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  • Short Relief: Reasonable force depends on a system of reason

    Our attitude toward law enforcement fluctuates wildly. At one moment, such as in New York and Virginia on 9/11, or in response to all-too-frequent mass shootings, police are selfless heroes, risking their own lives, charging into danger in order to save people regardless of their race, rel...

  • Letter: Delogu fails to accept Maine's 'new reality'

    Orlando Delogu's thoughtful opinion laments the Democrats losses in Maine and blames the loss on Eliot Cutler, bear baiting, low turnout and just about everything except the fact that some folks think Gov. Paul LePage has done a pretty good job running the state. The good professor is unha...

  • Forecaster Forum: Falmouth's smart move is to vote no on Question 1

    On June 14 Falmouth voters will decide whether to accept or reject Question 1 to spend more than $5.5 million to convert two decrepit brick buildings, Lunt and Plummer schools, into a new library and a commercial office building, and Motz School into a site for Falmouth Community Programs.

  • Forecaster Forum: Falmouth can't afford not to approve Question 1

    On June 14, Falmouth voters will determine the fate of one of our most significant assets, the Lunt/Plummer-Motz property. It’s a rare opportunity to shape our town’s services for generations to come – without raising taxes. It’s an opportunity that will disappear if Quest...

  • Global Matters: A leaky peace in the Middle East

    I’m of two minds about WikiLeaks, the online disseminator of confidential government documents. On one hand, it performs a valuable service. It’s fascinating to see how the world of diplomacy really operates, and it’s important for citizens to know what their governments are rea... 1

  • The Universal Notebook: Who elected the Maine Heritage Policy Center?

    Although I disagree with virtually everything the Maine Heritage Policy Center says, does and is, I would have no problem with it pursuing its conservative political agenda were it not for the fact that it pretends to be a nonpartisan think tank and, thereby, gets away with not disclosing who pro... 1

  • Letter: Vote yes on Question 1 in Falmouth

    I am writing in support of Question 1, which will be on the ballot in Falmouth’s June 14 election. As the spouse of a member of the Falmouth Memorial Library board of trustees, I know firsthand that the trustees have invested many months and countless hours examining whether Falmouth...

  • Letter: Falmouth needs larger library

    I write to take issue with recent public assertions that due to current economic conditions, an expansion of the Falmouth Memorial Library should be characterized as a “want” and not a “need.” In reality, public libraries are never needed more than during an economi...

  • Letter: Put Pryzant on Falmouth board

    I am writing to support Eydie Pryzant for School Board in Falmouth. Eydie is a mother of three children who have attended or are attending Falmouth Schools. Her commitment to our schools is noteworthy. Eydie tirelessly spearheaded the campaign to keep Falmouth schools autonomous. She con...

  • Letter: Yes on Falmouth Question 1

    Opponents of Falmouth Question 1 say that we cannot take a chance on the library move and community center because the outcome is not certain and the risk is too great. There is risk in all of life, but one thing here is certain: if we don’t grab the opportunity to use these properties fo...