/Motz-Lunt site, which includes other costly items to Falmouth residents. If anyone truly believes this is a freebie ("tax neutral") then I have a bridge I'd like to sell them. Our real estate taxes are alre...

  • Letter: Andrews for Falmouth School Board

    I am very happy to give my support to Jan Andrews for Falmouth School Board. My interactions with Jan over the last few years have shown her to be a very level-headed, thoughtful person, willing to consider viewpoints other than her own. And I have no doubt she will bring those traits to the Fal...

  • The Universal Notebook: No end in sight

    When I drove through midtown Manhattan last week on my way to Queens, I noticed a lot of demonstrators on street corners with signs warning New Yorkers that the world was coming to an end on May 21. It reminded me of those cliched cartoons of false prophets walking around in sack cloth and ashes ... 4

  • No Sugar Added: The magic of a prom dress

    Along with a throng of other parents of high school seniors, I am, this morning, recovering from the prom. And for me, it’s not merely a physical recovery, but an emotional one. My daughter, Ophelia, is on the brink of college-dom, and the prom is one in a chain of upcoming ev... 1