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  • Policy Wonk: Thanks to LePage, Maine leaks revenue in 2 ways

    Gov. Paul LePage is nothing if not relentless in pursuit of a tea party fiscal agenda. He would directly cut state taxes (primarily for wealthy individuals and corporations) and indirectly give money to corporations by expanding and/or creating new tax expenditures, i.e., tax forgiveness, ...

  • Letter: Elect Han to Falmouth School Board

    I support Cindy Han for Falmouth School Board. As a town councilor I stand witness to the diligence the School Board applies to the essential work of stewarding our schools. In addition to their passion for quality public education, I have seen how the intelligence, maturity and prudence of its m...

  • Letter: Beem keeps twaddling along

    I had often wondered what became of the self-indulgent, tie-dyed flower children until I discovered Edgar Allen Beem living and pontificating "progressive" twaddle. His recent attack on Gov. Paul LePage and Texas Gov. Rick Perry for supporting a Day of Prayer as a "cynical political ploy," and ch... 5

  • Letter: Beem's attitude contradicts his opinion

    I occasionally read Edgar Allen Beem's columns and less occasionally I am mildly illuminated by his insights. However, the value of the insights he provides are usually outweighed by his opinionated, judgmental and sanctimonious attitude. I am speaking of the opinions expressed in the Jul... 1

  • The Universal Notebook: Smarten up, America

    Back during the 2008 presidential campaign, liberal political commentator and comedian Bill Maher took a lot of flak for suggesting that the American electorate was too stupid to be governed. After watching the debt ceiling deal debacle, I’m beginning to think maybe American politici... 11

  • Letter: 'Tri High' lingers in South Portland

    I participated in the Tri for a Cure as a relay team biker. This was one of the most amazing events: the camaraderie, passion, commitment and enthusiasm of over 1,000 women, many cancer survivors, was overwhelmingly heartwarming. It was incredibly well organized with donations over $1 million. Bu...

  • The View from Away: 'Glee'-fully 'Making Remarks'

    In TV writing, the trick is to make each episode seem different using the same characters and story elements in different combinations. It’s Sudoku with words, and it’s the most time consuming part of your job (it also makes you age in dog years, but that’s a story for another ...

  • Forecaster Forum: Maine really is the way life should be

    I left Maine because I had the nerve to think I could do it better someplace else, and on paper I had everything I needed to do so. I was on the West Coast in a pristine location, where endless rolling hills meet sandy beaches without a man-made structure in sight. The coldest it got in th...

  • Letter: Tax question defines Cape Elizabeth election

    There was a pivotal question during the Aug. 3 candidates night in Cape Elizabeth, concerning the local-option sales tax proposed by then-Rep. Cynthia Dill. Dill’s bill was unanimously rejected by the House Taxation Committee on May 5. The question asked both candidates for House District 1...

  • Letter: Cape Elizabeth deserves Thompson

    For the first time in years, Cape Elizabeth residents have an opportunity to send a true representative to Augusta for House District 121 when they vote on Aug. 16. The difference between the two candidates is striking, as evidenced in particular by their performance on candidates night. Nancy...