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  • Abby's Road: My hope for happiness

    She ran with a soft smile on her face, her footfalls quiet, her toes pointed. Every third step, she leaped off the ground, raising her hands above her head and extending her fingers with a dancer’s grace. Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, her cadence seemed to be putting her i...

  • The Universal Notebook: The fine-art confidence game

    A Portland art gallery has the local art scene buzzing over the propriety of charging artists to exhibit their work. That battle was fought and largely won by the Union of Maine Visual Artists back in the 1980s, when artist-activist Carlo Pittore led the charge against museums and gallerie...

  • Letter: Falmouth candidate responds to critic

    In response to Pam Fenrich's incorrect description of my goals as a member of the School Board: 1 — I will slash out-of-control overpaying of vendors. 2 — I will not “eliminate whole programs.” 3 — My son, soon to be senior at Bryant University, ... 12

  • Letter: Does Beem use paper products?

    Edgar Allen Beem exposed his liberal snobbery in his recent “Lurching toward LURC reform” commentary. In discussing easing regulations for land use in northern Maine, he states, “Some folks seem to think turning the North Maine Woods into toilet paper is its highest and best use... 2

  • Letter: Falmouth ZBA backs Berry for council

    Falmouth voters have the opportunity on June 14 to elect a candidate for Town Council who is truly qualified and prepared to represent Falmouth. Speaking for all members of the Zoning Board of Appeals, it has been a pleasure working with Jonathan Berry and we value his contributions to the...

  • The Universal Notebook: Lurching toward LURC reform

    Wow, that was close. And fast. As part of its wholesale assault on anything or everything that might stand in the way of business doing whatever it darn pleases in Maine, the new Republican majority in Augusta drew a bead on the Land Use Regulation Commission last week. It proposed elimina... 5

  • Letter: Why MacLeod is running in Yarmouth

    My name is Jim MacLeod and I am running for Yarmouth Town Council. I am a Maine native, and I believe in the things that make Yarmouth such a special place to live.  For my family, it’s the sense of community, the village, and the schools. I think we would all agree that Yarmouth ...

  • Letter: Falmouth vote is about community

    Falmouth has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create a place for all to learn, gather, and grow – to build memories and community. As a mother of three, I cannot imagine not seizing it. We’ve spent countless hours at the library, reading, enjoying story hour, and doing puzzles. We&...

  • Letter: Re-elect Larson in Falmouth

    Having been a member of the Falmouth School Board for six years and working alongside Analiese Larson for two years, I do know what her beliefs are and what she values for the Falmouth schools. She is tenacious when it comes to the financial picture for the schools. Her first priority with any o...

  • Letter: Vote no on 1 in Cumberland

    I would like to urge the residents of Cumberland to vote no on Question 1. After reviewing all of the material offered by the group trying to make changes to our existing regulations, I see absolutely no valid reason to change. Rather than improve our way of life the proposed changes would negati...